27 Inventions That Seriously Need To Be Placed Everywhere

Indeed, even the most modern cities and places need seemingly insignificant details that could make life a lot simpler. Luckily, this list you are about to see is full of creative inventions that should be more popular and that we all would love to have in our lives. Actually, you could take some notes while reading this. Let’s start!

1. Here is a great idea to keep your phone away while you are eating. In this way, it will be impossible to spill your drink over it and you still will be able to see the notifications.

2. Do you need more ports on your laptop? This is a great idea that will solve all your problems, and it won’t cost you that much.

3. If you like to sleep in the back of the car while someone else is driving, you will love to have this. Finally, you will rest comfortably in the backseat.

4. Washing your hands before eating is a rule, but sometimes is a bit awkward to use scented soap because it will mix with the food smell. But this restaurant thought about that first.

5. This coaster has a very innovative way to charge your phone because it uses hot or cold drinks to charge your device.

6. This inflatable was made for RV’s and is perfect because it’s practical and won’t occupy to much space so you can take it anywhere.

7. This hotel includes a mobile phone in each room so you can stay communicated while you are in a foreign place. More hotels should do the same!

8. A lot of people have issues to park their cars correctly, so in this parking lot, they painted continuous paint lines up the wall to make it easier for the drivers.

9. It seems like many accidents happen in this university because they put this free Band-Aid dispenser so anyone can get one if they need it.

10. We all know how annoying is not knowing where to put your stuff when going to a restaurant, so in this place, they have special chairs to hold all that you want.

11. A Reddit’s user shared this photo and told that the elevators in his office building have an umbrella sign that lights up if it’s raining outside.

12. Waiting for your flight can be boring, but in this airport, there is a machine that teaches you how to do CPR. Isn’t that great?

13. This vending machine with items for pets has a lot of things that you might need for your dog or cat, especially if you forget something when taking them for a walk.

14. In this mall, you can leave your phone charging while you go shopping, and its safety system won’t allow anyone to steal your device.

15. And here is another excellent charging station for your phone, and your device will charge depending on how much you can pedal.

16. As you can see, here Seniors or people in wheelchairs can extend the crossing time for their convenience so they can cross without any problem.

17. Bitcoin is a popular thing these days, and this ATM makes it easier in case you want to withdraw your money.

18. This box of tomatoes includes the name and the picture of the person who packed it. This is to recognize his hard and exceptional work.

19. Sadly, there is a lot of people who tend to visit bridges to end with their lives. Luckily, this bridge has a crisis hotline machine.

20. This dishwasher includes a digital clock that shows you how much is left for the washing to end. Indeed, it is a very helpful idea.

21. A Reddit’s user shared this incredible invention he found out in Rome: “This is a tiny single-use pre-pasted toothbrush I got in a restaurant.”

22. Here is a machine that was placed there to help people who think about crossing the desert in Mexico. If they click that button, a patrol will come to help them.

23. The design of these curtains in a hotel room ensures that there is no annoying light gap in the middle. This should exist in every hotel!

24. If your mom is not close to help you to make your bed, this sheet comes with instructions to help you with the task and tells you what side of the bed to put them on.

25. Here is a door designed especially for cats, and we are sure that every cat owner would love to have one of those in their home.

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26. Don’t worry if you left your glasses at home. This immigration office in Korea borrows glasses you can use for filling out forms.

27. This Swiss train is pretty different to others because it has a section specially designed for kids and even has a little slide for kids to play.

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Now tell us, which of these creative inventions would you like to try? We hope the things we just saw in this list get more popular with time because they are completely brilliant, and we really would like to try some of them. If you liked this article, share it with some curious friends who would love to learn about these innovative objects. Also, stay tuned to keep reading our other lists, surely you will love them! 

Source: Bright Side

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