20 Photos That Prove Nature Cares Not For What Humans Want

Nature has its ways to surprise us, and believe it or not, it can be funny sometimes. Actually, nature is so creative that it doesn’t matter what we expect from it, it probably will do some things that we never imagined, like the situations from the pictures below. So, let’s see all the curious images of moments when nature decided to do what it wanted.

1. Hurricane Ophelia ran through Ireland, provoking this in an apple orchard. Of course, the locals didn’t miss the opportunity of taking a picture and picking some apples.

2. A man posted this picture and explained he was going to work, but when he arrived, this was blocking the door. Well, that’s a perfect excuse to have a free day.

3. The insurance of this family doesn’t cover floods, but at least they were perfectly prepared for what it was coming. Actually, their house looks more interesting like this.

4. This is how a frozen geyser looks like, and we must say that it looks majestic. That man in the picture must have lived one of the most incredible moments of his life.

5. Did you know that it can snow on deserts too? Here is a picture of the Algerian desert, which looked like tiramisu because the snow was covered with sand.

6. This picture looks a bit apocalyptic, like if it was the end of the world, but actually is just how the sky looked after hurricane Ophelia passed by.

7. There are not two doors in that house, but can you guess what is then? Well, that’s a wall made of snow. Incredible, isn’t it?

8. This picture looks like one of those drawings we made as kids, but this was caused by Xavier storm, which wrecked down the trees.

9. This aerial view revealed how it looked Ohio after the snow fell in a very thin line. Many were surprised after they saw this picture.

10. Here is an unusual picture of how a rainbow can look like. Rainbows are one of the greatest and most beautiful shows that nature can offer.

11. Does this yard remind you of something? The rain made the grass look like if it came out of a Van Gogh painting, just beautiful.

12. It rained so much in this part of Ireland that someone had the opportunity of taking this picture of a goose looking through their window.

13. As you may know, rainbows have a circular shape, and in this picture that was taken in Australian, you can fully appreciate it.

14. In this pictures, the clouds have such a weird form that it looks like the picture was edited in Photoshop. But no, these type of things happens in our world.

15. Again, here we have another picture of a hurricane causing disasters in a city, and as you can see in the picture below, the hurricane modified some things here.

16. This could be the nightmare of every office. It rained so much that the water started flooding the room. We just hope the damages were not very serious.

17. The sign clearly says ‘do not eat’, but unfortunately, trees can’t read. This is a very funny picture because it looks like the tree even has a mouth.

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18. Apple has become such a successful company that they also started selling trees. If you don’t believe us, just look at this picture.

19. You probably have never seen a firefly from so close, but this picture shows you how they look from a very close distance.

20. Many people ignore how the sky actually looks when is raining, but this picture explains us very well. It seems like if someone was flushing a toilet.

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Now that you have seen all these unusual pictures, don’t you think that nature is really creative? Now tell us, which of these pictures did you like the most? Remember that you can share this list with your friends so they can see these photos as well, and then you can discuss the crazy things that happen in our world.

Source: Bright Side

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