Brooklyn Nine-Nine's BTS Photos Bring Out A 'Different' Side To The Beloved Show

If you're a fan of our favorite television show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', then this is one article you won't want to miss out on. We take a look at a few images that will make you fall in love with the cast even more, and it goes to show what great people they are, not to mention extremely funny! So, let's dive straight into it, and we hope you enjoy. 

33. Here you can see Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and Joe Lo Truglio showing us the differences between being a serious cop and a goofy member of the Nine-Nine. 

32. Terry, Melissa Fumero, and Andy are ecstatic as they celebrate their first day back on set after their narrow escape of cancellation

31. Stephanie Beatriz and Joe celebrate the first table read of Season 6. They look very enthusiastic, don't you agree?

30. Here's a peak of Andy's behind-the-scenes view while filming Jake and Amy's wedding. The set dressing looks great, don't you think?

29. Stephanie shared this emotional behind-the-scenes picture the day the show got canceled by Fox. They really look heart-broken in this image. 

28. Here is one with Stephanie and Melissa spending some time together in their bomb suits while filming 'The Jimmy Jab Games' episode. What a stylish team! 

27. Terry, Stephanie, Melissa, and Andy are all smiles when the director lets the cast take that much-needed break from filming.

26. Melissa and Andy have a few laughs in-between takes, and this picture actually sits on Amy's desk in the show.

25. Have you ever wondered what it looks like on set? Here's Melissa's view while filming an episode. When the word "action" comes into play, there is no room for error. 

24. We love photobombs, and Stephanie couldn't help but do that to Andy and Melissa while filming Jake and Amy's wedding. 

23. Actors need a break, and here we see Andy, Chelsea Peretti, and Jason Mantzoukas having some fun behind the scenes. 

22. It's time for those "serious" facial expressions. Andy and Joe have some fun while filming in a squad car. This team sure knows how to enjoy themselves. 

21. When it's freezing outside, you still have to perform your best. Here we see Joe and Chelsea trying to stay warm in between takes. 

20. Stephanie and Terry are the types of people you'd love to work with. This lot is all smiles while filming with Gina Rodriguez.

19. We know how perfect everyone needs to look on set and here's a look at Stephanie in the makeup chair with her adorable dog. We don't know which one of them gets the star treatment. Who do you think?

18. If you're wondering what a standard driving scene looks like on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', here is an image below. It certainly is busy on set and requires a large crew to get everything perfect. 

17. Jake certainly has a lot of outfits for his role on the show. So, if you were wondering what the wardrobe looks like for the actors, here is a glimpse.

16. When it comes to hanging out during a table read, the cast definitely adds a bit of fun into the atmosphere to brighten up the day. 

15. This little note was on Rosa's desk during Season 1. There are so many various personalities on set that we are sure some of them tend to annoy each other, but they all get along. 

14. Here is a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at this iconic Charles Boyle costume. This would make for a memorable Halloween, and he does look rather funny in that outfit. 

13. On to the more serious cast members, we have Dirk Blocker. This is what a typical day on set looks like for him, and he could do with a bit of cheering up, don't you agree? 

12. If you were wondering what Jake and Amy's original wedding venue looked like, here is the photograph they shared. They certainly had more than enough security on this one. 

11. Now, this is the perfect image for a good giggle to start your day. Here's some of the stuff you can find on Boyle's desk at the Nine-Nine.

10. Technically, this is a video that's behind the scenes and not really on set, but everyone really needs to see Andre Braugher in action with his rapping skills.

9. This is what Joe's first day back on the set for Season 6 looks like. Here we have the pleasure of seeing him suiting up with his tie.  

8. Joel McKinnon Miller looks hugely "happy" while holding some items for Dirk. He really does need a cheer-me-up, don't you think? 

7. Stephanie and Melissa both strike a pose for this adorable pic behind the scenes. These are the moments that build those special, unforgettable memories. 

6. Stephanie managed to catch the crew setting up in-between scenes. It's a hard day's work in the life of a crew member, and there are always things to be done and never enough time. 

5. Here's a look inside Rosa's locker during Season 1. We are rather curious as to why she has a skull in there. Could she perhaps be hiding some evidence?

4. We love videos and behind-the-scenes snippets. Here is another video because you merely have to see Andre and Sterling K. Brown rehearse their lines. 

3. These two tough guys are not to be messed with. Terry and Joe give us their best smolder while filming a scene. They sure do look like they mean business. 

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2. Ok, we honestly don't know what on earth is going on here with these photographs, but they are too funny for words! This is what the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' hair and makeup images in their trailer look like. Which one is your favorite? 

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1. Now for the finale. Here we see Andy capturing Andre hard at work during filming. The heat has surely gotten to him, and we hope they all stay hydrated and keep their humor up. 

Did you enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes images? Which cast member is your favorite and which picture made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more of your favorite sitcom news. 

Source: BuzzFeed

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