1 State - 1 Photo. Pictures That Perfectly Describe Every American State

For those who either reside in the US or have traveled there, you may have noticed that each state has its own story to tell. The south is your spot for sunbathing, the north is perfect for building snowmen, and the grass is definitely greener in Colorado where weed is legal.

With all these diversities come many exciting forms of lifestyles and each state has their own culture, so to speak. They say that a picture can tell a thousand words, and we can have a good giggle when it comes to the general assumptions about each state. So, sit back and enjoy these hilarious photos we've compiled for you.

50. Well, these people certainly in Mississippi need more practice, don't you agree. Ok, we understand that it's an ambiguous word with complicated spelling, but there is an easy rhyme to get you through this little debacle. 

49. There is nothing better than traveling the dusty roads of Wyoming. Sadly, there is literally nothing to see, but the sign is rather amusing. 

48. At first, we thought this was an error, but now we understand that when traveling to Idaho, there are absolutely zero fun things to do according to this sign.

47. This is the Massachusetts state law and one that should always be abided by. Nice way of phrasing it though, don't you agree? 

46. Now, this is indeed ingenious and whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal. No more standing in long lines, just simply place your flip flops down and wait for your turn. 

45. We guess some people just know how to make the best out of a bad situation. There's no stopping those folks in Wisconsin. 

44. This is one we had to laugh at! This sign in Arizona means business, so we best obey in case something seriously explodes. So, hold your gas for as long as you can, or you may spontaneously combust. 

43. If you happen to drive by this sign in Virginia and are eager to try out their Moonshine, make sure you know who to call to find their sample enjoyable. This is really a funny sign. 

42. Wow, the weather here is definitely not for the meek folk. If you want to live in South Dakota, be sure to put your brave face on and buckle up.

41. Even though weed is legal in Colorado, it does not mean you can knock on random doors and buy a gram or two. Maybe you'll be able to in the near future. 

40. The Garden State in New Jersey is the place to be for pizza lovers! Make sure to visit and leave your diets behind because you're going to have an "all you can eat" vacation in this delicious State.

39. Oh dear... Either the sales staff or the packaging staff are in for a severe warning notice. We certainly hope they are not promoting intimacy between cousins in Arkansas.

38. We love fun facts, but why on earth would you need to be reminded of what type of food group watermelon belongs to. The funny thing in this "fact" is that Oklahoma classes it as a vegetable. 

37. When it comes to New Mexico, they win hands down. They certainly have the best names, don't you agree?  

36. Now, when you're driving along the roads of Louisiana, make sure not to bump into this frightful traffic jam. This is one that could cost you an arm and a leg. 

35. Now we know where to go when we're in the mood for sightseeing. Chicago wins, and then for a bit of grazing, head on down to Illinois.

34. If you're thinking of going down to the beach in Maine, think again. Just make sure to keep your eyes open for runaway Moose. 

33. Even the Corn State in Iowa has more to offer. They also have trees and have gladly pointed it out for those driving along their roads. Who knows, perhaps there will be more exciting things to see along the way. 

32. This demonstrates true patriotism when it comes to being a sportsman in Kentucky, or, it's what happens when you take things a little too seriously. 

31. You get to pick your choice of seasons when living in North Carolina. On one section of your house, you could build a snowman, while on the other side, enjoying a good barbeque. 

30. Prepare yourself when traveling West Virginia and make sure to not wander off into the woods. These folks mean business and you don't want to step in the middle of it. 

29. This is rather adorable, don't you agree? Here we see a wildlife kiddie pool in Vermont where even these guys are having a great time. 

28. Here in Nevada, you'll find they have some of their priorities straight. Out of all the things we could think of, this was definitely not on our list. 

27. When you're in Texas, expect to see this at your local friendly drive-through. It sure does look convenient, and at least they cater to all their customers. 

26. Well, thanks to that sign, we've lost our appetite. What do you think about this one? We think we'll skip the meal and go straight to Delaware.

25. So, if you find yourself in New Hampshire, these are one of the things to look out for. Good to know they prewarned us so that we don't go driving into any Moose.

24. We don't understand this one. Is Minnesota really the sunshine state? Perhaps they're referring to the weather once the snow has cleared and things have warmed up a bit. Seems a bit misleading to us, don't' you think?

23. If you want to see bears relaxing in the hot tub, go to Montana. You'll either be amazed or become even more cautious of the animals over there.

22. Ah, don't you just love these collaborated memes? Here is one from the Washington state from all sides. We had a good laugh at this one. 

21. This is what nightmares are made of, and it's called Kansas! With this kind of weather, we would prefer to stay indoors indefinitely. 

20. Nebraska has the best restrooms with fresh air and privacy. No long queues or running out of loo paper. Sit back, do your thing, and take in the lovely view. 

19. When you're in the South, this is what royalty looks like. This is what you'd call "Sweet Home Alabama". 

18. You should never miss school in Missouri because their buses are pure monsters! Could you imagine traveling to class in this?

17. If you're looking for a good suntan, head on down to Carolina where the sun always shines. You could even cook eggs on the cement if you wanted to!

16. Here is where you'll find your hillbilly fishing spot for those last minute snacks while on the Pennsylvanian road. No need to travel far, just look for some potholes. 

15. If Hello Kitty were in Rhode Island, she'd be super jealous according to this sign. These are one of the places you'd definitely want to visit on your trip of the U.S. 

14. Utah street art definitely wins the prize for being unique, don't you think? Where else would you find this kind of graffiti? 

13. If you're up for fireworks, Alaska is the place to be. Just check how they celebrate their holidays. Fireworks galore!

12. Welcome to Tennessee where the parents lay out the rules and make it publicly known on their front lawn for all to see. 

11. Oregon sure has some peculiar looking hipsters, don't you agree? This guy is either extremely cold or just feels like looking stylish while on his "laptop."

10. Oh dear... Indiana sure sounds like the one place we'd want to avoid when going on a trip or relocating in Florida, U.S. There are no good endings according to this sign. 

9. Well, Maryland certainly brings a whole new meaning to the word "Merry" when you see this image. This is a bit too much excitement for us. 

8. Well, this formal apology in Connecticut is somewhat surprising, but at least they are modest. This is one that both confused us and made us giggle as it could indeed be a pun. 

7. If you're hoping to win a few rifles, go on down to North Dakota and enter as many raffles as you possibly can! What are you waiting for? 

6. Now, this is one jolly funeral we'd pay to see in Ohio! Well, not exactly, but these folks are certainly celebrating with their lost friend who they have included in all the fun. 

5. Remember when this became a public notice? Well, we think it's great that New York disagrees with people showing off their underwear. If you want to show your undies off, be like Superman and wear them on the outside. 

4. Well, when traveling to Georgia, make sure you know what your master plan is and have a great time while doing it. 

3. Who said mullets and jorts were not in fashion? In Florida, the folks demonstrate what "business in the front and party in the back" means. 

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2. Well, if there were ever a politically erected monument in California, this would be it. It is rather funny, be we get their point. 

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1. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this one because it is both hilarious and disturbingly accurate. Google really has everyone's information, but on the bright side, we know this poster in California is just for giggles. 

What funny signs! Have you seen any of these or similar? Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more hilarious things we can find around the world. 

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