5 Foods That Should Not Be Washed, And 5 That Should Be Before Cooking

Cooking is an activity that should be done with a lot of care to avoid germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. It is well known that we should wash some foods before cooking or eating them, but did you know that there are some foods that you should not wash under any circumstance? Today we will teach you about five foods you should never wash before cooking and five you always should.

The food you should never wash

1. Eggs

This may sound weird for some of you, but there are people who actually wash the eggs before cooking them. First, since you won’t eat the shell, it is completely unnecessary to wash the egg, and second, there is a special substance that is often put on eggs to protect them from dirt and bacteria, and if you wash them, you will destroy the protection.

2. Chicken

Usually, the fresh chicken contains bacteria that represents a big threat for our health, and one of the most dangerous bacteria is salmonella. Normally, people would think that washing the chicken would help to solve this problem, but that’s not true. If you wash the chicken, the bacteria will spread with the water, reaching your hands and the kitchen sink. However, if you cook the chicken right away, you will kill all the bacteria. Professional chefs recommend to boil the chicken twice after the water boils the first time, you should change the water and continue boiling.

3. Meat

The reason why you shouldn’t wash the meat is the same as the chicken. Instead of washing the meat, it doesn’t matter if it’s beef, pork, veal, or lamb, you should use high temperatures to get rid of bacteria. Also, you can use a napkin to remove the meat’s juice from its surface, and after that,  don’t forget to wash your hands using soap and hot water.

4. Pasta

It is hard to imagine why someone would think that washing pasta would be a good idea. Actually, this is such nonsense that chefs from all around the world think that washing pasta should be illegal. If you do this, the pasta won’t absorb the sauce as it should. However, the only circumstance under you can wash the pasta, is after cooking it and if you want to use it to make a salad.

5. Mushrooms

This food easily absorbs water, so you should avoid putting them under water for a long time or soak them. The best thing you can do is rinse them quickly and dry them using napkins or a paper towel. Also, only do this if you are going to cook them immediately. Otherwise, they will lose their qualities and their elasticity.

The food you should always wash

1. Fruits and vegetables with edible skin

It doesn’t matter how shiny or clean looks the fruit you are about to eat; you still need to wash it. If it’s a fruit or vegetable with edible skin, you need to be sure that you got rid of all the germs possible, so after washing them using only water (no soap), dry the fruit with a paper towel, and that will be enough.

2. Tin can

Cans are specially designed to avoid bacteria from getting in. However, you still need to wash the tin can before you open it to eliminate all the bacteria accumulated in the outside. Remember than cans are usually squirreled away for long periods of time.

3. Fruits and vegetables with inedible skin

Regardless of how well we peel these types of fruits and vegetables, the microorganisms from the skin will always get on the consumable part. So, to avoid any disease, you should wash bananas, melons, watermelons, and other before consuming them.

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4. Nuts

Not many people wash nuts before eating them. It doesn’t matter if they are already peeled, you still need to clean them. Why? Think about this: we never know where they were stored and how they were transported. We don’t know who touched them or how they were treated, so washing them is the best thing you can do. Also, if you clean them before consuming them, you will eliminate the phytic acid that fresh nuts contain. This acid protects nuts from bacteria, but it can be harmful to humans.

5. Dried fruit

Sometimes, dried fruit can be very dirty, especially those that are sold by weight. Although this might come in a nice package, it is still very possible that contains a lot of bacteria, so that’s why it is so important to wash it before eating it and even soak it for a few hours.

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It is really important to learn about this topic because we need to be extra careful with what we give to our bodies. Depending on what you eat or consume, you will have good or poor health. Also, it is essential to remember that eating healthy and doing exercise is something that we all should do day after day. If you think this article was useful, share it with your friends and family so they can be informed as well, and stay tuned to keep reading our next articles.

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