Shameless Cast: They've Changed Beyond Recognition (But Not All)

Shameless is the American variant of a comedy-drama TV show from the UK that debuted on Showtime in January 2011. Its success has been so great that it is considered the first longest-running originally-scripted program in the history of the channel because it was renewed for a ninth season back in September of this year. The story illustrates the life of Frank Gallagher's dysfunctional family, a single father bringing six children up. 

The series highlights Frank's alcoholism problems and the financial struggles of a working-class household that lives in the South Side of Chicago. Having been running for seven years, it is common to think that its cast has changed a lot since the series' premiere. Today is your lucky day because we will compare the lives our favorite actors in the following article. 

1. Emmy Rossum

The American actress portrays Fiona Gallagher, the eldest child in the family. Due to the lack of a mother in the family, this girl was responsible for the upbringing of her siblings. In season 1, we can see Fiona hanging on by a thread, with a few minimum-wage jobs to support her family. In the last season, she owns an apartment and has a more selfless attitude toward her family.

In real life, the actress that started the series at 25 is now 32 years old and looks better than ever. These years have made her more mature but also more sensual. Her career has also improved because she has participated in notable films such as Beautiful Creatures and Comet, and TV shows like Animal Kingdom. Sadly, she will say goodbye to Fiona after this year's season. 

2. Jeremy Allen White 

The Newyorker represents Phillip "Lip" Ronan Gallagher, the second eldest son in Gallagher's family and a quasi high-school genius. However, his emotional intelligence is another story. He has had a bumpy ride since the first season, particularly with his drinking problems and his decision of taking SATs for other students for a fee. However, we hope to see his life back on track soon.

The 20-year-old that started the series is now 27 years old, but he looks pretty much as his younger version. His looks haven't changed much, but his career has. The actor has a professional career on the rise since he has participated in other movies and TV series such as Homecoming, Viena and the Fantomes, and After Everything. He was even nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Shameless

3. Cameron Monaghan

The Californian model and actor interprets Ian Clayton Gallagher, the third eldest of the family. He is not Frank's child but his brother's, which makes him the cousin and the half-brother of the Gallagher children. His early days revolve around his homosexual orientation and his legal problems. In the ninth season, he is still in prison with a bipolar disorder that was diagnosed some seasons before.

Cameron, on his side, does not have such a messy life. He started the show when he was a young and freckled 18-year-old, and we have to say he has changed a lot. Nowadays, Monaghan is a handsome man at his 25 years. We wouldn't be surprised if he decides to take up his modeling career from early years. But so far, he has continued growing as an actor having many more credits such as Gotham and Mercy Street.

4. Ethan Cutkosky

The Illinois native is Carl Francis Gallagher, the second-youngest that shares a room with Ian and Lip. When he was only 12, he started to exhibit psychopathic tendencies like killing stray animals and mutilating his toys. He also used to attack other students at his school. But in the last seasons, Carl became more mature and responsible after he enrolled in the military school.

The young boy that we saw in the first season is entirely different from the 19-year-old actor that we can see today. Ethan has the same face, but he has certainly grown up. As for his career, he seems like a promising star. His most important role has been in Shameless, and since then, he has had other small parts in productions like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Conviction.

5. Emma Kenney

The New Yorker brought to life Deborah "Debbie" Jean Gallagher, one of the middle children. She was not brash or reckless as her brothers when the show started. She was very mature and responsible and even started her own business. Seven years later, Debbie struggles as a single mom and has problems in her relationship with Fiona. For that reason, she is considering dropping out of school, panhandling, or sex working.

Emma, on her side, experienced an extreme makeover, going from a chubby 12-year-old to a gorgeous red-headed girl at her 19 years. She has slimmed down her physique and looks terrific. His acting career is also on the right track; she has landed important roles in productions like the family sitcom Roseanne, and its subsequent spinoff The Corners, which premiered in October 2018.

6. Brenden & Brandon Sims

The actors interpreted Liam Gallagher, the youngest of all the siblings. He is African-American boy that was confirmed to be Frank's son through a DNA test. He is thought to be the result of an affair with a random woman. Since he was only a baby when the show started, the character has been played by different actors, the twins Brenden and Brandon being the most prominent ones. But for season 9, Christian Isaiah took over the role. 

7. William H. Macy

The well-known American actor is the one that represents Vernon Francis "Frank" Gallagher, the father of the six children. He was depicted in the first season as a deadbeat alcoholic, drug addict and freeloader who relies on his offspring to merely get by. Throughout the show, we see him trying to fix his life, but in the last season, he is still displaying signs of his old self.

The 68-year-old William has had a solid career in Hollywood since his beginnings in 1978. After landing the leading role in Shameless, he has focused his efforts on the show, not participating in any other TV production. However, Macy has had some parts in films such as Blood Father and Walter. He has also received several accolades for his performance in Shameless

As we could see, the lives of the characters have changed a lot. Some of them for good, and some of them for the worse. Actors, on their side, have also continued earning more credits and giving us amazing performances and gripping storylines in this long-lasting TV show. We cannot wait to see what else the ninth season will bring. Until next time! 

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