Queen Is Believed To Be Upset With Meghan Markle And She Does Have A Good Reason For It

Duchess Meghan Markle is still ascertaining her place as a new member of the British Royal Family. Though the former actress appears to be doing great, she’s regrettably had a few obstacles along the way. The pregnant Duchess has been scrutinized on everything from her preference of clothing to the fact that she’s chosen to ignore some long-standing royal traditions. Now that several of Markle and Prince Harry’s royal staffers have suddenly abdicated, rumors out of Kensington Palace are that the 'Suits' alum is tricky to work with.

It certainly doesn’t help that her husband, Prince Harry is in the center of a rupture with his big brother, Prince William and Markle’s paternal family including her estranged father, Thomas Markle, and her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. Not to mention her half-sister, Samantha Markle, are always in the news profiting on the duchess’ fame and creating a ton of unnecessary drama. Is Queen Elizabeth II agitated with Meghan Markle because of all the adjustments she is bringing to the royal family? Take a look to find out. 

Queen Elizabeth II does not like how Meghan is handling her family situation

The Markle catastrophe has been extraordinary ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first got engaged in Nov. 2017. It may have been bad then, but It’s only gotten worse leading up to their royal wedding in May 2018. Then, after they declared they were expecting their first child, it blew up even more. In order to set some boundaries in her life, the Duchess of Sussex has chosen to disregard her father and half-siblings utterly. She’s completely cut off all contact with them.

Regrettably, the queen would prefer that the Duchess take a more proactive method when dealing with her disruptive family. A royal insider told Vanity Fair:

“She was very concerned that it [the Markle situation] was spiraling out of control, which it was. Buckingham Palace wanted to be able to do something and be proactive and make the situation go away. It was a direction from the Queen, so her courtiers were under strict instructions to sort it out. But Kensington Palace was not singing from the same hymn sheet, and that was because the message was coming from Meghan. She didn’t want to engage and thought that she could handle it on her own.”

This is also generating a lot of anxiety between Prince William and Prince Harry. According to The Sun:

“The Duke of Cambridge reportedly couldn’t understand ignoring a parent, whatever they’d done, having lost his mum at such a young age.”

Respecting Meghan’s wishes

While the queen might not agree with Markle all the time, she does have a respect for her new granddaughter and she, of course, treasures Prince Harry. As a result, the queen, along with the rest of the royal family, are comfortable to let Markle continue handling her family miseries the way she sees appropriate. They’ve undoubtedly trafficked scandal before, and this one is moderately mild in respect to other past royal family dramas. For now, they’re all going with the flow and seeing where this will take them publicity while focussing on more positive things.

Britain's Royal reporters have suffered accusations of being racist toward Meghan Markle, and they have had enough

Royal reporters are fighting against allegations of racism in their new coverage of the Duchess of Sussex, with the British press pack announcing they're now being intimidated by Meghan Markle's American fans on Twitter. The latest allegations started when an NBC contributor went on America's top-rated breakfast show Today on Tuesday and said a string of recent objective stories about Markle being driven by a mixture of arrogance, sexism, and racism.

"I've also said to you guys it was going to be tough for her to join the royal family. It's turning out to be tougher, quicker than I thought. She's getting a hard time. I think there's some old-fashioned snobbery, there's a little sexism, there's a little racism, I'll be honest."

Fabrications about a Markle-led rift in the royal family have governed the UK tabloids in recent weeks. There has also been coverage about everything from her pregnant belly to her choice of dark nail polish, which literally broke royal protocol, and was labeled "vulgar". Her father gave an exclusive UK TV interview earlier this week, declaring he wants to rekindle his connection with his daughter.

When Simmons shared the clip on Twitter with the hashtag #TeamMeghan, followers of Markle tweeted in support of the recent news being called out on US television. But some royal reporters responded furiously, particularly to the allegations of racism. The Evening Standard's royal editor Robert Jobson replied:

"Myself and royal reporting colleagues have been unjustly & bizarrely accused of racism by faceless online abusive trolls. You are now making serious allegations on television. Where is your evidence?"

This certainly seems like unnecessary trouble, the Daily Express royal reporter Richard Palmer admitted while posting a series of tweets analyzing the situation with a coverage of the White House:

"I'm amazed to see a #teammeghan hashtag on a link to a broadcast by a mainstream US journalist. Can you imagine a Washington-based BBC, ITV or Sky reporter writing #teammelania in a report from the White House?"

Questions about whether the critical royal coverage of Markle and Prince Harry has been fuelled by racism claims that have been around since Markle arrived on the Royal scene. When communicated over a Twitter direct message, Jobson told BuzzFeed News he didn't want to stoke the matter in the media but added:

"Royal reporting colleagues have been subjected to vile, unfounded claims of racism from online trolls. The claims are totally baseless and those who make them are faceless cowards."

In 2016, Prince Harry published an unusual open letter slamming the press for comment pieces with "racial undertones", and stating his then-girlfriend had been the scapegoat of "the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments". Those citations have expanded, and personalized, by an increasing number of Meghan Markle fan reports on social media.

Following the royal wedding earlier this year, they've developed dedicated alliances around hashtags like #SussexSquad, and have been naming specific royal reporters for stories regarding the couple. Lately, one member of the #SussexSquad produced an intimidating graphic utilizing photos of the royal reporters with a call to share it on Instagram and Tumblr, around the title: "The Faces of the U.K RACIST MEDIA/PRESS CORE OF EVIL".

Wow, things have certainly gotten out of hand, but now they've also taken to ridiculing royal reporters and their dependence on anonymous sources. Throughout the latest cycle of stories about an alleged spat between Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge, Markle's fans began tweeting sarcastic claims with the hashtag #MyPalaceSource.

Palmer, who said someone on Twitter recently told a royal reporting colleague she deserved to have acid thrown in her face, defended their coverage to BuzzFeed News. Palmer believes Americans misunderstand how the British press covers the Royals.

"I think Meghan is a breath of fresh air who will help the royal family reach parts of the population in Britain and the Commonwealth that have not historically felt represented by the monarchy," Palmer said. "She has become a standard bearer for people of color. That's fine as far as it goes. She has particularly been embraced by her fellow Americans, and especially black Americans. It's the American dream maxed to the hilt to become a British princess of mixed race."

"The downside of that is that many of her fans view British media coverage of Meghan through the prism of hundreds of years of slavery, the civil rights movement, and the inequality that still exists in much of the US. They see any coverage of her that is not gushing as evidence of racism. I fully accept the UK still suffers from racism and that our newspapers can be guilty of it but I honestly don't see coverage of Meghan as evidence of that."

UK broadcaster and journalism lecturer Marverine Cole said she believes some of the tabloid coverage was stoked by racism. She pointed to Markle being branded "Duchess Difficult" in some recent stories, which relied on statements from anonymous sources and "royal insiders".

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Have you spotted similarities between William and Kate skipping the Queen's Boxing Day pheasant shoot, then, this year Meghan and Harry are doing the same? Cole then stated:  

"It's one of the tropes wheeled out in relation to women of African and Caribbean heritage. We are difficult, we are seen as getting upset, getting angry. We're never seen or viewed with rounds of sympathy. There are lots of people tired of this sloppy, lazy reporting."

She then said it's part of the "divisive" criticism used by the tabloids to describe black women:

"I remember reading the News of the World and black, female celebrities being described as 'dusky beauties!' I mean, please! This kind of language needs to stop. This type of reporting of people who are from black and minority heritage, the type of language is divisive and inciting in a way. Like them going off at 'look at Meghan holding her baby'. Can't we just stand, and be? Can we look different? Can we exist in our difference?"

For Palmer and others who are assigned to follow the royals around the world, the denunciations ignore a moderately liberal goal of holding the family culpable and examining their behavior for the British public. Palmer then said: 

"We're writing for Brits who buy our papers, who pay their taxes and want to see a return. We're not writing for Americans who see the royals as celebrities."

What a debacle. What are your thoughts on this royal rift and the accusations being made against the family and their writer's representatives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and remember to share this with your family and friends. Keep up-to-date with us for more banter on the Royal news and media rants. 

Sources: The Cheat SheetBuzz.Feed News,

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