‘Fear The Walking Dead’ And “Breaking Bad” Share A Connection Nobody Expected

At first glance, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad couldn't be more different. One is a zombie apocalypse/human survival epic, the other a modern classic about a common man forced by circumstance into a life of crime, becoming in the process perhaps the greatest anti-hero of our time. But consider, for a moment, that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad share a universe and are subtly connected somehow. Sound totally implausible? Well, think again.

Crazy Walking Dead–Breaking Bad fan theory speculation abounded in 2017, and some of these ideas actually hold water (some, on the other hand, are a stretch, even to the most conspiracy theory-minded fans). Some firmly believe The Walking Dead is a Breaking Bad sequel; others note intriguing, but random, correlations (or Easter eggs) between the shows.

Walter White's Trademark Blue Sky Appears In 'The Walking Dead'

Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White's claim to fame is the unique blue meth he cooks up thanks to his background in chemistry. The drug, which White manufactures in Albuquerque, New Mexico, somehow makes its way to Georgia. The second episode of the second season of Walking Dead, 'Bloodletting', features a stash of Blue Sky in one of the clearest signals The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad share a universe.

None of the characters on Dead talk about or even acknowledge the Blue Sky. Does this mean the two shows inhabit the same universe? Does it indicate that Walter White's empire lives and thrives? Who knows. But that's definitely Walt's product.

The Heisenberg Theme Song Appears in 'Fear The Walking Dead'

In the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead ("La Serpiente"), Madison and Walker walk through a market on a hunt for water. In the background, you can hear a snippet of a song from Breaking Bad associated with Walter White's alter-ego, Heisenberg.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erikson said of the song's use:

I tried to be subtle with it. That was probably the moment when I fell the most deeply in love with Breaking Bad when they did that cold open music video. As we were looking for pieces to incorporate into this world, it had the right vibe to it. It's a gentle nod of admiration and adoration to Vince Gilligan.

A Dude Named Glenn Drives A Red Dodge Challenger With Black Racing Stripes In Both Shows

On Breaking Bad, Walt buys Walt Jr. a red Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes. Walt's wife, Skylar, is far from pleased, forcing her husband to return the car. When he attempts to do so, he's told by the used car salesman, a young man named Glenn, there's a restocking fee to return the vehicle. Rather than pay the fee, Walt blows up the car. Fast-forward to the second episode of The Walking Dead, you see a red Dodge Challenger driven by a man named Glenn. This theory suggests Glenn from the car lot bought the car from Walt before detonation and drove it to Georgia.

The Janky Little White Guy Mentioned On 'TWD' Sounds Suspiciously Like Jesse Pinkman

On The Walking Dead, Darryl mentions Merle's old drug dealer as a "janky little white guy." He goes on to quote the janky little white guy as saying, "I'm going to kill you, b*tch."

There is perhaps no jankier little white guy than Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad. Not only is Pinkman a drug dealer, but he also has a fondness for calling people "b*tch" and rattling off idle threats. This might also help explain why Merle has a stash of Blue Sky.

Gus Fring Was Literally The Walking Dead In His Final 'Breaking Bad' Scene

There are several references to Breaking Bad on The Walking Dead. Are there any allusions to The Walking Dead on Breaking Bad? Well, yes, but it's a long reach. There are a few references to zombies on Bad, once during a conversation between Skinny Pete and Badger, the other when Jesse plays a zombie-themed video game. More telling, though, is Gus Fring's death. When he was blown up in the nursing home, Gus emerged from the rubble with a hole clean through his head. He was quite literally the walking dead. He collapsed and died moments later, but it's hard to deny there's something zombie-like about him in those final seconds.

Some Suggest Walter White's Blue Sky Caused The Zombie Apocalypse

It's well established that Walter White's brand of meth is especially potent. By the end of Breaking Bad, you learn Blue Sky is being sold throughout Europe. Some fans have posited that Blue Sky created a worldwide epidemic, and the demand for it caused various chemicals to leak during mass production of the drug. This led to the zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead.

Some proponents of this theory go so far as to suggest Gus Fring accidentally ingested the drug, and was a zombie in Season 4 when he's last seen before collapsing with a hole in his head (remember, you gotta kill a zombie's brain to take it out).

If You're High, You Might Believe Walter White Survived Gunshots And Cancer To Become Negan

Whoever came up with this theory was obviously smoking some of Walter White's finest Blue Sky. So, suspend your disbelief a bit. In the final episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White dies of gunshot wounds. Or does he? There's a theory White survived his wounds, beat terminal cancer, and hightailed it to rural Georgia, where he became The Walking Dead's Negan. Obviously, there are holes in this theory, the biggest being the total lack of resemblance between the two other than both being white men (there's a three-inch height difference, as well).

The theory suggests that White was so power hungry, he wanted to continue his reign of terror in another location, and the zombie apocalypse provided the perfect opportunity. And maybe he visited a plastic surgeon?

A Preponderance Of Southern Rednecks In 'Breaking Bad' May Link It To 'TWD'

One theory floating around suggests the distinctly Southern hillbillies who show up from time to time on Breaking Bad suggest a shared universe between the New Mexico-set Bad and the Georgia-set The Walking Dead. The fifth episode of Season 2 of Bad is particularly telling. An addict named Spooge and his mate, known only as Spooge's Lady, steal an ATM and struggle to break it open. They sport what look like attack wounds, bruises, and maybe even bite marks. Sure, addicts look rough, but their wounds suggest Spooge and his lady fended off zombies and fled to Albuquerque. Maybe.

If this is true, it contradicts the theory that Walter White started the apocalypse - how is it there are zombies all over Georgia when they haven't yet hit White's hometown?

Merle And Daryl Got Drugs From Heisenberg, And May Have Worked For Gus Fring

This theory demands some creative connecting of the dots, but it's worth a mention. The Walking Dead's Merle and Daryl come from rough backgrounds full of abuse, brushes with the law, and addiction. In one episode, Daryl tells Beth he and his brother were drifters.

Bad's Gus Fring is a powerful drug distributor who runs his operation behind the façade of a fast-food restaurant. While Merle and Daryl drifted, were they distributors for Gus's network? You can't be certain, but it isn't a total impossibility.

Regarding Merle, his stash of drugs contains Blue Sky, as cooked by Walter White. This connects him, and ostensibly Daryl, to Breaking Bad. Maybe Merle's addiction simply led him to the best meth around? Or maybe he and his brother were working for Gus, then switched to Heisenberg's side?

Gale's Elaborate Coffee Machine From 'Breaking Bad' Appears In 'The Walking Dead'

Chemist Gale Boetticher is the brains behind Gus's empire on Breaking Bad. He also has a taste for the perfect cup of coffee, which he brews in an elaborate contraption of his own design. After Gale's death, the coffeemaker isn't seen again on Breaking Bad. But it appears a few years later, in Milton's lab in Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

Sure, AMC may have just been too cheap to spring for new props. Or someone in The Walking Dead universe knew Gale Boetticher and shares his penchant for the perfect cup of coffee.

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There Are Eerily Similar Roadside Motels In Both Shows

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead share comparably crappy roadside motor inns. BB has the Crossroads Motel, which Hank refers to as "the crystal palace," due to its popularity with junkies. TWD features the Travelier Motel, a similarly run-down establishment.

One astute fan noticed a remarkable likeness between the two. Shot from practically identical angles, the Crossroads room Wendy the prostitute lives in on Breaking Bad looks astonishingly like the Travelier room Linda kills herself in on The Walking Dead. It could be nothing - most roadside motels are built with the exact same layout - but, in the specific worlds of Bad and Dead, any likeness may signal a connection.

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Both Shows Are On AMC

Among the correlations between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, many viewers point to the most obvious as the reason that shows must, somehow, be connected. They're both on AMC. If AMC distributes both series, the network could conceivably link the two or throw in Easter eggs whenever the mood strikes. But this isn't a terribly sound theory.

Mad Men was also an AMC show, and you don't see Don Draper or Peggy Olson rising from the dead or fighting zombies. And if Breaking Bad were another network's intellectual property, Walking Dead couldn't reference it without paying that network.

What do you think about these connections? Does it seem possible to you that both shows share the same universe and one of them is the prequel of the other? Leave us some comments about it and don't forget to share this article with all the BB and TWD fans that you know.

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