The Queen Had No Hope For The Throne, But Is Now The Longest Ruling Monarch

Elizabeth II has been the ruling monarch since 1952, which means she's been sitting on the throne for almost 70 years, becoming a beloved and long-lasting sovereign. Maybe, that is why it is hard to believe she was not meant to be Queen, but it's the truth. 

Today, we are revealing everything about this shocking detail about Queen Elizabeth II's monarchy as well as some other fascinating facts about her personality. You might see her as a prim and strict royal, but she has some cards under her sleeves. After all, it must take something special to be a monarch for many years! Are you ready to unveil it?

Not a queen?

We have to go back in history to understand how it is possible that Elizabeth II was not supposed to become a queen. As you might know, she was born to George VI, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. Some years after her birth, her uncle, the Prince of Wales, ascended to the throne becoming King Edward VIII. 

As a monarch, everyone expected him to marry a fitting woman who can bear heirs, but he was head over heels with divorcée Wallis Simpson, a woman he could never be with while being a king. With that scenario, Queen Mary realized that Princess Elizabeth II of York might be the most suitable person to sit on the throne.

Eventually, in 1938, Edward VIII abdicated the throne so he could marry his beloved Wallis. Therefore, Elizabeth II's father, George VI, became king, turning Elizabeth in the first in line to the throne. George VI's health deteriorated shortly after until his sudden death. If it hadn't been for his uncle's decision and his dad's demise, Elizabeth would have never been Queen. 

Long Live The Queen

We are so glad that all the circumstances were in favor of Elizabeth II to become Queen, and now she is not only the longest-reigning British monarch ever, surpassing Queen Victoria, but she is also the longest-reigning ruler in the whole world; she has been sitting on the throne for 67 years!

In fact, she celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017, which is a commemoration that marks the 65th anniversary of the beginning of her reign in 1952. She also rejoiced on the Silver, the Golden, and the Diamond Jubilees. That's not bad at all! 

Her nicknames

When thinking about Elizabeth II, the words that come to our minds are Her Majesty or Her Royal Highness, but for her close friends and family, she has a nickname. When the Queen was little, she couldn't pronounce her own name and uttered "Tillabet" instead. 

This then changed to "Lisabeth" or "Lilliebeth," and then was shortened to "Lilibet." Now her friends and family still affectionately call her "Lilibet." However, for Prince Philip, she is also his "darling" or "sausage." Don't ask us why, but there might be a funny story surrounding that unusual moniker. 

Her obsession with Corgis

If you think about royal pets, it is hard not to picture Elizabeth II's furry companions as she is well-known for having lots of corgi dogs. But how did her love for this breed start in the first place? It all dates back to 1933 when the Duke and Duchess of York got a corgi after their daughters had fallen in love with the ones the Marquess of Bath kept.

Therefore, they decided to get a puppy and named it Dookie, a moniker that derived from "duke." Dookie became a loyal companion for the princesses, and the love for this breed started to grow. When Elizabeth II turned 18, she got her own pup called Susan, and all the corgis she has had since then are Susan's descendants. 

More pets?

But corgis are not the only creatures from the animal kingdom the Queen owns. Shockingly enough, she possesses all the unclaimed mute swans in English and Welsh open waters, as well as all the dolphins, whales and sturgeons in the UK. An old law stated it, and it has remained in force and effect since then. 

A particular sense of humor

For outsiders, Elizabeth is a charming queen with a maintained smile, but in the intimacy of the palace, she has a wicked sense of humor. Just to give you an idea, when photographer Annie Leibovitz was snapping some shots of her, she asked the ruler to remove her tiara, and she quickly answered: "Less dressy? What do you think this is?"

Another funny anecdote of the sovereign's dry humor is about the time when a group of American tourists came closer to her and asked her whether she had ever met the Queen. She replied, "no," but pointing to her security guard, she added, "but he has." These funny answers tell us that Elizabeth is not the sober royal we all believed.

Quite a lot of bucks in her bank account

The fact that the Queen is pretty affluent should come as no surprise, but how much money does she have? Reports indicate that her estimated net worth is $500 (or more) millions that covers funds from Crown properties, her personal properties, and her art and stamp collections. 

The happy hour... or hours?

Elizabeth II is a grandma that does like to enjoy a good cocktail, and her favorite one is a gin-based. According to reports, she could take a glass of Dubonnet with gin before lunch and then sips a glass of wine when she's done with her food. For dinner, she enjoys some champagne. Perhaps, alcohol is the key to live forever? 

An active lady

With her fancy and colorful outfits, we could never imagine Elizabeth II being into sports, but when she was a child, she spent most of her time outdoors, hunting, running, and riding. Now that she is more than 90, she still enjoys watching field sports, has a passion for angling and shares a hunting interest with her hubby. 

Not Leti from 'Fast and Furious' but close

Okay, let's say we could somehow picture Elizabeth as a sportswoman, but definitely not as a mechanic. It turns out she did work as one during the WWII. When she was only 16 in 1942, she registered to serve her country at the Labour Exchange where she learned how to drive an ambulance, change tires, and fix truck's engines. 

Coming to the world in a hard way

Even when Elizabeth was born, the event was not in the natural way everyone could expect. Both the Queen and her sister Margaret were delivered by Caesarean section. Although the reason is not clear, at that time, the procedure was common for babies that were upside down in the womb or women with small pelvises. 

A gossip girl

Being a Queen doesn't prevent you from having good gossip time with your younger sister, and Elizabeth was not an exception. The two girls remained close until Margaret's demise in 2002 despite having had some tough moments when Margaret wanted to marry a divorced man. Despite that, they always kept in touch, and the younger Princess even had a direct phone line in the Palace to catch up with her big sis. 

She has a favorite child

No; it is not Prince Charles. From her four children, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the apple of her eyes. Why, you would ask? Perhaps, it is because she is very proud of him as he served in the Falklands War. Also, she was able to spend more time with him during his early years and even spoiled him more than his elder siblings. 

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A horse racer

Apart from outdoor sports, the ruling monarch is fond of horse racing. Elizabeth mounted her first pony when she was only 3 and hasn't stopped since then. She was even once spotted going for a ride with Ronald Reagan, a former US President, in 1982. 

Although she doesn't mount horses much these days, she breeds Thoroughbred racehorses and cares deeply for her animals. The Queen also attends the Royal Ascot every single year to see her horses win (in fact, they have done so on many occasions). 

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Her first and only love

This fact is quite romantic as the ruler fell in love with her now-husband when she was only 13 years old and Prince Philip of Greece was 18 and a cadet at the Royal Naval College. Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten, presumably set up the encounter in aims to lay the foundations for a future romance.

According to rumors, it was love at first sight. During Elizabeth's teenage years, Philip used to visit her, and their bond grew stronger. He was a handsome and charming man but was a foreigner and had no money. However, these aspects were no impediments as he gave up his Greek title and proposed to the Princess. Philip and Elizabeth tied the knot in 1947.

We bet you had no idea about this funny and intriguing side of Queen Elizabeth II. What was your favorite fact? Let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with us for more exciting articles about the British Monarchy. See you next time! 

Source: Ranker, The Sun, Telegraph

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