The Good Doctor: Real-Life Partners That Fans Were So Eager To See

'The Good Doctor' is considered to be one of the most heart-warming TV shows. Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy portrayed a substantial character together with Nicholas Gonzalez as Neil Melendez, and Antonia Thomas as Claire Browne. We will share the personal life not only of those main characters but also expose the secrets of Hill Harper as Marcus Andrews, Beau Garrett as Jessica Preston and, of course, Richard Schiff, whom we know as Aaron Glassman.

Everyone acknowledges that playing a character who suffers from autism spectrum is an arduous job, but the good Doctor Shaun succeeded in making it right, and now 'The Good Doctor' is by far one of the best Doctor TV shows. There are some superb acting skills in this series, and we can understand why fans love this drama. Let's dive right in!

Freddie Highmore

Do you, guys, recognize this sweet little boy? This is our genius Doctor with autism. The actor gained the love of his viewers long before his television life. You'll remember him for his childhood roles and even more so for the iconic films of the 2000s. Now he's in his late twenties and has really made a growing career for himself. 

One that we all loved was his central part in 'Bates Motel', as he's become renowned for his American TV shows, not to forget, 'The Good Doctor'. Surprisingly, even though he came from an acting and theatrical family, he does not seem to have taken any special instructions when it comes to acting. Freddie admitted that he went to regular school in his North London neighborhood and sometimes went to Hollywood to act in movies. 

He considered acting a hobby, not an endgame. Freddie's private life remains a total mystery to the press, and that's the way he likes it. What we do know, however, is that he's close friends with his 'Bates Motel' co-star Vera Farmiga, and even became the godfather to her child. There were rumors that he was dating actresses in his age group, but nothing we can pinpoint for sure. So, we'll have to wait and see. 

Due to him being rather closed-off and distant from social media, his somewhat shy, withdrawn nature has spilled over into his relationships, which is one of the reasons for him being single since his breakup with Dakota Fanning in 2009, and there is a big question looming over his head in regards to his sexuality. 

Nicholas Gonzalez

Unlike Freddie, Nicholas willingly uses Twitter and social media to keep his fans updated at all times. Thanks to a fan tweet requesting for him to be shirtless, we get to see this muscled man in action on every show. The girl kept on asking to see him without his shirt, and he gladly shared the idea with the screenwriters, and they agreed. 

He was actually planning on being a banker or consultant, but as destiny had it, he became an actor instead. He admits that this was the greatest mistake in his career and he loves it. His father and brother are both surgeons, so he was able to learn all those difficult medical terms. Now, we know this guy is really great looking, but his personal life is not splattered all over the media.

So, who is he dating? After a five-year relationship, the actor married his girlfriend, Kelsey Crane, and she's also an actress. You may remember her for her roles in the series 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Casa Vita'. So, these two lovebirds are indeed happy. 

Antonia Thomas

Now, Doctor Claire Brown is not only emotional, but she's also able to rule those emotions and use them for her benefit. This is why she's the perfect friend for Doctor Murphy. She laughed about it and stated in an interview: "It's the one my mum loves and really enjoys because she wanted us to do medicine and have stable careers. So, me just pretending to be a Doctor..."

She's known for other movie sets, and there have been rumors that she's been dating co-stars, but which stories are true? She did, however, reveal that she had a boyfriend but didn't officially mention his name. Regardless, fans already know who this mysterious guy is. 

That's right; he's none other than Michael Shelford, a London based photographer. All this becomes pretty clear when you see them hugging or holding hands on social media posts. She has no plans to take the next step yet, but until then, we can just sit back and enjoy her on a 'The Good Doctor'. 

Hill Harper

Sometimes storylines and the lives of the actors have strong connections. When Doctor Marcus decided to adopt a child with his wife on the show, Hill took the step to becoming a single parent. Back in 2015, Hill was encouraged by a friend to consider adoption, which he felt was a bad idea at first. 

Initially, he wanted to do it the traditional way by getting married and then having a family. This all changed when he found the child's homeless mother and even went to the hospital to cut the umbilical cord. He then made the decision to name his son Pierce after the one and only Pierce Brosnan, whom he really admires. Harper is still a bachelor and a happy dad who loves sharing his son's photos on his Instagram.

This bachelor has been part of Hollywood romances for over 25 years, so we are curious to see him settle down some day. He even wrote a book while undergoing treatment for cancer and was luckily cured. Now he's enjoying life to the fullest and spends all his time with his little one. 

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Beau Garrett

Beau's exit after season one came as a real disappointment to fans, as Jessica was a strong and beloved character. Her personal life is mostly unknown to her fans; however, the media was familiar with the romantic affair with actor and director Chris Pyne Gilbert.

Although the couple didn't share much about their relationship, that didn't stop them from hitting the red carpet together for several events. Her words exactly when she first saw him were: "I saw his dog, and I fell in love with it. He was watering his plants, and I didn't see him; I saw his dog. And then I saw this gorgeous man with his shirt off, so it was like a double whammy."

They both decided to live together with his rescue dog, but something went wrong, and the two split up. Since then, Beau has not been seen publicly with any new romantic partners. She's had a few relationships in the past, so she's probably taking a breather for now and just enjoying the single life. 

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Richard Schiff

The kind trickster known as Doctor Aaron Glassman is portrayed by Richard Schiff who has been well known in Hollywood for the last thirty years. He's played dozens of roles on TV and the big screen since the 80s, and he's been practically been every popular show you can think of. 

Funny enough, Richard doesn't watch medical shows himself and boldly revealed this in one of his interviews: "I've never seen 'Shore's show House' because I don't watch Doctor shows." Schiff is a happy family man who met his beautiful wife, actress Sheila Kelly, a long time ago, and then got married thirteen years after getting together. After a healthy 22 years, their marriage is still going strong, and they have two great kids, their son, Guss and daughter, Ruby.

Did you know about the romantic lives of these actors and actresses? Who is your favorite on the show? Let us know what your thoughts are and feel free to comment in the section below. Remember to share this with your series loving friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting news about your beloved television stars. 

Source: Youtube/OSSA

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