25 People Who Took Advice From The Internet And Got Mega Screwed

Not everything that is on the internet is true, but not everyone knows that. You are about to see a list of the funniest cases where naive people thought if they followed the instructions given by a stranger, they would succeed at doing the most basic tasks. Despite how funny it is to see all these fails, it’s inevitable don’t feel sorry for this people as well.

1. This poor guy was dumb enough to think he could boil an egg in a microwave. It would be great to see the disappointment face of his mother.

2. The owner of this car googled how to fix broken wiper washer, and he came up with a solution. However, he didn’t realize someone was making him a joke.

3. This old man is teaching us how to eat comfortably only using a toilet lid. He looks surprised, though. He never imagined that his technique was going to be so effective.

4. If you ever want to clean your cell phone, please don’t do the same as this image. Instead of putting it in the sink, you can use a paper towel and that will be enough.

5. This person didn’t know how to zoom in on his phone, so he heard that you could magnify objects if you put them under water.

6. This man looked a tutorial on how to create sandals using recycled objects, and he created this beautiful pair. What do you think?

7. If you want a universal remote, you don’t need to waste a lot of money. Just look for a couple of rubber bands and do this.

8. This magazine published this woman advice, and we can’t stop thinking why we didn’t come up with that idea first. So innovative.

9. If you don’t know how to smash potatoes and you also played tennis in the past, you can use one of your old rackets to do the job.

10. This picture explains perfectly, and without using a single word, why you shouldn’t repair water leaks using adhesive tape.

11. It doesn’t matter how much you want to keep your personal space, this isn't probably the best way to do it. The girl looks satisfied, though.

12. If you don’t have enough time to have breakfast and brushing your teeth, why don't you mix both things? If you eat this slice of bread, you will get a fresh breath.

13. Everyone knows how annoying is losing the keys, so the best thing you can do to avoid this is carrying them in your pockets… or in your nose ring.

14. If you want to avoid your car from skidding without paying a lot of money, you can try this technique. With this, your car won’t slide, and neither will roll again.

15. We all hate wasting time trying to untangle our headphones. But if you spray them with a ‘no more tangles’ spray, you won’t have this problem again.

16. Why take pictures of the moon when you can be the moon? Look for a toilet paper roll and take a selfie using it. The result will be beautiful.

17. If after putting your kids to sleep they wake up as soon as you leave, try this. Put a bean filled glove on your baby's back, and they will sleep thinking you are still at their side.

18. If you are tired of the creases in your clothes and you hate using the iron, just gain a lot of weight, and you won’t have to use that iron again.

19. Avoid those annoying tears while cutting onions, you don’t have to cry while you cook! Wrap your face with plastic wrap. That will work.

20. Here is a trick to make your house look even fancier. Recollect all the plastic lids you can and use them as orange-holders.

21. There is a lot of insecurity these days, so if you buy a new TV, you better leave the box in your neighbor’s trash so you won’t get robbed.

22. Here is a great tip if you are going to the bathroom and are afraid of people listening to you.

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23. We all know that cinemas won’t leave you to bring candies that haven't been bought there, so here is a trick to hide your chocolate bar.

24. Here is another tip in case you want to keep your chocolate cake moist.

25. Dealing with people crying is no easy thing, so an excellent way to approach them is asking them if they are crying because of their haircut.

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We hope you have learned some useful information today, and don’t forget to try all these tricks immediately to see if they really work. Remember to share this with your friends so you can brighten their day, and stay tuned to keep reading our next articles.

Source: Life Buzz, Bright Side

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