Oprah's Billions: The Truth About Oprah's Success And How She Spends Her Fortune

Oprah Winfrey is an Afro-American woman that is very well known for her career. She is a host, producer, actress, a philanthropist, life guru, and the best gift giver. It was noted in history how she became America's first black female billionaire in 2003 at the age of 32. So now she has more money than she knows what to do with it. Let's take a look.

1. As we have mentioned before, she has many roles. She is a media mogul, a philanthropist, and an actress. It is very surprising that she came from almost nothing and has managed to grow her empire.

2. According to Forbes, her net worth is currently estimated to be $2.6 billion. With all that money, we can only wonder what does she do with it or how does she spend it. We would not be sure of what to do.

3. She is a billionaire with a heart of gold. Not only those she spends her fortune on the things she wants, but she gives back to support charitable causes. Also, let's not forget that she invest in various businesses.

4. She purchased an aircraft for one simple reason. It was to avoid encounters with people who rudely can address her in the airport. She has been using this kind of privilege since 1991 when she bought one at $42 million, but recently she updated to a newer version at almost $70 million.

5. She has not left her money alone. She invests in many endeavors. Some of them are on properties around the world. The best way to keep the capital and have possible vacation locations. 

6. She owns a 20,000 square foot mansion in Montecito, California. This small part of paradise cost her $52 million in 2001. She added an equestrian center by buying another piece of Montecito land right next door.

7. She owns beautiful waterfront property in Maui, Hawaii. This 136 acres of paradise is so private that she also owns the four-mile road that leads up to it. In addition, she decided to get involved with the community by buying farmlands to help the locals not depend entirely from the mainland.

8. She owns a charming ski chalet in Telluride, Colorado. She acquired it around 2014 and it cost her $14 million. This is another place she can escape to if she feels the need to relax.

9. This was the added equestrian state. It has 23 acres for horses right next to the main property in Montecito. She named it Seamair Farm and it cost her $29 million.

10. She also recently acquired a waterfront abode on Washington State's Orcas Island. It has 41 acres and it cost her around $8.3 million. Since it is so new, there are no pictures of it yet.

11. She is a person that has free time, money, and frequent flier points to up and go on trips wherever and whenever with her jet. She can just go about anywhere in the world if she wants.

12. Oprah embarked on a road trip with her best friend Gayle King in 2006. It took 11 days for them to cross the country from Santa Barbara to New York City.

13. These two also went on a not-so-traditional camping trip called glamping. They went to Yosemite in 2010 to experience it but with a few more luxuries than normal ones.

14. This is an Instagram post where the pair went to Umbria to truffle hunting. Something that they wished to experience and crossed out of the bucket list.

15. Oprah took King clubbing in Ibiza in 2015. She was in the company of will.i.am, Bob Iger, and his wife. This must also be something of a bucket list because almost everyone dreams of going.

16. She shares her good fortune by letting people close to her go on trips also. She took her staff on a cruise that went for 10 days and it cost a total of $9.2 million.

17. Recently, she took her Oprah Winfrey Network staff on vacation to Maui. This shows how big a heart this woman has and how money is not the most important thing in the world.

18. She and King were at a yacht party in 2017. It was docked in Sicily and was the property of David Geffen. At this event, we could find some famous stars like Diane Sawyer.

19. She had a hand in the foundation of Oxygen Media, which she sold to NBC for $925 million in 2007. With this, she is giving a clear statement that she has a good eye for business.

20. She invested a total of $43.5 million in the Weight Watchers company in October 2015. However, her money now is worth $400 million. That is some sound business dealings.

21. In 2018, she sold part of her shares which made her a profit of $110 million. In addition, she is very involved on the board of the company and has appeared on some commercials. Thus, Weight Watchers has boosted its subscribers.

22. She also has a strong interest in health and wellness, which has influence her spending activities. Last year, she invested in True Food Kitchen, a chain of restaurants focused on healthy food in Phoenix.

23. Among her good deeds, we have when Winfrey gave fans on her own talk show $1,000 gift cards, so they could be donated to their choice of charity organizations.

24. In 2007, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls was opened in South Africa. She is the one that picks up the bill. It is said to have cost around $140 million to maintain this school for the last 10 years.

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25. Her most recent donation was to the Time's Up campaign for an amount of $100 million. She has made a lot of donations along the way like to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture for $13 million.

26. On her contribution, she stated, "Investing in this museum, I want to help ensure that we both honor and preserve our culture and history so that the stories of who we are will live on for generations to come".

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26. It seems that she lives by a motto that has been working for her. "You get from the world what you give to the world".

Were you aware of how Oprah was spending her money? Did you know how she has been helping many charities and people along her way? It seems that having all that power makes her give more back. They said that you should give in the same way that you receive and Oprah has been putting that to the test. It is amazing to know how much difference she is making in the world. That's all for now but came back for news.

Source: Business Insider, YouTube/TheRichest

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