Let's Look At These Pictures To Reassure Ourselves Somebody Had A Worse Day Than We Did

Who has not lived a lousy day? Having bad luck is part of life, the important thing is how you face all those annoying moments. It doesn’t matter if there are people who deny this, but the best thing you can do to feel better if you have had a bad day is to see people with situations worse than yours because it makes us remember that it doesn’t matter how wrong the things are, always could be worse.

1. A poor girl dropped his phone in the crocodile’s cage, and of course, she couldn’t take it back. At least she got this funny picture from the incident.

2. They were singing happy birthday until this happened, and then, the birthday stopped being so happy. This picture was taken just before the tragedy.

3. This Santa didn’t know where the chimney was so he had to take desperate measures to accomplish his task. We can’t stop feeling sorry for him.

4. This old lady thought that it was a beautiful day to sit on a bench and watch everyone pass by. That was until she realized what the signs said.

5. Many say that waking up early brings a lot of benefits to your life, but this photo proves that’s not true. Only a sleepy person on Monday morning could be responsible for this disaster.

6. A family was about to enjoy this delicious spaghetti, but fate had another plan for them and didn’t include lunch. This is such a sad picture.

7. This girl thought she had the most perfect tan, but the spray tan tears ruined everything. However, we must recognize that the tears created an interesting pattern on her face.

8. How does this even happens? How unlucky you have to be for this? We just hope that the owner of that car has a good sense of humor because he will need it.

9. Have you ever suffered for insolation? Well, this girl had it worst. For some reason, she slept outside with a bowl of cereal over her lap, and this happened.

10. This man had a very busy day, and after being 4 hours at work, he finally realized that he was wearing different pairs of shoes.

11. A Reddit user posted this picture and said: ‘The F fell off my Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I drive a Ford Fiesta Lame.’

12. This picture fills us with sadness because, in some place of this world, a person is looking for this little piece.

13. What is it so funny about this picture? The fact that he will need to stay there until the paint dries. He looks so lonely there.

14. They thought it was going to be a good day for camping, and in fact, it was very entertaining, but for the tents. They flew all over the place.

15. This picture teaches us that we can’t trust birthday candles because they can be very dangerous. This poor woman didn’t even think that this was going to happen to her.

16. There are not two doors in that house, but can you guess what is then? Well, that’s a wall made of snow. Incredible, isn’t it?

17. A Reddit user shared this hilarious picture and explained that this is what happens when you live in Alaska, and you go for the rear defrost and hit the sunroof.

18. We can’t help but laugh at this picture. Besides, we don’t know who had it worst, if the kid who hit the pavement or the worker who will need to redo his job.

19. It is well known that in the army they use tough techniques to teach discipline, so please remember this picture the next time you complain about your work.

20. Here we have the best Halloween picture ever. We don’t say it for the kids and their costumes, but for the little girl in the back.

21. You know that this spider is tougher than the rest when it steps on the spray can that could kill it. We wouldn’t want to mess with it.

22. We feel so sorry for the person who caused this mess. Probably the workers from that supermarket passed a hard day trying to clean that.

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23. This picture leaves too much for imagination. Clearly, someone was too desperate to wipe and ruined this metal door just to grab a toilet paper.

24. If you ever feel that your day couldn’t get worse, remember this picture and be grateful because you were not there.

25. Just looking at this picture could give a headache. Probably this was the Universe’s way to ask for a kitchen remodeling. Anyway, Universe could have asked it in another way.

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After seeing these pictures, we will think twice before complaining about our problems or current situation. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends to make them laugh. Stay tuned to read our next articles, we are sure you will love them!

Source: Bright Side

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