'Friends' Characters As The 7 Deadly Sins: The Dark Side Of The Show

Believe or not, there are many fan theories out there about ‘Friends’; there is even one that suggests that Rachel Green dated Ben Wyatt from ‘Parks and Recreation’. However, there’s a theory that reimagines that cast as the seven deadly sins - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride - and it’s surprisingly accurate. Let’s explore which one each character represents.

1. Rachel Green – Greed

Longtime fans of the show might not be surprised to learn that theory gives this sin to Rachel. Her last name is the color of money, and she was a spoiled girl who lived of her father’s dime. She runs from her wedding to a rich dentist after realizing that it’s not the life she wanted. After starting a new lifestyle, she became independent all on her own, but there were many “sacrifices” along the way.

She had to cut her daddy’s credit cards to become liberated fully, and she struggled at a minimum-wage job at Central Perk while living in New York City. Rachel wasn’t the best waitress, but she later found a career in fashion and thrived. One of the funniest aspects of her character is the fact that she returned all the presents she received in exchange for store credit, and she never gave up the love for shopping.

2. Ross Geller – Wrath

On the surface, Ross might appear like just a dinosaur nerd who earned an amazing degree and Ph.D. in Paleontology, but one of his main characteristics is a short temper. He was even placed on leave from work after losing his mind because his boss had eaten his special post-Thanksgiving sandwich in the episode ‘The One With Ross’ Sandwich’.

Of course, his temper was one of the best parts of the character and was used for many jokes. His neurotic and sometimes awkward ways complimented Ross, making him even funnier. You might remember the episode where he found that Rachel and Joey were dating, and he tried to control his emotions, but his voice adopted a high-pitch tone. “I’m fine!”

3. Monica Geller – Pride

Monica is perhaps the only “real” adult in the bunch because of her type-A personality. She was also a clean-freak, but she kept everyone in line in most of their crazy situations. Furthermore, Monica tried her best to become a great chef, and one of the hilarious aspects of the character is her obsession with winning. There were many occasion where she and Ross would go to extremes to defeat the other.

However, she does not like criticism, and there was one time when Phoebe revealed that her massages were painful, and she could not deal with being bad at anything. This is a perfect example of pride, as was her tendency to be the hostess always. She loved having the gang over at her apartment, and that’s why when she and Rachel had to live in Chandler and Joey’s place, she cleaned up like crazy.

4. Chandler Bing – Sloth

Despite having a stable job, Chandler represents sloth in many ways because his idea of a perfect life is spending time on the Barcalounger in front of the television with a bottle of beer in his hand. Joey accompanied him in many occasions, especially when they first got the chair and ordered a pizza to Monica’s apartment so that she would bring it over, and they wouldn’t have to stand up.

Furthermore, while he has a great job, no one really knows what he does every day, and he hates it but refuses to leave it. That’s because it was supposed to be just a temp job after he got out of college, but, of course, he was too lazy to find a new career after that. He likes to stay in his comfort zones, and that is also why he had trouble with women.

5. Phoebe Buffay – Lust

The show was about people on their 20s and 30s in New York City, so dating was a big part of most storylines, and lust is a huge part of love. However, Phoebe, who was the most eclectic of the bunch, tended to be a little more out there with her sexual desires. She had a different past than the rest of the characters and often talked about her many adventures with other men.

She has a troubled history with serious relationships, though, as it was revealed when she started dating Mike that she had never been in one before. She dated David, and it seemed like it was going to be something serious, but then he was sent to Russia to research something in science. The important is that she was the kinkiest of the group.

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6. Joey Tribbiani – Gluttony

One of the best episodes in the show was the one where Joey yells: “Joey doesn’t share food!” Therefore, he fits the sin of gluttony perfectly. Joey was a ladies man and rising actor, but one of his key aspects was his love for food. He ordered pizza regularly, got angry because he couldn’t finish a whole turkey during a Thanksgiving episode, and when he achieved it, he was not too full for dessert.

No matter how much he ate, though, he was always in shape, maintaining his handsome good looks. However, we got to see a glimpse of what his life would have been like he had hooked up with Monica in London, and he was huge. Moreover, Joey never questioned where food came from like the time when Rachel and Chandler were eating cheesecake off the floor, and Joey was ready with a fork in his jacket.

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7. Gunther – Envy

The main cast was comprised of only six individuals, and there were only minor appearances of anyone else. However, Gunther got a bit of screen time in earlier episodes when Rachel worked at Central Perk, and then he kept on for a while. Sadly, he was in love with Rachel, but his feelings were never reciprocated, and he viewed Ross as the worst.

Furthermore, Gunther was one that told Rachel when Ross slept with someone else after their big fight. Therefore, he fits the sin of envy in many ways, but we still feel sorry for the guy who was even tricked into buying an expensive Sphinx cat in the hopes that Rachel would come to his house to visit the animal.

What do you think of this theory? Is it fitting or do people read too much into things? No matter what, we still the show and remember it as one of the best sitcoms ever created. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who would love to hang out at Central Perk. See you next time!

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