A Day In The Life of Meghan And Harry Could Rival A Spy Film Script

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not attending prestigious events and office engagements, the lovestruck couple do many of the same activities most commoners participate in as well. They dine out together and even go to the movies. Today, we take you into a day in the life of these two and see what their routine consists of. So, without further ado, let's dive straight into it! 

They switch cars

You'd think that Harry and Meghan would drive together, but they actually don't. To avoid being seen by the paparazzi, they use various vehicles. This way, they won't be spotted as quickly, and we can understand their reason for this. One day they may drive Prince Harry’s Audi RS6, and another, a minivan with tinted windows or a Volkswagen Golf, according to the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry enjoys pumping some muscle

Prince Harry is a member of the KX Health Club, which is a gym with a whopping membership fee of more than $800 a month, according to the Daily Mail. Other members of the prestigious gym include Hugh Grant and Eddie Redmayne, while on the other hand, Meghan Markle prefers exercising at home. She reportedly runs six miles around Kensington Gardens and practices yoga.

Dining out

Meghan Markle is a known "restaurateur" who just loves to try new restaurants, although being a royal has not stopped her from eating her way through London's gourmet food scene. She and Prince Harry eat out at restaurants across London,  At Little House “they even share plates,” one member told the Daily Mail. “The lighting’s low and they don’t get bothered.”

Dining with friends

When they’re not dining out across the West end of London, or even cooking at home on the odd occasion, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry like to attend dinner parties with close friends. They do this in London twice a week on average, according to the Daily Mail.

Going incognito

To avoid causing a scene at the West London theaters, the Prince and Meghan often attend shows wearing beanie hats and even are even dressed in black from head to toe, according to the Daily Mail.  Two shows we do know they've gone undercover to include 'The Lion King Musical' and 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time'. They even use the same disguises to see movies.

They love shopping at the Whole Foods market

The two stock their cottage with Whole Foods and it's very likely that Meghan frequented Whole Foods retailers when she lived in Canada and California. She’s also known to make stops at Marks and Spencers, which is a London-based store, for her and Harry's food.

Having a night in

Spending nights in is one of many things the lovestruck couple enjoy and apparently has a special place in there hearts  Prince Harry having proposed to Meghan Markle this way. The pair enjoys cooking meals together such as Caribbean chicken and beef wellington. “They’re spending as much time as they can on their own together, with lots of casual suppers and TV,” a palace insider told the Daily Mail.

She supports various charities

One of the many challenges and most significant changes to Meghan Markle’s wedding life is that she no longer works for an income. Having said that, she has taken on the roles that other members of the royal family have performed and focussed her efforts on supporting various charities across the globe. The Duchess of Sussex wholeheartedly supports all these causes, and this has become her main priority.

Attending benefits

Meghan Markle, as Diana did before her, will most likely attend a number of extravagant events or benefits on behalf of the organizations she works closely with and by now, will be holding and hosting a few of her own which we're sure many of us cannot wait for.

Traveling Royal tours

The Duchess of Sussex will travel the world. All her trips are official Royal tours, and she’ll have to spend a lot of time with government officials. She'll be involved in official ceremonies and engagements and will have to keep a straight face while accepting some pretty bizarre presents from these engagements on her trips.

She has to undergo extensive Royal training

While it's very likely that Meghan has already endured hours of royal training, her efforts will continue while married to Prince Harry, and while we’d like to think her coaching appears to be like the Hollywood movie Princess Diaries, something tells us it’s a bit more pressurizing than many of us would suspect. 

She partakes in hundreds of ‘official engagements’

In addition to her involvement with charities and events, the Duchess of Sussex will be expected to participate in hundreds of official engagements. These can span from anything to attending State lunches and dinners to walking numerous ceremonies and parades. All eyes will be on her fashion sense, so we know that she is stylish and cannot wait to see what she wears next. 

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She will be expected to christen ships

Another of part her official engagement and Royal duties include Meghan christening ships. Just like her sister-in-law, Kate, she may have the opportunity in naming a craft, which the Duchess of Cambridge has done in the past and many Royals before her. Christening a ship usually involves a ribbon-cutting and smashing, or pouring of Champagne.

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Replying to thousands of mail

According to The Royal Household, the royal family receives and answers around 100,000 letters yearly. Each member is required to take the duty in answering and replying to these letters individually. As the newest member of the royal family, Meghan will be responsible for responding to a good portion of these letters, including all the weird and wonderful ones that come with the batches.

While it's inevitable that the Duchess of Sussex has more than a piece of the United Kingdom on her shoulders, we are sure she will endure all the requirements that consist of her being a Royal Princess, and in the up and coming years, she will fulfill her duties. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Remember to keep up-to-date for all the latest news on the British Royals. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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