40 People That Embody The Image Of Captain Oblivious

Some people can be really naive about things in life, and even a bit ignorant. We can’t blame them because every person ignores something different. However, the people from this list exceeded the level and had done hilarious things that are too ridiculous to be true. You just won’t believe how there are people so innocent (or dumb) in this world.

1. A girl posted this on Facebook and wrote: 'Kurt Cobain you are my idol'. But it seems like she doesn’t know very well her idol because that’s not Kurt Cobain.

2. We wouldn’t say that this girl committed a mistake while dressing up. Actually, she has a lot of style, and that might be the reason why she is wearing her shirt backward.

3. Google is too innocent for this kind of questions, so you better go and ask that to someone else.

4. Supposedly, the kids in this class were drawing St. Patrick's Day hats, but those hats look a bit… weird.

5. You don’t need to be an expert in oral care to know that those products were not made to take care of your teeth. This supermarket needs to pay more attention to their products display.

6. We are not sure if that is the proper way of using that machine, but at least it looks like that lady is trying hard, so good for her.

7. Ah, sweet coincidences. This man lives his life without even imagining why there are so many people laughing when they see the bus pass.

8. They tried to give a good promotion in this State Fair, but the only problem is that they don’t know much about maths.

9. How didn’t no one notice how wrong this acronym was? The funniest part about this is that it was placed in a religious education center.

10. It seems like this girl doesn’t know how things work. But who can blame her? Is the first time she is going to have a nephew/niece.

11. We would want to know what instructions read the person who made this sandwich. Probably they just love bread in a way we can’t understand.

12. Some parents are so naive regarding technology that we even feel bad for laughing at this. However, this is too funny to ignore.

13. Kids are newbies in everything, and that’s why they always make us laugh with their occurrences, just like this kid who tried to use binoculars.

14. We feel so sorry for the person who thought this Babybel was a giant M&Ms filled with cheese. He must have been feeling starving to do this.

15. This is not the usual method for shaving, and it really catches our attention the fact that this man is using his razor as if it was a toothbrush.

16. Every weather reporter should know that they can use green clothes for work because if they do, this will happen.

17. This poor guy realized too late that he was doing his homework about the wrong subject.

18. Sometimes, people can take some very dumb decisions, like this family who is crossing in the edge of a waterfall. 

19. The funniest thing about this is not the crazy review, or the fact there are no more ghosts in his house, but that two people found this review helpful.

20. Humans are too innocent when they think that cats love them. Actually, this picture left very clear that cats hate human hugs.

21. This pigeon picked the wrong place to make its nest, and we can’t help but ask ourselves if that girl knows what is happening at her back.

22. A person bought two cakes and asked to write ‘happy birthday’ on both, and the bakery did exactly what he asked.

23. This girl doesn’t need to go to a doctor to know if she has eyesight issues, this tweet is enough to see that she really needs a pair of glasses.

24. This man must have serious problems because no one sane would carry their pizzas like this. This picture really terrified us.

25. You know that you have a very jealous boyfriend when he does this type of things.

26. There is nothing worse than attending a party wearing a costume when no one else does.

27. It is funny because this guy didn’t achieve to write 'achieve' properly. Now, he will have to carry that mistake for the rest of his life.

28. If you ever asked yourself why turtles aren’t more popular on kids or fairy stories, this picture perfectly explains why.

29. Clearly, this woman has a lot of money, but she doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about cars, not even about her vehicle.

30. Before even thinking about texting several girls using the same app, you should know how to use it first.

31. You know that the owners of the new store in the neighborhood are too innocent when they say that they are the best "hand job" in the Bronx.

32. This had to be one of the most uncomfortable moments of all for these two people. Advice for the next time: look twice before leaving a comment.

33. Do you want to know why men usually live fewer years than women? Just look at this picture and figure it out for yourself.

34. How can you fail at cooking a pizza in the oven? We can understand if you don’t know how much heat to use, but how can you put it upside down?

35. Should we respond to this girl’s question? She probably won’t want to hear the answer.

36. In this case, this girl suffered due to the ignorance of another woman. There is no need to explain how upset she was.

37. If this man wanted to steal gas, he didn’t do it in the right way. However, if he desired to steal the hose, he completely nailed it.

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38. The joke here is that they placed those poop shaped cushions in the ‘tasteful gifts they’ll savor’ section. Well, they were not wrong.

39. We thought it would be unnecessary to specify that the dispenser is only for liquid soap, but it seems like some people need instructions.

40. The people who ordered this pizza had an unpleasant surprise when they opened the boxes and saw that something was missing. Probably the pizza guy was too hungry to care.

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All these pictures have taught us a lesson: this world is not made for the innocents, but there is a lot of people who don’t get it. If you had a good time looking at these pictures, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay tuned to keep reading our next articles!

Source: Diply

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