One Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Confirmed To Be Gone. For Realzies.

Dave Bautista makes Drax the Destroyer one of the best characters in the MCU, who provides comic relief to serious situations. However, Marvel revealed to fans that one Guardians of the Galaxy would perish in the ‘Infinity Wars’ event, and the adorable Drax was the chosen one. He is the key to saving the universe, but it is still hard to take.

If ‘Endgame’ follows the story, then Drax’s amazing actions will make fans cry, and he saved two universes with the help of his “other self”. His death in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ might be temporary and the creators could decide to differ from the comic book, but this story depicts the hero we all knew he could be in the saga. Let’s dive deeper into his comic book ending.

The only one that can save them all

Most people are just fans of the MCU, so they miss out on great stories depicted in the printed works, and the latest installment of the ‘Infinity Wars’ event is heartbreaking. Gamora is the villain on this occasion instead of Thanos, as she wants to make a better universe to escape her horrible past. However, when she tried "destroying" half of the souls into the Soul Stone, something went wrong.

She, instead, created an Avengers mash-up known as the Infinity Warps. Just like in the original ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ comic, Adam Warlock comes to the rescue and gives the different Stones to those worthy of them, but there was a fundamental difference. He had to remake the regular Marvel Universe and also decided not to undo the new mix of Avengers, choosing to make a universe for them.

However, copying a universe while remaking it is a little difficult, and Drax comes to the rescue along with Arthur Douglas, “his second version”. Most fans know that the MCU chose a different path for Drax’s origin story, and the comic version is that Thanos killed a human family, but the father’s spirit was placed in a big, strong, soldier body to avenge them.

When the Infinity Warps are restored to their original, individual selves, Drax and Arthur meet and use their combine soul power to save both universes. An interesting detail to note is that one of the Infinity Warps was an amalgamation of Doctor Strange and Captain America. Can you imagine what that would look like in the films?

Drax acted like Hodor

Adam Warlock reveals to our heroes that in order to return universe into its original form, they must get out of the Soul World, and twin portals are tricky, so someone has to stay behind to keep it open from the inside. ‘Game of Thrones’ fans remember the character of Hodor fondly, even though he only said one word.

However, his heroic actions saved Bran many times, and many cried during the “hold the door” scene. Drax is the one chosen for this mission as he and Arthur are both up to make the great sacrifice. Gamora hates this, but Adam trusts that Drax has chosen his path, and he and the rest get back to their universe. The following is filled with spoilers.

His honorable death

The end of Drax and Arthur Douglas is amazingly depicted by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin, as the scene is like a welcome home for these two characters. They both use their power to hold the doorway so that the heroes can escape the Soul World into the normal Marvel Universe and the new universe where the Infinity Warps will live.

The critical part here is a detail that comic books fans will love. Drax’s origin story also indicated that the human soul was placed in an empty body, so the idea was that Arthur Douglas was alone in that consciousness. However, this new comic reveals that Arthur and Drax the Destroyer are two different entities in that same form.

Drax’s human half makes a hard choice

Drax and Arthur are left at the edge of death in ‘The Infinity Wars’, but the coda ‘Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian’ has an epilogue from Adam Warlock, where he goes back to talk to the souls of Arthur Douglas and Drax to give them a chance to go back. However, Arthur decides that he has fought and hurt too much, so he chooses the afterlife in the Soul World.

The scene in the afterlife is just as beautiful as their sacrifice, as he reunited with his wife Yvette and got to live the life he would have if Thanos had not interfered. He is plagued with nightmares, but in the end, his wife told him that she was pregnant with a daughter, which is another part of their family that was destroyed. This part is shown as Adam telling Star-Lord and Groot about the fate of Arthur.

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What about the Drax half?

However, since it was revealed that Arthur and Drax were two separate souls, then fans wondered about Drax’s choice. Sadly, Adam Warlock told Peter and Groot that he does not have the Soul Stone anymore. Therefore, he cannot see what Drax decided or where the gem might be. However, the comic does show what happened.

The original Drax is shown fighting against Kree, Skrulls and more alien soldiers while laughing. Therefore, Drax the Destroyer is happiest when he is in combat against his foes. The best part of this story is that his sacrifice has no chance of “what if”, making fans wonder if he would be brought back later on.

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That is entirely possible only if the Soul Stone resurfaces once again or if Drax is called to fight against enemies outside of it. However, the reader must imagine from himself if the character comes back alone or with Arthur Douglas. Meanwhile, fans will just continue the story with the rest of the Guardians mourning their friend.

What did you think of this sad version of Drax’s death? Could something like that happen in ‘Avenger: Endgame’? It might happen, but we hope that it doesn’t as he is one of our favorites characters. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love comic books more than the MCU films. See you next time!

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