Most Headlines Making Celebrity Weddings of 2018 Revealed

These are the celeb couples who make us believe in love! We've prepared a list of beautiful wedding of the year 2018 you'll thoroughly enjoy. Do you want to know what Kaley Cuoco was doing in a stable on her wedding day or which newlyweds have 38-year age difference or which TV star met her lover on the internet? Stick around because we have it all!

10. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

This had to be one of the most unexpected announcements last year. The couple got married secretly, though they did not have a full wedding ceremony. These two signed a marriage license in a courthouse in New York last September, but didn't get a prenup. Fans on social media were literally freaking out and saying that it was not a very smart move.

Of course, Hayley had to tweet in response, saying: "haters gonna hate #LoveWins". If you check out their photos, you can't deny that they're madly in love with each other. The newly married couple say that they are however not married until they read their vows at their wedding ceremony which they are planning on doing at a later date, but we do not yet know about. 

9. Björnsson the Icelandic giant

This guy is half Thor, and just look at the size of him! You may know him as Sir Gregor of House Clegane aka The Mountain on 'Game of Thrones'. When you look at pictures of him and his wife, it's unbelievable how massive he is in comparison to his petite spouse, Kelsey. 

His actual name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and yes, that is a mouthful. The two met in a Canadian bar where Kelsey worked as a waitress. She is a massive fan of 'GOT' a rushed over to the giant to get his photograph, and the rest is history. 

8. Pretty Little Liars star - Sasha Pieterse

Fans are waiting for the spinoff of the fashionista. We have some exciting news about Sasha Pieterse aka Alison, who is 22 years old. She married Hudson Schaeffer in Ireland in May 2018, and even though the royal wedding was the main focus of that period, Sasha certainly didn't lose her princess moment. She wore a gorgeous wedding gown designed by Christian Siriano, and it looked absolutely stunning.

This was definitely a fairytale wedding as the lucky couple wed in an Irish castle, and if you thought that this was dreamy, her fiancé was actually on one episode on 'Dancing with the Stars'. He got her through some tough times when she battled with her weight, and she naturally fell head over hills for him.

7. Mandy Moore

2018 was 'This is Us' star; Mandy Moore's year where she got lucky and found her love on the Internet, DAHS lead, singer, Taylor Goldsmith. The two had a stunning boho style wedding in the backyard of their house at sunset, and this was indeed a romantic setting. You'll never believe how these two actually got together!

Mandy shared a photo of Dawes's album and received a personal thank you from Taylor. Two years later, the couple got engaged in 2017, but there was one unbelievable twist... They both conquered a fantastic athletic accomplishment together by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, and it seems like Mandy finally found her man. 

6. Janel Parrish

She is known as one of the 'PLL' stars. Janelle Parrish had a wedding ceremony in sunny Hawaii. They had their close friends and family attend an open-air purple aesthetic ceremony, and one of their special guests was Brendan Robinson aka Lucas among other guests. We do, however, wonder why she didn't invite the 'PLL' Girls. 

5. Matthew Lewis

Now here is Hogwart's alum, Matthew Lewis. Can you believe that the nerdy little boy on 'Harry Potter' turned out to be this attractive young man? He certainly looks nothing like Neville Longbottom! Sadly for those who were secretively hoping he was still on the market, we have bad news for you because he's already been snatched by Angela. The two of them found each other with the help of magic.

Yes, you read that correctly. They both met at Universal Studios in Orlando, home to the Wizarding World of 'Harry Potter' while Angela was working there. It turns out that Matthew is very romantic and proposed to her on their trip to Paris in 2016. They had a beautiful Italian wedding ceremony and sailed off into the sunset to begin their new journey together. Now, that is super dreamy. 

4. Drew Scott, the 'Property Brothers' guy

Drew and Linda met way back in 2010 at Toronto Fashion Week and had their first date with sushi, cocoa, and karaoke. Shortly after, they started working together, and Linda even moved in with Drew and his brother. It must have been crazy to spend time together for those many hours as they lived together and worked together, but they made things positive. 

Drew proposed in 2018 after waiting six long years to make that next step. So, where did he pop the question? He did it in Toronto at a restaurant where he had ordered a custom cake especially for her. Drew undoubtedly had one of the most colorful bachelor parties ever!

3. Richard Gere

Meanwhile, Richard Gere proved it's never too late to get married. The 69-year-old 'Pretty Woman' star tied the knot with a Spanish activist, Alejandra, who is 35 on his Honda Silva, and they are now waiting for a baby. He sure does not waste any time when it comes to love and relationships.

This is his third wife, and he was previously married to models, Cindy Crawford, and Carey Lowell. He is twice her age, but hey, age is nothing but a number, and we're talking about Richard Gere here, right? Their ceremony was somewhat unique as they are both Buddhists and invited several Tibetans to their celebration. It must have been a truly spiritual experience for them. 

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2.  Chanel Iman

The reception was elegant and was held indoors. The iconic ceremony was catered at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and this beauty queen married the New York Giants football player Sterling Sheperd, whom she met two years ago, a day after her 27 birthday. 

He proposed to her in a romantic waterfront setting, and Iman wore not one but two stunning wedding gowns designed by one of the greatest fashion gurus, Zuhair Murad. The happy couple had their first baby in August 2018, and Chanel posted a lovely picture of them together with their sweet daughter, Cali.  

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1. The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco

Our number one today is none other than Kaley Cuoco. This gorgeous television star married Carl Cook, the son of software billionaire, Scott Cook. They had their intimate wedding in a horse stable in San Diego. We're not horsing around with this one.

She certainly didn't waste any time sharing the gorgeous pictures on her Instagram account for all her fans to see. After all her failed romances, we certainly hope that this one is a long-lasting happy bond for her. They look like a cute couple, so we wish them luck.  

Were you surprised at these weddings? Which one is your favorite for 2018? Tell us what you think in the comments section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more exciting news on the gorgeous and dazzling stars!

Source: Youtube/MSMojo

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