10 Things Marvel Will Always Keep In Secret About Spiderman Movies

Actor Tom Holland plays the role of the hero with the spider senses, but for 15 years, several other actors have incarnated the famous character. Since 2002, there have been six Spider-Man movies, and next year we will have the seventh, but there are several things we still do not know about these films and Spider-Man itself. Let’s get into the details.

1. Green villains

The film has been rebooted three times already, and on each adaptation, our superhero has faced green-colored villains as their very first adversary. Tobey Maguire had to battle against the Green Goblin, and Andrew Garfield fought The Lizard.

Tom Holland’s first foe was the Vulture, though he was not precisely green in the movie, but in the comic book, the character is green. Most people deem this a cool coincidence, but it could be part of a big secret that Marvel has yet to reveal.

2. The landlord

Every single superhero movie has a ton of hidden things and references from the original comic books, even though the story might not follow the same plot, so it would actually take several articles to explore each of the secrets in these movies.

However, on Spider-Man 2, we saw Peter’s landlord a pretty hateful fellow named Mr. Dick Kovitch. His name is actually based on the character’s co-creator Steve Ditko. We know that Stan Lee cameos in all the movies, but it is also great to see the co-creator being acknowledged in a tiny way.

3. Wolverine

After the release of Deadpool in 2016, fans wanted to see Wolverine make a cameo in the sequel, sadly we never got that, and it seems like Hugh Jackman is done being an X-men after reprising the character in nine movies.

However, he almost made a cameo in the original Spider-Man. The actor went to New York to film his scenes, but the staff was unable to get his costume. No one knows exactly what the scene entailed, but it would definitely have been a great crossover.

4. Re-casting

Tobey Maguire was almost scrapped out of the first Spider-Man sequel after suffering a back injury on the set of Seabiscuit. Naturally, the character requires an actor that has flexibility and great movements, so they planned to re-cast the role.

The studio even brought a young Jake Gyllenhaal to set, but apparently, things did not sit well with the rest of the cast, and Tobey was able to keep his spidey role. There is even a reference in a part of the movie where he yells, “I’m back! I’m back!” and he holds his back in pain.

5. Andrew Garfield’s time as Spider-Man

When Garfield was chosen to reprise the role of Spider-Man in the 2012 reboot, not everyone was happy, but those movies were pretty great. It was revealed that during his breaks, the actor went around New York City and played basketball with kids.

Furthermore, Andrew also dated his co-star Emma Stone, who played the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. Clearly, finding love was not on his agenda, but this sometimes happens with actors who play love interests.

6. Mary Jane

Discovering that an actor was replaced by another before the shooting of a movie is not uncommon, but it is rare to hear that someone filmed their scenes but was cut out of a movie. For The Amazing Spiderman, Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane Watson.

The actress filmed all her scenes, but the writers decided that there were too many characters, so someone had to go. Sadly, this reboot was discontinued after the sequel, so fans were left wondering what would have happened.

7. Sequels

Almost everyone was confused by the sequel of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man reboot because they tried to fit in too much into one movie. However, the creators did this on purpose because the film was meant to set up two sequels.

Furthermore, they had a whole universe planned for this franchise, so we would have enjoyed movies number three and four, and maybe a film focusing on a villain. Unfortunately, Sony changed their plans and Spider-Man joined the MCU.

8. Age

One of the main problems with the first two version of Spider-Man was the fact that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were too old to play the role of a teenager. Tobey was 25 and Garfield was 26 when they first reprised Peter Parker.

Luckily, Marvel took that criticism to heart and cast 19-year-old Tom Holland for the MCU version. Additionally, Peter Parker’s level in school has also changed with each franchise; in 2002, he was a senior, in 2012, he was a junior and Tom’s Peter Parker is a sophomore.

9. Acrobats

As soon as the studio announced that the superhero was joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, names started going around as to who would play the role this time. Some talked about Donald Glover and even Daniel Radcliffe, but luckily, Holland got the part instead.

The actor has posted several videos on his Instagram account where he does impressive backflips, and when the announcement about him came out, those videos went viral. Clearly, his publicist was an absolute genius because it was the perfect way to get fans excited about the decision.

10. Auditions

Over the years, we have heard crazy stories about an actor’s audition before he or she got a famous role, but this one is a bit quirkier. For the 2002 version of Spider-Man, director Sam Raimi wanted to have the best spider possible for when Peter Parker was bitten.

Therefore, they actually held spider auditions. The director originally wanted to have a Black Widow spider, but that was way too risky, so a bunch of other spiders was brought in. Additionally, even when they chose one, they did not like its color and had to paint her red and blue like they wanted.

We had no idea these things happened during the filming of all the reboots of this cool character, and we imagine that many more secrets about the new version will be revealed in the future. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love Peter Parker and tell us which actor was your favorite Spider-Man. See you next time!

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