Star Wars Episode 9: 10 Confirmed And Unconfirmed Rumors We're Keeping A Close Eye On

‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ is set to finalize the story of the Skywalkers which started with ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’, but right now, anything could happen as the world of the intergalactic saga keeps attracting audiences no matter how many years pass. There are many rumors regarding the plot, and some are based on the events of ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’. Let’s dive into these theories to see which ones are confirmed and which as still just speculation.

1. Leia will not appear in the film – Confirmed

The tragic and unexpected death of Carrie Fisher was hard for many fans, and it left us all wondering about the future of Leia Organa who had a big part in ‘The Last Jedi’, as it seemed like she had to appear ‘Episode IX’. There were even rumors about recasting the part, but luckily Disney stated that they rewrote the story and might use existing footage of her if needed.

2. Rey’s mom is Qi’Ra – Not confirmed yet

People have wondered about Rey’s origins since her appearance in ‘The Force Awakens’. Some fans think she is a Skywalker and others thinks she is a Kenobi. When Kylo Rens told her that her parents were nobodies in ‘The Last Jedi’, we did not really believe him. There is a rumor that her mother might be Qi’Ra from ‘Solo: A Star Wars movie’. However, the timeline does not seem to match.

3. Billy Dee Williams will be Lando once again – Confirmed

The trilogy brought back many familiar faces from the original stories, but the actor who plays Lando Calrissian was notably missing. Rumors started going rampant about his appearance when the actor said that he was training for a part and, later, could not attend a fan convention because he was shooting for a movie. The speculation was recently confirmed, and Billy Dee Williams will be back!

4. Split into two movies – Not confirmed yet

Some of the biggest movies in the last decade have split their final story into two films like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, so rumors about ‘Star Wars’ doing the same thing were not surprising. It would also make sense because there is a lot they need to clear up in ‘Episode IX’, but this is not their style, so it’s unlikely at this point.

5. Mark Hammill will appear – Confirmed

Although Luke Skywalker died in ‘The Last Jedi’, there was speculation that he might still appear in some way in the next film. It wouldn’t be right to end the saga of the Skywalkers without him. It has been established that he will be part of the cast. However, there is still no news regarding how he will appear and his part in the plot.

6. Other Snoke protégées – Not confirmed yet

Some information about ‘Star Wars’ is not revealed until the release of a book or other things, but it’s all part of the canon. According to Star Wars Insider Magazine’s ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ special, Lucasfilm stated that Kylo Ren was not Snoke’s only apprentice. Many believe that this person will appear in the next film to face Kylo.

7. No retcon – Confirmed

Many fans were upset with the direction of ‘The Last Jedi’, and they hoped to convince Disney to change things in ‘Episode IX’, but that is not going to happen. Director J.J. Abrams was asked if the protests would influence the next film, “Not in the least. There’s a lot that I would like to say about it, but I feel like it’s a little early to be having the Episode [9] conversation."

8. A possible time jump – Not confirmed yet

Some rumors state that ‘Episode IX’ will take place long after the events of the last one, and John Boyega even mentioned that he had to grow out his hair for the role. “I can’t wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the franchise. The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.” Clearly, some time has to pass by for his hair to grow, but it might not be that significant.

9. Poe and Finn join Chewbacca for an assignment – Confirmed

Finn and Rey were not together for the last film, and even Finn and Poe were separated, but some theories believe that the two might get back together for something special. Some leaked images prove that they are with Chewbacca, but there is not much information about those scenes. However, we are happy that Chewbacca is still part of the Resistance even without Han Solo and Leia.

10. An appearance by Obi-Wan Kenobi – Not confirmed yet

Most fans of ‘Star Wars’ would love to see Obi-Wan once again as he was a huge part of the previous trilogies. Therefore, if ‘Episode IX’ is the final film of this story arc, it would make sense to have him on board. He died in ‘A New Hope’, but he can appear as a Force ghost, so actor Ewan McGregor could be convinced to show up for Rey.

11. Rey and Finn will team up again – Confirmed

The pair was separated for ‘The Last Jedi’, so they both could take their stories further, but many suspected that each plot will eventually lead to their reunion. The rumors were confirmed in 2018’s Awesome Con when John Boyega, who plays Finn, talked about a text he received from Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, after reading the script. She wrote: “OMG we’re together again."

12. Rey is a mother – Not confirmed yet

Fans love making new theories every day, especially from casting leaks. One such disclosure revealed that a four-year-old had been cast for a part in ‘Episode IX’. This led to many suggesting that it was Rey’s child, and some rumors say that she became pregnant when Kylo touched her finger on Snoke’s ship. That’s a little too weird. We will have to wait and see.

13. Richard E. Grant will not play Grand Admiral Thrawn – Confirmed

There are many characters fans would love to see in the films from ‘Star Wars Legends’ like Grand Admiral Thrawn, from the novel ‘Heir to the Empire’ by Timothy Zahn. He was military commander of the Empire’s armies after ‘Return of the Jedi’. When Grant was cast in ‘Episode IX’, fans immediately thought he would be playing that role, but sadly, that is not true. No one knows who he will be playing, though.

14. No CGI for Leia – Not confirmed yet

In ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, the special effects team were able to recreate a young Princess Leia for a small scene, and when Fisher died, rumors stated that they would do the same for ‘Episode IX’ to keep her in the story. However, Lucasfilm has denied those theories, and as we mentioned previously, the story was altered after her tragic loss.

15. The end of the Skywalker story – Confirmed

We have a total of eight movies which detail the story of the Skywalkers, and many rumors were stating that ‘Episode IX’ would be their swan song. Some of the most important characters have already been lost, so it would make sense to focus on new characters for future movies. Lucasfilm confirmed this during a press release.

16. A war between the Resistance and the First Order – Not confirmed yet

There is a huge battle between them in ‘The Last Jedi’, but fan theories suggested that the next film would see a full-scale war. Boyega revealed, “Next for me filming wise is Star Wars: Episode IX in July and they’ve officially given us a note to start training soon. I’m going to take a holiday before that, because I think Episode IX you know […] is going to be all-out war so I know that I’m going to have to do all I can and train for that.”

17. John Williams is retiring – Confirmed

One of the most iconic parts of ‘Star Wars’ is the music, especially the ‘Imperial March’, and it’s all thanks to John Williams. After a long career, it has been confirmed that the master composer will be retiring from scoring films after ‘Episode IX’. He is an icon in the world of motion pictures, and it will be sad to see him go.

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18. A scene with Yoda and Rey – Not confirmed yet

Fans loved the scene with Yoda and Luke Skywalker in ‘The Last Jedi’, as they had been waiting for the incredible Jedi master to show up in the new trilogy. There are many rumors that he will appear again in the next film, especially after The New York Daily News announced that a source had confirmed a scene with him and Rey. But there is no official word yet.

19. J.J. Abrams will be directing once again – Confirmed

Abrams had initially denied that he would be back to direct ‘Episode IX’, but Disney recently announced that they had signed him on to wrap up the new trilogy. It would make sense that he would help finalize the Skywalker saga, as a new person could ruin it. Meanwhile, Rian Johnson, who directed ‘The Last Jedi’, is working on a spin-off.

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20. Mara Jade’s appearance – Not confirmed yet

Although fans would love to see more of the expanded universe on the big screen, Disney has said that a lot of what happened in the novels, comics, and video games does not fit the canon anymore. However, when they cast Keri Russell for ‘Episode IX’, many believe she would play Mara Jade, who ended up marrying Luke. They also believe that she is Rey’s mother and Luke is her father.

Which one of the unconfirmed rumors would you want to happen? Are you excited to finally see the culmination of the Skywalker story? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who will accompany you to the theater for ‘Episode IX’. See you next time!

Source: Screen Rant

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