Rollercoaster Lives of America's Got Talent Winners After The Show

‘America’s Got Talent’ winners have captured our hearts with their unique performances. They have been able to prove that with talent and persistence there is a possibility to reach the top. However, what happens when the lights shut off and the season ends? Here we are going to look at the life of these participants after the fame and the one million dollar price.

Bianca Ryan

She was the first winner of ‘AGT’ in 2006 and was an eleven-year-old singer at the time. “It’s been an incredible journey! It changed my life in so many ways,” she said. She shared that after winning she signed a record deal with SYCO Music and was able to release her self-titled debut studio album, which made the 57th spot in Billboard 200 in 2012.

However, later she raised money to release a video for her song “Alice” in 2015. Now, she returns a mature woman that continues to sing – “I Gotta do” and “Man Down” – along with V-blogging on her YouTube channel about favorite beauty hacks and old tapes of her childhood performances.

Terry Fator

He is one of the most successful ‘AGT’ who won in 2007. One year after, he was offered a multimillion contract for five years in The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Since then, he has kept his contract and has made a nice profit. “You don’t have to kill yourself to make very good money if you’re a good act and people want to come see you.” Therefore, Forbes has called him the third-highest paid comedian.

Neal E. Boyd

He was the winner of ‘AGT’ in 2008 and was a pop-opera signing sensation. After releasing his debut studio, he had a rough time. He performed live for a few years but later decided to run for Missouri House of Representative in 2012 under the Republicans. However, he lost and was out of sight until 2017 when he got into a car accident with his mother. The bad news is that his health problems took him mid-2018.

Kevin Skinner

This country music singer is considered one of the least famous winners of ‘AGT’. He won in 2009 and stayed out of the spotlight after the release of his studio album ‘Long Riot’ in 2010. He suffers from depression due to his divorce, and he went missing in Kentucky in 2014. Later, he reappeared and was sent to get medical treatment. Since then, there have been no updates about him.

Michael Grimm

He won in 2010 and had already released three albums. He suffers from social anxiety and does not like to be around large groups of people. Therefore, when he won he couldn’t sleep very well. “I’m shy, I guess. I’m intimidated in a lot of these situations.” What is interesting is that he states that he could have gone without winning the show, but he loves his music. In 2017, he is headlining in Red Rocket Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

He won ‘AGT’ in 2011 and immediately signed a contract with Columbia Records. He released his studio album a few months after, making the 34th spot on the Billboard 200. He later published his self-titled memoir. However, he has not fared well in his love life. He was arrested for domestic violence in 2017 for hitting his girlfriend with a golf club. He was released after paying a 3,500-dollar bond the same night. He later apologized for his acts.

Nicholas and Richard Olate

This father-son duo stole the show back in 2011, and they were in ‘AGT Talent Live’ in Las Vegas. After two years of this, they took their show on the road. Richard had no idea that his hobby would lead him to win the prize in the show. “If you dream big and work hard, good things can happen to good people.” They employed rescued dogs from all over. They appeared in the Fox TV special 'Cause for Paws,' and they keep performing.

Kenichi Ebina

He is a dance performing artist from Japan that took the titled back in 2013. “I went on the show to get myself out there, like a promotional tool.” He never expected to win because he wished to be a runner-up. Not being first place would get him attention without all the noticeability. He won because of his “head dropping matrix-style dance”. As a result, he has traveled around the world with his show.

Mat Franco

He was the first magician to have win ‘AGT’. In 2015, he got his own two-hour special ‘Mat Franco’s Got Magic’. After that performance, he went to create his own show ‘Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly’ in 2017 at THE LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In his honor, they renamed the theater in his name to ensure he stuck around for a long time and captive the audience with his magic.

Paul Zerdin

This British ventriloquist won ‘AGT’ in 2015. However, before this, he had appeared on British TV in ‘Rise and Shine’ for two years and won The Big Big Talent Show in 1996. After his big success on American television, he headlined his show ‘Mouthing Off’, which unfortunately was canceled due to poor ratings. In 2017, he did a tour through the UK and in 2018; he continues his act on Disney cruises and other particular venues.

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Grace VanderWaal

She was the winner of season 11 ‘AGT’ in 2016. She sings and plays the ukulele. After her win, she signed with Columbia Records and released her first EP called ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, which was number nine on the Billboard 200. She continued with her success a year later with her album ‘Just the Beginning’. Also, she is modeling under IMG agency and was part of the opening act for Imagine Dragons. And her latest project is acting in the new Disney movie ‘Star Girl’.

Darci Lynne Farmer

She is the winner of the ‘AGT’ in 2017 and a singing ventriloquist. She has only done a live tour called “Darci Lynne and Friends”, which she just performed on the weekends to keep up with her school activities. Many things can be expected from this young star.

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Shin Lim

He is the latest winner of ‘AGT’. He is a magician, raised in Singapore. He originally played the piano and practiced magic as a hobby. However, because of a medical condition, he had to choose between his two activities. “My magic is very much like playing the piano. It’s sequential. Most magicians talk, make jokes, there’s a lot of patterns. Mine is always music-driven.” This got him his win and later his own show in Las Vegas.

Which of ‘AGT’ list of winners is your favorite? Did you know how they have been doing? We would love to read your comments on the section below. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends that love this TV show. Until next time!

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