Required For Trip: Weird Things That Queen Elizabeth Cannot Travel Without

Queen Elizabeth II might have a lot of miles if she went on commercial flights. At the age of 92, she has taken around 271 trips abroad and traveled millions of miles that could be the equivalent of 42 trips around the whole world. We can tell she is the personification of what we call good traveling. 

With that amount of experience, it is safe to assume that her packing list is down to a science, but it does include some strange travel needs. Let's delve into the monarch's suitcase and find out all those weird things she cannot live without when she is far away from home. Open up that luggage! 

1. Baggage

If you are a traveler, the chances are that you have your preferred luggage, and so does the Queen. The "tiny" difference is that she has had it for more than seven decades. Her favorite label is Globe-Trotter, and she chose the brand back in 1947 when she had her honeymoon. 

However, this luxury and a high-class brand have other endorsements. Sir Winston Churchill was also a fan back in 1924, and you could also see this type of luggage with James Bond in Spectre; yes, the one from the movies. According to Hello!, Middleton has the Goring Hotel collection, a limited edition. 

There is even a strict protocol regarding the ruler's luggage. A test is run to make sure the suitcases fit through stairways. Moreover, it must be disembarked after the monarch, but it should be in her suite by the time she gets there. It is a little tricky, right? It means that some people will have to rush to make sure they are there. 

2. An LBD

It is said that you can never go wrong with a Little Back Dress at an event, and that must be the reason why the Queen packs one, right? And not only the monarch but also all the members of the royal family are required to do so. Well, sadly to tell, fashion is not the reason in this case. 

The truth behind it is that royals need to have a black attire in the events of an unexpected demise while abroad. The Queen learned how to be prepared the hard way when her father, King George VI, passed away out of the blue in 1952. The young princess was in Kenya with her husband at that time.

When she found out that her father had died, the couple went back home immediately, but she had to wait for a while inside the plane because she did not have a mourning outfit and couldn't allow the press and the media to see her without the appropriate attire. Since then, her Majesty and her family have this habit. 

3. Gin

The ruler does not like her routine to be changed, which is quite understandable when you have around seven trips in a year. Her habits, of course, includes her alcohol intake mainly. According to the monarch's cousin, Margaret Rhodes, her liquor consumption never changes.

Moreover, she went on explaining her routine to The Independent: a gin and Dubonnet with ice and a slice of lemon before lunch, wine at lunchtime, a dry Martini in the afternoon, and champagne to relax at night. However, Her Majesty's former chef said something entirely different to CNN

Darren McGrady indicated that Elizabeth II would always be drunk if she drank that much alcohol at that age. However, he stated that her favorite drink is a gin and Dubonnet and that she also has wine with her dinner from time to time. Therefore, she always takes her gin with her no matter where she goes. 

4. Tea

Gordon Rayner, the chief reporter who has been traveling along the monarch for around 20 years, explained in an article to The Telegraph that the Queen's "work rate remains ferocious, particularly so for a woman of her age." However, of course, as a good Briton, she cannot miss her tea time. 

The afternoon tea is essential in her routine, and there is always a time slot appointed for it. For that reason, Her Royal Highness makes sure she has her other favorite drink with her when she is away from home; that is tea, of course, and Dundee cakes, a fruitcake with almonds on the top. 

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5. Toilet paper

Well, you cannot get more royal than this, but we are talking about the Queen of England, right? Why does she need her own toilet paper? Well, we imagine she also has her preferences in this matter, and that is why she takes her own TP on the plane. 

In Rayner's article, he also assured that "sanitary ware is marked or sealed with stickers to warn others that they are reserved." If someone dared to open it for his or her own use, the person would be breaking protocol, so it is better to cross the legs and hold it. 

6. Outfits and accessories

Well, this one doesn't seem very odd; everyone needs clothes when going on a trip, right? Yes, but the monarch does it with style and extreme organization. All her attires and adornments are elaborately ironed, coded, and packed into blue steel wardrobes on wheels. So tidy!

Moreover, The Independent reported that the ruler has at least three outfits every day and they are colored to make her stand out in the crowds. Additionally, the clothes have weights sewn to guard her attire against the wind. Her accessories are also numbered before being packed in mobile chests of drawers. 

7. Retinue

Her traveling pack does not only include items but also people and not a few folks; it is an entire entourage. As reported in Rayner's article, her escort is made of around 34 individuals, including secretaries, the secretaries of the secretaries, two stylists, a valet, a hairdresser, and two assistants.

But that is not all. Sit down and keep on reading. Her Majesty also has military staff, press members, police bodyguards, and personnel from the Master of the Household department that is in charge of traveling details and catering. Even during her "solo" trips, the Queen does not really go alone. That's a lot of people! 

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8. Jet lag cure

When touring on faraway lands, it is very likely that Elizabeth II gets jet-lagged from time to time, no matter how much experience she has. To aid with this issue, she resorts to homeopathic medicines. General Practitioner Nick Knight, a specialist in lifestyle medicine, talked about it to The Telegraph

Her Royal Highness gets the help of barley sugar, which aids to adjust her body clock using her body's sugar metabolic pathways. Dr. Knight also said that a key to beat jet lag is to keep your same daily habits regardless of the time zone you are. Without a doubt, the Queen has this part under control. 

9. Personal products

The Independent reported that around nine briefcases, two trunks of dispatch boxes and five boxes of personal stationery accompany the monarch on every tour, although this might vary slightly depending on the destination. Inside them, one can find puzzles and magazines to keep her busy during downtime. 

Additionally, she has her pillows, hot water bottles, her favorite pine scented soap bars, framed family photos, talcum powders, and even pork sausages she gets from Harrods and shortbread from Buckingham Palace when she goes to Balmoral Castle. 

10. Blood

No; we did not confuse this list with Dracula's. The Queen of England does travel with her supply of blood. Some people abide by the phrase "Bring Your Own Bottle", while Elizabeth "Brings Her Own Blood". Among her entourage, the monarch also has a Royal Navy doctor.

One of this expert's task is to explore hospitals in the area of a royal tour in the event of an emergency. In places where blood supply is unreliable, the monarch and her husband leave home with several packs of the vital liquid, you know, just in case. If this is not to be prepared when traveling, then we don't know what would be. 

Did you ever imagine that Queen Elizabeth II's luggage was more than high heels and fancy clothes? We never thought that the monarch had such a detailed and strange packing list. Which item was the most surprising for you? 

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