15+ Times People Reached A Whole New Level Of "Not Caring" or Went Even Further

We all have experienced the “I don’t care” feeling once in our lives, but if you think that you have been too reckless at some point, is because you haven’t seen the people from this list. In the pictures you are about to see, there is a lot of women and men that took the whole “I don’t care” thing to a new level. Let’s see!

1. This man didn’t want to hide his love for Hello Kitty, so he decided to go out with this outfit. Surely he received many looks that day, but he didn’t regret.

2. There is nothing better than traveling comfy, and this girl knows it. She didn’t care how awkward she looked, or the pictures everyone took of her. It was worth it.

3. This man couldn’t decide what he wanted to be for Halloween, so he tried everything he had. After all, October 31st is the only day when you can go out dressed as you want without being judged.

4. A Reddit’s user posted this picture of his neighbor vacuuming his grass, and we still don’t understand why he was doing this, but we hope he enjoyed the experience.

5. You know that this man’s game was too entertaining when you see that the house behind him was burning and he didn’t even care. Well, probably it wasn’t his home.

6. The dogs of this man are taking possession on his life, but that’s not a problem for him. Actually, we think he is happy with having his pets walking over his shoulders.

7. We don’t know what made him take that decision, but this man thought that a flood was the perfect time to wash the car. It would be interesting to know the background of this.

8. Probably, only women will understand the circumstances of this picture. If walking with heels over a solid ground is already difficult, we can’t imagine how it will be like to do it over snow.

9. Why is there a shirtless man working on Subway? You must be really carefree to attend your job like this. Hopefully, he wasn’t fired after this.

10. You know this kid is really interested in getting good grades when you see him doing his homework on the motorcycle. We must congratulate his mom.

11. An Imgur user posted this picture and wrote: 'It’s springtime, snow, and my neighbor who doesn’t care about the snow.' It’s definitely a hilarious picture.

12. Everyone can feel related to this guy. Why? Because we all know that 'my world is falling down, I can’t pay the rent, I can’t find a job, but I want to drink this beer' mood.

13. Here you have 'Mrs. Stubbornnes', she doesn’t care at all about walking the opposite way. Does she know that is doing it wrong? We are no sure…

14. Traveling standing on the subway can be really annoying, and that’s why that man brought his own couch. There is nothing more important than your own comfort.

15. And it seems like the man from the previous picture set the trend, because there is a lot of people doing the same thing as he did, just like this guy.

16. It seems like this man is an experienced rider because he is doing it standing. He is clearly not afraid of riding a horse in that way.

17. There was a politician in the room at the moment this picture was taken, but as you can see, this granny didn’t care at all about the whole event. She just wanted to eat.

18. This man is so confident about himself that he dressed up as he wanted and didn’t even think about what others could say about his outfit.

19. This kid just wanted to sit and watch the high tide. When the water reached him, he didn’t bother on getting out of there, he just wanted to enjoy.

20. There are people who don’t care about etiquette, and this man must be the leader of that group. He seated on the subway just like if he were in his house’s living room.

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21. Here you have a risky granny. She wanted to go for a ride but didn’t want to wait for her grandsons to take her out, so she took the situation in her hands.

22. Just look at the guy at the background. Any other guy in his position wouldn’t take his eyes out of those girls, but he is not impressed and has other priorities.

23. This vendor has a very peculiar way of attracting clients. Of course, it is impossible for him to go unnoticed and surely sells a lot of watermelons each day.

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We hope these pictures made you laugh a bit. Have you ever seen a situation like one of the photos we just showed you? Tell us more about it in the comments section. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends to brighten their day. Also, stay tuned to keep reading our next articles.

Source: Bright Side 

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