Knowing These 25 Everyday Things Can Easily Improve Lives For The Better

For many years, humans have invented things that make our lives easier in every way. There are many objects that we use on a daily basis but never notice their true purpose. You might have tried cleaning your shoes with the brushes of an escalator, though that is not what they are designed for, so here we have some interesting facts for you.

1. The seemingly unnecessary button on your jeans

No, we are not talking about the one you use to actually keep your pants in place, but rather the tiny ones that are placed in the corner of the pocket. They are called rivets, and their main purpose is not decorative as most people believe.

They are placed in specific parts of the denim pants that are more prone to tearing due to movement or usage. They were created in the 1870s when a housewife went to a tailor for help because her husband’s work clothes were disintegrating too quickly.

2. The little pocket in your jeans

The purpose of that small pocket is only obvious to those brave cowboys of the Wild West who needed this extra space to keep their pocket watch during a complicated confrontation or a dispute at the local tavern.

3. Small marks between tire tracks

These little marks establish the minimum height that the tires must have, after this point it’s considered that it is not safe to use them to drive. We usually check the depth of the tire bands using a penny, but being guided by these marks is a much more reliable method.

4. Small patches of cloth on new clothes

Many people believe that they are used to fix minor tears in clothes but, in reality, they are not for this. Clothing manufacturers include these patches so you can pre-test the effect of a detergent or chemical on the fabric before completely ruining the garment.

5. The hole in the lid of Tic-Tac

Although we doubt that there is a person who eats them one at a time, the purpose of this little waste of plastic in the lid of these candies is a hidden feature that allows you to serve one of these delicious sweets at once.

6. The holes in the side of this type of shoe

Its primary purpose is not really to allow your feet to ventilate, although it is an additional advantage of use. These shoes were widely used by professional basketball players, so these holes allowed them to tie their shoes in a way that prevented players from slipping on the court.

7. And the extra holes in the upper part of the footwear

They have a relatively similar use to the holes of the previous point; their function is mainly to allow people to try new ways to tie their shoes and compensate for the slippage of the heels, some injury to a finger or some problem in the way of walking of the person.

8. The black grid in the microwave

This grid is a Faraday shield, and its purpose is to prevent the microwaves from escaping from the furnace interior, turning it into a Faraday cage and allowing the food to be cooked more efficiently and quickly.

9. The small hole in the airplane window

These small holes have two purposes, the first is to compensate for the enormous difference in air pressure to which the aircraft is subjected due to the height, and the second is to prevent the windows from fogging while traveling from one place to another.

10. That cylinder-shaped thing on the cables

These small cylindrical bulges are ferrite cores or coils, and they are mostly just bits of magnetic iron oxide that are there to suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference. Its purpose is to prevent monitors and power supplies from suffering the same thing as loudspeakers when you bring them close to a cell phone.

11. The number on the Heinz Ketchup bottle

You might have seen this number and guessed that it had something to do with advertising or part of the label of the company. However, it was designed to mark the spot where you should tap in order to get ketchup onto your food.

 A spokesperson for Heinz said, “To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, here is a little secret from Heinz. The sweet spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the embossed 57 on the neck. All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows and the ketchup will come out easier.”

12. The indentations at the underside of cups

You might have noticed that several, if not all, your cups have these little grooves on the bottom, and the reason is to make them easier to wash. If there were no indentations, then after placing them upside down to dry, the water would pool.

However, that is not their only purpose. They allow temperature air to flow below your cup, so when you place a hot drink on it, it does not break. Now, we wonder who figured out the problems and how they went about to fix them.

13. The holes in your kitchen utensils

Every single kitchen utensil you have in your cupboard has holes in it. Except for the cutlery, though some of them do. Most people use it to hang them conveniently around the kitchen, but what if we told you that it is not their only purpose?

Those holes are designed to hold other kitchens utensils. For example, the next time you are heating your spaghetti sauce with a wooden ladle, try placing it on the hole of the panhandle. That way, you won’t dirty your kitchen up, and the sauce on the spoon will drip right back to the pan.

14. The hole on the pen

Speaking of holes, you might have noticed that some of your pens have a tiny hole in the lid. The reason is very simple. It will allow air to pass through in case someone accidentally swallows it. Most people nibble on their pens during class, and this has happened before.

15. The pompoms on beanies

You might have purchased a nice, cute beanie for the coming winter, and if it has a lovely pompom on it, the better. However, this little piece of fluffy adorableness is not just for decorative purposes. In fact, it was created initially for French Sailors.

Apparently, some of them used to hit their head when the ceiling of the boat was too low, and someone came up with this solution. It was later used for armies and trickled down to the fashion industry. We just love history!

16. The metal at the end of measuring tape

Now, this might seem a bit obvious to some people, especially those that love working on their homes, but most do not know why the end of a measuring tape has that little metal thing. Well, it has several uses, for example, the bent shape means you can hold it against an edge easily.

There is also a hole which facilities holding it with a nail, and there is another purpose that people have ignored for ages. These metal things have a serrated edge, which is supposed to be used for marking things without having to find a pencil.

17. The childproof stopper in bottles

Nowadays, most medicines come with convenient childproof lids, though sometimes it is hard to open them, even for adults. However, the next time you cannot open your prescription, you just need to turn the lid upside down.

You will no longer be fighting against this piece of plastic to get to your medicine, and all your pills will still be safely stored in the bottle. But, it is important to do this only when you know your kids will not be anywhere near it.

18. The marks on the F and J keys

After all these years of using a computer, some people still have no idea why there are tiny marks on some of their keyboard’s keys. Well, if you spend a lot of time at the computer, your brain probably learned the placement of the letters without having to see them.

However, these ridges are used so that you remember where to place your fingers first. As if it was a starting point. Furthermore, if you are one of those people that want to learn the “proper” way of typing, they are very useful.

19. The brushes on escalators

Now, most people use those handy brushes on the side to clean their shoes, but those are actually vital for safety reasons. Most accidents on escalators have to do with stuck items like coats or bags, and the brushes prevent this from happening by making people stand away from the edge.

20. The arrow in the gas gauge

We really had no idea about this one, but it’s a life-hack that is going to save you some time. There is a tiny arrow next to the fuel tank sign in the gas gauge of your car, and its purpose is to point out where the lid for the fuel tank is.

21. Another use for screwdrivers

This tip might come in handy if you like DIYs. Most screwdrivers can be placed through a wrench, and this allows for more torque. This life-hack is convenient when you are working in tricky spots around the workshop or your house.

22. The wings on the charger

If you are like us and hate getting your charger cord all messed up, then we have a cool hack for you. Well, the Apple charger can be changed so that you can arrange the cable around it and keep it from getting all twisted up.

23. The dot in the iPhone’s camera

If you have an iPhone, then you might have seen a weird dot next to the camera, and this is actually a microphone, used to record when people are using the back camera instead of the selfie one in front.

24. The hole on locks

You might have seen a hole next to the keyhole in any lock, and this is to prevent water from accumulating inside it which could rust the material. Some people have to use these outdoors, so this is very helpful.

25. The small disc on the lid of the plastic bottles

Have you ever removed this small plastic disc from the bottles and it still closes well? So what is its purpose? In fact, its function is to maintain the hermetic seal of the container, preventing both liquid and carbonation from escape. Without it, the soda would lose its gas quickly.

What did you think of these interesting life-hacks? Were they new to you? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below and share this article with all your friends who love learning new things online.

Sources used: Brightside, BuzzFeed

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