20+ Golden Photos That Could Literally Melt A Heart

Last year brought us many happy moments and memories that were shared by different users from all around the globe through internet. These pictures show us sides of people we didn’t know about or events that took place at some point we weren’t aware of. This is why today we are taking a look at these images we missed and learn about moments 2018 left us.

1. While many were resting at home, walking their dogs or watching a movie, these surgeons were finally resting after a 32-hour surgery in which they successfully removed a set of brain tumors.

2. Seems like today was a day off at the office but this man missed the information, so when he went to work he had plenty of free time and space to make this photo happen. Nice!

3. This is the exact moment when your son finally falls asleep after playing around and running all day. The thing is he falls asleep in your bed but you don’t care because you are also very tired.

4. This photo shows two sides of the same coin: in one side is the love these two creatures have for each other, and on the other one the patience the one who took the picture must have had in order to take it.

5. “We just recued this dog from the streets, he was scared and isolated; we couldn’t leave him there so we took him home. We worried he would have troubles with our son but now they are best friends”.

6. This is how a proud and undeniable father looks like, and this is how a beautiful kitten that will be the center of attentions 24/7 for the next few months and be the cause of certain messes looks like.

7. This is the behind the scenes of the New Year’s Eve party. Many go home to sleep, to visit family or just to keep partying while others must be the ones to put everything back to normal by dawn.

8. This man got tired of airlines losing his luggage and of wondering all the time which suitcase was his so he made fashionable covers with his face stamped on them in order not to be lost or mistaken ever again.

9. In this picture we can see a man that must be awarded for his kindness. He is an elementary school bus driver that bought a Christmas gift for every child. Definitely, a real life hero!

10. Many people spend years and years looking for happiness or for something that makes them complete but just looking at this dog’s face we can realize he has just found his happyness.

11. This young nurse got this awesome hairstyle done just to bring happiness to patients that would be stuck in ICU over Christmas. Without a doubt, she must have heaven owned.

12. What a really rare sight! This is a bunch of really brave frogs that don’t fear to climb on top of a snake in the middle of the night. Maybe they are even taking a ride around the woods!

13. Not everything is what it seems. This awesome image appears to be a group of notes on a pentagram, but if you take a second peek it really shows some men walking on the snow.

14. The miracle of birth! What a wonderful sight it is to see these beautiful newborn puppies that wait to receive lots of love from their parents and owners. Love comes in small bites!

15. A few days ago, a picture of the inside of a broken paintbrush-mug was posted. Seems like someone saw it and redraw the landscape on a new mug and send it to the original owner.

16. There are people who spend lots of money on Christmas decorations and adorn their houses with many accessories but this person just used some lights, an old tree and imagination.

17. These friends decided to take a selfie on their trip to the zoo and it turned out to be an amazing one! One of last year’s beautiful facts would be the friendship between this girl and this elephant.

18. This mother’s love is just as big as the Monopoly blanket she crocheted with lots of love for her dearest daughter. It is definitely an adorable way to take the board game to the next level!

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19. The coolest tree you would have seen this Christmas! A group of chemistry students in Germany made this incredible tree with tools in their lab and wrote “Merry Christmas” in Dutch using the periodic table.

20. Between family, problems are bound to happen. The thing is that at the end of the day when we cool down and think things straight, there will always be something that connects us back again.

21. Believe it or not, animals can be as tender as humans, or even more than them. Just look at this picture and see the warming hug this swan is giving to a woman. 

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This is the end of our list and we are very surprised to learn about all these pictures! What do you think of these amazing photos taken last year? Please comment us your thoughts, show it to your friends and find out what they think about, share your amazing experiences and, if there’s an awesome photo from last year that is not in this list, share it with us below!

Source: Bright Side

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