Insane money Meghan Markle spends on her dresses and why it matters

The world has indeed been privy to a real-time evolution as Meghan Markle made her shift from actress to duchess. Both Meghan's individual style and royal guidelines have interlocked: the necklines are higher, the hemlines are longer, but Megs is still as fashionable as ever. British taxpayers will, however, be relieved to know that they are not the ones responsible for the Duchess of Sussex' wardrobe.

Between the wedding, an extravagant royal tour, plus the other wardrobe staples, you won't believe how much Meghan Markle has spent on fashion alone! We've decided to break this down piece by piece so that you can see the total unbelievable amount at the end. So, grab a chair because you'll need to be seated for this one.

Engagement attire

Harry and Meghan's engagement announcement and the couple's first joint BBC interview, the then-actress chose a hunter green wool dress by Italian brand P.A.R.O.S.H. Company founder Paolo Rossello told The Telegraph that "the dress was sold out in less than one hour in all shops and online" after the interview aired.

This simple dress was detailed with a bow and was one of their most affordable pieces Meghan has worn to date at $644. Now, you could say the dress was somewhat moderately priced for a soon-to-be duchess, but it was just the first of countless outfits Meghan would need in order to attend royal appointments.

According to Nichol's calculations, Meghan's working wardrobe has already cost over $163,000. "Meghan is now an ambassador for the royal family," Nichol explained. So, is it worth it? "I'd argue that it's worth every penny," Nichol told Entertainment Tonight. Of course, it's also great advertising for the diverse brands she wears.

A dazzling gown

If you've noticed, not every outfit of Meghan's is as budget-friendly as the P.A.R.O.S.H. dress. In December 2017, Kensington Palace issued Harry and Meghan's official engagement portrait. Meghan's gown, with its delicate embroidered top and full skirt, was slightly risqué for some. What do you think about this design? 

The couple's photographer, Alexi Lubomirski told Entertainment Tonight that he was shocked by the public's reaction. He stated that Meghan had tried on several different dresses, but eventually picked the one she felt most comfortable wearing. "We weren't really thinking, 'Is it nude?' or anything. We just thought, 'Feel comfortable and let's make some nice pictures,'" said Lubomirski.

Although the sheerness of Meghan's outfit is what shocked most folks, the sticker value is perhaps more surprising. The cost of this "comfortable" adorned gown made by designer Ralph & Russo has been estimated at nearly $74,000. Now, that's more than most Americans and Brits make in a full year! Think about that for a bit and let us know what you thought once it has sunken in.  

The dress we all anticipated

The majority of couples in the United States spend anywhere between $400 to $1,700 for a wedding dress, according to WeddingWire. For many, that is indeed costly, even for your special day as you'll only be wearing it once. Of course, Meghan wasn't your ordinary bride, so it's only understandable to expect her dress to have costed way more than that of the average bride.

Claire Waight Keller of Givenchy designed Meghan's striking full-length ivory silk gown complete with a bateau neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a delicate train. It was even paired with a hand-embroidered silk tulle veil measuring over 16 feet long and coordinating custom Givenchy silk duchess satin heels, Meghan's wedding dress was surprisingly still minimalist and understated.

Despite its simplicity, it was a custom gown for a royal wedding so, and yes, you're absolutely correct if you think that nothing about the price was affordable on any level. The Duchess' stunning bespoke wedding day collection has been valued not far off from a half-million, at over $441,000. Are you as shocked as we are?

Her second wedding gown is unforgettable

After the Prince and Duchess of Sussex' ceremony, Meghan slipped into a sophisticated reception gown before she and her new hubby went to their separate reception at Frogmore House. "The Bride's evening dress is designed by Stella McCartney and is a bespoke lily white high neck gown made of silk crepe," Kensington Palace announced in a report. Meghan's flowing gown was paired with "silky satin" Aquazurra heels. 

Stella McCartney, both the brand and the woman behind the brand, are known for ethical, though pricey, fashion. In an interview with The Guardian, the designer declared her wish that more people "would save up and buy one thing at Stella McCartney instead of the 20 things they buy from a fast-fashion label." We would have to save for a very long time if we wanted a dress like Meghan's. Nichol estimated the gown's cost at $157,000.

A date with the Queen

We all know that intimidating feeling when it comes to getting to know your new in-laws, but just imagine if your father-in-law was apparent heir to the British throne and your husband's grandmother were the longest reigning monarch. 

Less than a month after Harry and Meghan wedded, the Duchess of Sussex was welcomed to her first single outing with Queen Elizabeth. The outing involved a nearly 200-mile train ride overnight. While we could understand that a good pair of yoga pants would've been the most comfortable ensemble for the long trip, that certainly would not be appropriate when in the company of the Queen. 

Meghan opted for a knee-length bespoke belted nude Givenchy cape dress along with a pair of black heels by Sarah Flint instead. This fitting outfit was a solid choice by Meghan and was likely praised by the ever-modest Queen of England. Perhaps that made the $18,000 price tag a bit more appetizing.

The summer wrap dress

Shortly after Meghan and Harry wed, the couple attended the royal wedding of Princess Diana's niece, Celia McCorquodale, to George Woodhouse. Meghan wore a long-sleeve wrap-style dress by Oscar De La Renta, matched with Aquazzura heels, a small clutch, and a low-priced white fascinator from Marks and Spencer.

Express pointed out that Meghan's flowy gown was reminiscent of an outfit worn by Diana. Although the late princess' outfit consisted of a Catherine Walker tunic and white trousers, the design and neckline were unmistakably alike. It does look like a lovely summer dress, don't you agree?

As Meghan attended the wedding of Diana's niece, and the royal women have been known to copy the people's princess, it is not surprising if this ensemble was indeed a purposeful ode to Harry's mother. The dress was also surprisingly more affordable than many other outfits in Meghan's wardrobe. Moda Operandi lists the warm weather cocktail dress on its website for $5,490. 

Meghan's first color ensemble

In June 2018, Meghan attended her very first Trooping of the Colour. Naturally, the event is a way to celebrate the monarch's birthday. According to Town & Country, the tradition began with King George II in 1748 when he chose to merge the annual military march with his birthday celebration.

As part of the military march, troops from all of the various regiments would come and display their flags, thus "trooping" their colors. These days, it's also the only "guaranteed annual appearance" from the royal family. And thus, Meghan would be taking to the balcony to greet the public alongside her in-laws.

Because it is such a huge event, picking the perfect dress was undoubtedly essential. Nevertheless, Meghan took a gamble when selecting an off-the-shoulder muted pink dress by Carolina Herrera. Meghan matched the short-sleeve dress with a matching Philip Treacy hat. The complimentary ensemble put the duchess back by just over $9,000.

Meghan's GOAT dress

It must've been nerve-wracking for Meghan to make her first public appearance as the Duchess of Sussex, yet, she managed to do so flawlessly. Her wardrobe choice was remarkably on point. Meghan's pale pink spring dress by the British label Goat was perfect for the garden party she was attending.

The fitted dress with sheer long sleeves was also one of the most economical dresses Meghan has worn to date. Coming in at just a dollar under Meghan's P.A.R.O.S.H. hunter green ensemble, the British-made dress retailed for $643, according to Harper's Bazaar. Meghan also chose a matching pink clutch and another hat by Philip Treacy.

Royal expert Katie Nichol described a possible reason for all of Meghan's recent pink-hued outfits to Entertainment Tonight, saying, "I think it's Meghan's way of choosing a color, but not wanting to upstage anyone. And, it suits her." While all of Meghan's understated pieces have been great, this one may just be the GOAT.

It all adds up in the end

Harry and Meghan's involvement became public in late October 2016. As the couple became more serious, the world also got to see more of Meghan, and yes, we all became a bit obsessed with her fashion, especially her marvelous coat collection. Mindy Kaling even named Meghan's outerwear "power coat[s]" so you know they're positively amazing.

Although Meghan has unquestionably wowed us all with her winter style, that custom doesn't exactly come cheap. The Cut ranked Meghan's best coats, the cost of which varied greatly from the sensibly priced $298 coat Meghan wore to an International Women's Day event to the $2,793 tartan-patterned Burberry coat she wore when visiting Scotland.

It is evident that Meghan fancies a wide range of outerwear. Meghan's coats add up to around $9,600. So, will Meghan take a card from Kate Middleton's playbook and rewear her favorite pieces next season? We can only wait in anticipation. 

Meghan's accessories

As extraordinary as Meghan's outfits are, they're made unbelievably better with the addition of some superb accessories, and People highlighted some of the Duchess' very best ones. As was the case with Meghan's outerwear, the newest royal likes a broad range of items, ranging from modest hats to thousand-dollar stylist bags. 

Some of Meghan's more costly accessories include a $5,350 Cartier watch and a Mulberry Bayswater bag for $1,350. Meghan's cheaper items, however, may comprise of some things you own, like Hunter boots, a Panama hat, and Reeboks, and yes, believe it or not, the Duchess does indeed own sneakers. 

Even though the impressive total for Meghan's collection of accessories is above $16,600, at least her fashion stays moderately accessible by combining at least a few pieces that only go as high as double digits. Of course, as Meghan's styles are especially popular, brands have been devising budget-friendly versions of the Duchess' best looks.

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The five-figured royal tour

The latest royal couple's first overseas royal tour called for some new looks. Elle broke down the costs of four outfits worn by Meghan during the couple's short visit to Dublin, Ireland, and it's hot. Upon exiting the plane, Meghan was seen wearing a custom sweater and skirt by Givenchy.

Although we don't know what the price of the sweater is, the combination of the skirt, tote bag, heels, and earrings already adds up to over $3,700. In the evening, Meghan disrobed into a bespoke black Emilia Wickstead dress that Express valued at over $2,600. Coupled with accessories, the night-time look cost her nearly $9,000. 

The next day, just Meghan's earrings were worth $12,000, making the total ensemble a mountainous $21,000. Later in the afternoon, the Duchess suited up in Givenchy for an estimated cost of $6,500. Meghan's attire and accessories for the duration of the Ireland adventure were estimated by Elle to cost over $40,000!

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The shocking grand total

You may have realized by now that when it comes to being the Duchess of Sussex, things do not exactly come cheap, nor are they affordable. From Meghan's very first outfit for her and Harry's engagement interview to her two lavish wedding gowns to all of the elements needed for the royal tour of Ireland, Meghan has spent over $934,000!

Royal expert Katie Nichols concludes that Meghan has already spent over a million dollars on her royal wardrobe. As the Duchess will continue to take part in royal engagements, this figure is sure to increase in dramatically. It's also worth noting that Meghan's father-in-law, Prince Charles, produces this six-to seven-figure clothing allowance solely for official royal engagements.

So, this would most likely mean that anything Meghan wants to wear outside of work is her and Harry's responsibility. While that may royally suck, we're sure Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can manage seen as that is their main expense when it comes to wardrobe.

What did you think about the shocking amount Meghan has spent on her entire clothing and accessory range? Did you know it would have cost this much? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more interesting facts about the Royals. 

Source: The List

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