24 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Took It Way, Way Too Far

For those who were avid fans of the renowned show 'Grey's Anatomy', we are sure a few questions were buzzing around when the show took a turn and went slightly too far in the season finally. We've decided to dig deeper into this and have come up with the answers, but prepare yourselves for a few strange responses. Let's take a closer look. 

1. When things took a turn and that strange "007" moment happened. That was the "eye-opening" scene right there. 

2. It certainly seemed that everything else about George's death was perhaps too much for some viewers to handle. Some feel he deserved a better end and was not deserving of his fate.

3. Ok, now this was way beyond confusing and weird, to say the least. Funny how the topic of "hallucination" crossed her mind when she was a surgeon, but nevertheless, we got to see her in action with her deceased fiance.

4. This was definitely an overly dramatic scene when Christina was left at the altar and was so distraught that she had to be physically cut out of her wedding dress. What on Earth were they thinking when directing this?

5. Ok, we know that you can get seriously injured when on the ice, like when skating or something, but to be stabbed by an icicle? Do you remember this part? We could certainly understand if it penetrated her body, but this is just too ridiculous!

6. These are one of those scenes that you'd actually pay to see in real life! Do you remember the hilarious moment when Izzie treated a deer and had to give it CPR in the back of a pickup truck? Life could not have gotten any stranger at this point. This reminds us of the show 'Rick and Morty'. 

7. Don't you just love those moments where the character is utterly idiotic that you end up screaming at her from your couch? The part when Meredith almost drowned was one of those frustrating scenes where you literally wanted to drown her yourself. The shore was right there, Meredith!

8. Usually one would make sure you have good health care along with a good hospital. The amount of times Meredith narrowly avoided death is beyond a joke. 

9. Yes, they all began dropping like flies, and yet we remained glued to our seats, hopeful and supportive. What a total waste of time because when Lexie died in the aforementioned plane crash, everything just went plummeting downward. 

10. As if the crash was not enough to handle, we all thought Sloan would be alright, but then those sneaky directors decided that they'd upset someone and ruin our lives by sending him into a coma, and then we lost all hope. 

11. Remember season 12 where the twin babies had tumors, but they only managed to find a donor for one? They just randomly decided to play the "No Scrubs" song in the background which was really not complimentary to that scene. That had to be the worst choice ever!

12. When they killed Henry/Scott Foley, it seemed like a dramatic repeat of Denny all over again. It was plain to see they wanted to torture their viewers. 

13. So, here we had the part where two random characters were impaled by a pole, and one had to die in order to save the other ones live. Funny how they were both fully conscious and aware of what was happening around them. It must have been a toothpick instead.

14. When Callie started dating, we can imagine how many viewers lept to their feet screaming at their television sets. She was indeed the worst person when it came to making choices in dating the right person, especially seen this one was the person that killed Derek. 

15. This relationship made entirely no sense whatsoever because there was no storyline and they just landed up together out of the blue. George and Izzie dating was a "what-the" moment. The logical explanation is that the viewers suffered from amnesia, which would explain why we were clueless.

16. In Season 5, Episode 12, a serial killer gets brain surgery and then bashes his head on the bed repeatedly to avoid execution on death row. Why the heck would he do that, and why would this need to be part of the show when none of the main characters were related? 

17. The number of random family members, or should we say, replacements that kept popping up out of the blue who were all related to Meredith and were also doctors is disturbing. Did you also frown when that scene aired? We still have the lines on our foreheads.  

18. This was by far the worst death on the show. Forget those other incidences because they were entirely understandable, but when April and Jackson lost their baby, and everything went to the toilet. Why would he plan to make a new life and then kill their baby? 

19. Well, we guess this had to be in the show somewhere, and we found it when it came to Derek and Meredith. Apparently, it seems he most certainly had double standards. That's not very nice, Derek!

20. Here is yet another moment where you leap off your comfy sofa, run up to the screen and go ballistic because this is where Izzie cut the LVAD wire. This inevitably made our heads spin! How could you have done such an evil thing, Izzie!?

21. Now, this was either confusing or not well thought through when the writers and directors collaborated. The character Jo having difficulty being herself was just, in our opinion, time-consuming. Or rather, a filler for the show. Some things don't make sense at all, but they're still placed in there for our viewing pleasure. 

22. Now, we have a list for this one because it just needs a bit more attention in comparison to the others. Remember how none of the pregnancies ran smoothly and all of the characters' pregnancies have some sort of problem? Here is the list to refresh your memory:

  1. Bailey's husband gets in an accident, and she doesn't want to push
  2. Cristina has a miscarriage
  3. Not really a pregnancy but Meredith and Derek go through a huge struggle to keep Zola
  4. Meredith has a miscarriage
  5. Callie gets in a crash, and both she and her baby have to fight to survive
  6. The hospital's power goes out, and Meredith nearly dies giving birth
  7. April's baby dies
  8. April goes into labor at Meredith's house, and Warren has to perform a C-section
  9. Meredith finds out she's pregnant after Derek's dead and nearly dies going into labor

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23. Perhaps we needed our box of Kleenex for this one. The episode with the shooter was a total emotional rollercoaster, and it was one that certainly ruined our day, if not our month. Did you also need your box of faithful tissues for this Hallmark moment?

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24. Finally, we were traumatized by watching Derek narrate all the errors that the incompetent doctors were making which led up to the dreadful death of Derek. This was not only slow and painful to watch, but we certainly won't forget this moment — literally everything about Derek's death.

What did you think about these moments and which one did you get affected by the most? Share your views with us in the comments section below. Remember to show your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting news on your favorite shows either that left you in tears or confusion.

Source: Buzzfeed

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