40 Borderline Pictures Of Stuff We'd Have To See For Ourselves To Believe It

Many people say that they need to see to believe, and we don’t blame them because sometimes life can surprise us in very unexpected ways. Luckily, today we will show you a lot of pictures that prove many crazy situations that are hard to believe. Let’s see!

1. This has to be one of the most incredible selfies of all because it includes former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

2. A Reddit user posted this and told: "My boyfriend and I have the same birthmark on the same finger in the same location."

3. A kid was crying and decided to wipe his face at the couch, and you clearly can the watermarks of his face. It seems like he cried a lot!

4. Can you distinguish the figure on the side of the highway? Someone stopped to take this photo because the tire mark looks like a hummingbird.

5. Don’t you think that this moth has the face of a pug or a french bulldog? There are many people discussing this on the internet. What do you think?

6. This poor guy was walloped with a soccer ball that the mark could be seen even five days later. Now we understand why soccer players complain so much while playing.

7. Someone took this picture and said that these danishes at McDonald's look like sloths. Probably their friends didn’t believe him until they showed them this picture.

8. In the 90s, O.J. Simpson ran away from police in a ‘Blanco Bronco’. That’s why the owner of this car chose the perfect plate for his vehicle.

9. In a flight, a girl was looking through the window until she realized the airflow along the wing became visible, so she didn’t miss the opportunity took this picture.

10. Probably many people don’t know that albino moose exist, so this picture proves what it seems impossible. It is gorgeous, indeed.

11. It is impossible to have a straight thumb, but this guy proved the opposite when he posted this picture. Of course, he is the exception. Don’t try this at home.

12. If you thought that cats were cute, wait until you see this little cat with curly hair. Many people don’t know this species exist. It is so adorable!

13. Here is another animal with a face. In this case, there is a snake with the face of a woman on the top of her head. It is something very rare and curious.

14. Some horses can grow a mustache and is one of the funniest things you will see today. In these pictures, you can notice how classy they look.

15. In 1960, LAPD officers went undercover as women to catch a purse snatcher. Of course, they had to take a picture to remember that moment forever.

16. Despite what it might seem, this is not a volcano erupting. That is the Mt. Rainier with the beautiful combination of a sunset and the clouds creating a shadow.

17. Imagine being driving, looking at your left and you see this. Probably that man was hungry, and he didn’t find anything better than his shoe.

18. This hermit crab lives inside a Sprite bottle cap, and the only reason we can think of is that he is very eco-friendly.

19. We would like to know more about the problems this starfish is facing because it looks very sad and thoughtful. We hope things get better for her.

20. Vladimir Putin has the fame of being serious and severe, but have you seen the notes he takes at important conferences? Maybe he writes in a secret language that only he understands.

21. It seems like someone put a toilet there in case someone gets lost in the sea and needs to go to the bathroom. Using that toilet must be a pretty interesting experience.

22. Have you asked yourself what happens when two bullets collide? This was found in Gallipoli (WW1). They collided mid-air.

23. This pant looks pretty decent, and probably you will never have imagined that these are the oldest pairs of Levi's Jeans. They were found in a goldmine 136 years later.

24. In Australia, a possum broke into a bakery and ate so many desserts that at the end it couldn’t escape. The picture they took when they found it is hilarious.

25. Can you guess who the man on the left is? That’s Michael Jackson! He used that disguise to go on a date with Tatum O'Neal in the 1970s.

26. This is a beautiful picture. A person was walking to his car, and then he found this, a little fox sleeping on his vehicle, enjoying the heat from the motor.

27. If someone told you that Batman officiated a wedding, you probably wouldn’t believe him, until they showed you this picture.

28. In Morocco, there are goats that climb the Argania tree just to eat its delicious fruit. This is something very common to see in that country.

29. This picture sums up the best two things that can exist: a pug and a pizza, together, in harmony, being just one. It’s so beautiful.

30. And talking about pizza, what is better than a pizza inside another pizza? The answer is nothing. Nothing can beat that.

31. Can you believe that someone drew this using only an Etch A Sketch? Some people have incredible artistic skills.

32. This picture leaves us with so many questions and no answers. We would love to know why there are so many chairs, and why they did that.

33. The owners of this little bird say that he looks exactly like Donald Trump. What do you think? He definitely has a similar look, and both have the same hairstyle.

34. This picture shows pure joy, but it is inevitable to ask ourselves if it did hurt. However, not everyone can say that they got laid on by a baby elephant.

35. Here is a teacher who is committed to his job. It doesn’t matter that there is a flood on the classroom, he is going to teach maths anyway.

36. A Reddit user posted this and explained: ‘lightning bolt knocked the top of a street light off and put a neat dent in it.’

37. This bottle of Sprite has more than 30 years old, and it was found in a cinder block wall. No one was expecting to find something like this.

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38. Can you believe this is a lemon? It grew in someone’s backyard, and its size shocked everyone. It has the size of someone’s head.

39. You probably must be asking yourself what it is so special about this ceiling. If you look carefully, you will notice two tiny duck feet.

40. Someone shared this picture of his sister and told that she is ginger and also has heterochromia. We could say she is a genetic masterpiece.

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Is it not amazing all the weird and curious things we can find around us? We even can be surprised by the most common things; we only need to keep our eyes wide open. If you liked this list, share it with your friends so you can brighten their day.

Source: Diply

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