Predicting All Of the Game of Thrones' Characters' Fates In Season 8. It's Not Going To Be Pretty

The winds of winter are here, and although we can only speculate about what will happen in Westeros, one thing is sure: it is going to be a bloodbath, and many of our beloved characters will die. We have a few hints here and there of their fates and many theories on the Internet about the matter.

So today, we are compiling the best ones to try to predict the fate of all the characters. The Battle of Ice and Fire will have unhappy aftermath with corpses from both sides laying on the grounds, so this season promises to be one worthy of the series. So without further ado, let's get into our business.

37. Hot Pie

Here we have our favorite Westerosi baker, and it would be lovely to picture him escaping from all the impending conflict to go to the Free Cities and open his bakery. But in reality, what is he going to do against the dead? Beat them with his rolling pin? Sadly, his fate is to die.

36. Edmure Tully

We haven't known much about Edmure since season 6 when he was locked in the cells at Riverrun, but he is still a loose thread that hasn't been tied up. If we get to see him in the finale, he's screwed anyway. But we would love to give closure to this storyline even if it is with Riverrun being destroyed. 

35. Qyburn

He is a crucial member of team Cersei who showed a lot of interest in the wight, so it wouldn't be a surprise if it becomes his new pastime in season 8, learning about them or even creating his own. However, the chances are that he is going to die at some point. Who knows? Maybe he becomes a wight in the end. 

34. Dolorous Edd

Edd could be somehow safe as he was away from the White Walkers at Castle Black. However, as a member of The Night's Watch, his job is to be the shield that defends the realm of men, so it is very likely he'll be joining the fight at some point, making him a goner. 

33. Harry Strickland

The poor Harry hasn't even entered the saga, and we're already discussing his fate, but we know for sure that he and his Golden Company will be joining season 8. The nature of his job has a high risk of death and more with the army of the dead on its way, so the likelihood is that he'll be gone sooner than later. 

32. Gregor Clegane

Although he seems dead already, he's not... yet. But there's little point in keeping him alive. All he has done is to serve as Cersei's bodyguard, and we hope he is so gone after facing off his brother Sandor, aka The Hound, in the highly-expected Cleganebowl. Showrunners can't miss that in season 8, seriously.

31. Meera Reed

Meera is another character that has little chance of being seen in the finale. Her emotional last scene with Bran might have been enough for the role. But if we get to spot her again in April, she would presumably be a victim of the destruction and devastation the White Walkers are going to cause. 

30. Melisandre

Melisandre needs to have one last appearance in 'GoT,' at least only to die. This is no surprise as she has already foretold her demise, and we bet she will be right this time. Perhaps, we might see her sacrificing herself to stop the White Walkers since she is their enemy as a Red Priestess. 

29. Varys

In Melisandre's farewell scene, she dropped a prediction about Varys' death in Westeros as well. He has escaped from his fate on many occasions, but it is hard to see him getting out of this one. Plus, he is not a fighter, so it would be a piece of cake for the dead to annihilate him. 

28. Gendry

We awaited Gendry's emergence for so long only to see him disappear again, but we'll sure he will have his comeback in April. Let's not forget he's the last of the Baratheons, so he'll be a pivotal piece to the rebirth of the Great Houses of Westeros when things come full circle and history repeats. Verdict? He survives. 

27. Beric Dondarrion

After 'The Dragon and the Wolf,' we are not sure if Beric made it to the wall, so we have no confirmation of his survival. This suggests he doesn't play a big role in the next season, and let's remember he has run out of lives as well, so if we see him back, he'll sure pass away with his flaming sword in hand. 

26. Tormund Giantsbane

It is painful to say this, so we cannot imagine how it would be actually to see it, but the truth is that Tormund has every chance of dying in season 8. He had his near-to-death moments in the previous season, but showrunners decided to keep him. We're sure he'll die in the battlefield while fighting for Jon Snow. How heroic! 

25. Brienne Of Tarth

We have to talk about Brienne after mentioning Tormund, but the good news is that her destiny might be different from the man in love with her. She is a fine warrior with a Valarian steel sword, but what would be the best reason to keep her alive? To have a tragic and powerful moment seeing Jaime Lannister die in her arms. 

24. Ghost

It is as if Ghost is already dead since he was not included in season 7, and the treatment of the direwolves indicates that should he come back, he'll die anyway. However, he does deserve an on-screen demise for being such a good dog. We could totally picture him in a heroic last moment saving Jon Snow. 

23. The Dragons

And talking about pets, or children, we would say in Dany's case; we get to the mythical creatures. Sorry for the Mother of Dragons, but her babies will probably fall before the ultimate end, with Rhaegal and Drogon fighting Viserion. For the finale of the saga, dragons might be gone again but maybe leaving an egg for the future. 

22. Lyanna Mormont

I think nobody would dare to kill Lyanna, and neither do we. With her powerful speeches and firm personality, there is no way she'll be gone in season 8. The poor White Walkers won't stand a chance against the Lady of Bear Island, so this little yet strong girl will surely survive. 

21. Grey Worm

It seems as if Grey Worm is running on borrowed time, particularly after the goodbye sex encounter with Missandei. And we're deeply sad for her and Dany, but being the leader of the Unsullied, Grey Worm has to be in the thick of the action until his death fighting for his Queen. At the end of the day, he was born to be a warrior. 

20. Missandei

And continuing with Grey Worm's lover, Missandei's death will presumably be a cruel blow in season 8, but it is something quite sure. Apart from her kind heart and her loyalty to The Unburnt, she hasn't done much. However, it would be a cute Romeo and Juliet tragedy if she dies alongside Grey Worm. 

19. Yara Greyjoy

We all agree Yara is an exciting and fun character to watch, but as far as we know, she might be already dead or at least in a prison cell. It'd be great to see Theon having his redemptive arc saving his sister, but the likelihood for Yara is to be slain by her uncle, Euron. 

18. Euron Greyjoy

With such a fearsome reputation in the last season, Euron might have some things to do in the finale, like leading Cersei's army and bringing the Golden Company. But being such a villain, we cannot imagine him surviving until the end. A nice touch could be seeing Theon killing him off to revenge his father and sister, don't you think? 

17. Theon Greyjoy

We truly enjoyed the arc Theon has had along the seven seasons, from an arrogant youngster and a traitor to a humble and honorable Stark/Greyjoy. After trying to save Yara and exterminating his uncle, he is the most likely to end at the big seat of House Greyjoy.  

16. Podrick Payne

Pod is undoubtedly a good guy but quite useless if you ask us. Although not many people would want to kill him, we still have the White Walkers. Despite Brienne and Bronn's possible efforts to protect him, we don't see him making it till the end. But before his death, we really want to know what Podrick did to those ladies, please!

15. Bronn

Sorry for Bronn, but he will not have an opportunity to claim his castle at last. We've learned to love Bronn, who has gone from a mercenary to a caring man, so we are sure he'll die fighting for the right side in the finale. But he'll be gone anyway, and to comfort him, we are sure there won't be many castles left anyway. 

14. Gilly

The sweet Gilly became an essential character after her findings in the Citadel, and she has to remain to form at least one functional family in Westeros along with Samwell and baby Sam (well, not that functional as she is baby Sam's mother and sister.) Plus, you can't kill a cute girl who just learned how to read. Have some mercy, please! 

13. Samwell Tarly

As Samwise Gamgee is to Frodo, Samwell is to Jon Snow. Also, there is a theory that states he is the one chronicling the 'Song of Ice and Fire,' and as we said, Gilly needs him to bring baby Sam up. He is a loyal and intelligent character, and despite the unlikelihood, he'd be a perfect survivor for season 8. 

12. Sandor Clegane

The Hound is probably the most morally complex figure in the whole saga, but after such a difficult life, the only way he could find peace is through death. However, he cannot be gone before a showdown with The Mountain and making sure Arya's safe. 

11. Jorah Mormont

Jorah did not survive the greyscale to have a happy ending, but to die for his beloved Khaleesi instead. It was evident that passing away because of the disease was not a fitting end for a Knight, but a sacrifice for his Queen and the woman he loves sounds so much better. 

10. Davos Seaworth

It would be hard for Sir Davos to survive the impending battle as he is not a warrior, but the fact he has reached season 8 might tell us he will ultimately survive. Being an advisor during the whole saga, we could see him as the Right Hand of Jon Snow in whatever will be left of Westeros. 

9. Bran Stark

The Three-Eyed Raven has already survived a near-to-death experience, transforming into a compelling character with his new abilities. So, we bet he has a vital role in the endgame and, after all, a guy that can see the future and can go on living as a tree is hard to kill.

8. Sansa Stark

We know three Starks will remain in Westeros (unless the showrunners decide to change this), and we are sure Sansa is not included in the group. She has been the unluckiest and most tragic character of the series, what makes her demise more dramatical. If a Stark has to perish, the odds are against Sansa. 

7. Jaime Lannister

Jaime has had a twisted path in 'Game of Thrones,' so his ultimate redemption would be to honor his title of Kingslayer. How? Theories, according to Express, said he could be the one who kills the Night King, or he could turn his back for real and kill his sister to save Westeros. Anyway, it is probably he'll be gone after that.

6. Cersei Lannister

This one is not hard to predict. Although Cersei is the greatest villain of the series and a well-developed and complex character, she will have to be gone at some point. We're sure she will stand in the way of the heroes for a while, but as we previously said, a good ending for her would be in Jaime's hands or during childbirth. 

5. Arya Stark

This girl has been gone through a lot and has grown so much as a character, becoming a fan-favorite. She has good assassin skills that can keep her alive, or she may have someone, like The Hound, to save her. Plus, we can picture her finding a sense of peace as Arya Stark ruling Winterfell or living happily ever after with Gendry. 

4. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is one of the faces of the show and one of the prominent three figures pointed by George R.R, so he has all the possibilities of surviving the finale. Also, if Cersei and Jamie are set to pass away, at least a Lannister should live. We're sure he has a role in the world remaining after the battle. 

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3. Daenerys Targaryen

Okay, we know you won't like this, and we also know there are mixed theories about the Mother of Dragons' fate, but everything says her destiny is not to rule the Seven Kingdoms but to sacrifice herself for a greater good. Sadly, it is doubtful she'll have her happy ending with Jon, though we would love to witness it. 

2. Jon Snow

He is the Chosen One, the Prince That Was Promise, the guy who came back from death, and the embodiment of ice and fire as he is the offspring of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. So although you might have been tricked thinking the show is about Dany, it is Jon who will deliver victory and thus survive. 

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1. The Night King

There is no way this bad guy can win. We know the series has blurred lines between the good and the evil, but it cannot end with The Night King prevailing. He will surely annihilate tons of people before he goes, but a grand finale would be seeing Jon in close combat with him and ultimately executing the greatest enemy of all. 

What do you think of these predictions? Do you agree with who will die and who will live? We would love to hear your opinion, so drop a message in the comment section, and stay tuned for more articles about one of the greatest series of all time.  

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