Avatar 2 Is Confirmed For 2020: Cameron Spills The Beans On Production Details

Over the last decade, we have been treated to some epic movies, but one of the most wonderful was James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, which premiered on December 2009. It was a pioneer of 3D animation, and it changed the game. We have been waiting ten years for the sequel, and it seems that we might be getting it soon. Let’s get into the details.

Is it going to be family-friendly?

The first one was definitely a family movie, and that’s part of the reason why it grossed more than $2 billion at the worldwide office. Therefore, it’s unlikely that James Cameron would vouch for a more mature story. It’s pretty safe to assume that ‘Avatar 2’ will also be rated PG-13 so that everyone can enjoy the CGI magic. Additionally, we have to remember that it’s a Disney movie.

James Cameron

Before ‘Avatar’, James Cameron was known for the major movie ‘Titanic’, which was also an epic film that ran way longer than normal. He spent years making the first 'Avatar', hoping that technology would advance enough for his idea to come to fruition. Now, that it has been ten years since the first one, we can imagine that the level of technology is going to be even more fantastic.

The director has also talked about using higher frame rates with performance capture underwater. It’s clear that ‘Avatar 2’ is not just going to be like the first one which surprised the whole world, but even more of an exploration of what special effects can do these days. Cameron is also realistic about the fact that the success of 'Avatar' does not necessarily mean triumph for the sequels.

The script

Cameron was responsible for the screenplay of ‘Avatar’, but he has changed course for the planned sequels with a whole team that is going to help him develop the characters and the world of the Na’vi more deeply. Josh Friedman, known for writing Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, was added to the project early on.

The team was later joined by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver from ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, and Shane Salerno from ‘Armageddon’, all of whom have already worked with James Cameron before. Sadly, the details of the story have not been revealed yet, but it's rumored that the sequel would present "whole new worlds, habitats, and cultures", so there might be a new alien race.

The tricky part of this project is that the writers have to think about the next sequels, so ‘Avatar 2’ needs to introduce enough to warrant more movies. It can focus on the main storyline, but to create excitement, there needs to be more. It’s a heavy task to undertake for even the legendary filmmaker, which could explain why it’s taken so long to release the movie.

If they are planning to shoot all the sequels simultaneously, then they had to have all the scripts ready before starting production for ‘Avatar 2’. Meanwhile, James Cameron talked about a possible theme for this movie while discussing ‘Toruk’, the Cirque du Soleil Avatar prequel. He said that it was all about family, and it will focus on Jake, Neytiri, and their kids.

Jake Sully

Sam Worthington became a massive star after his role in ‘Avatar’, and he has been in movies like ‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Man on a Ledge’, and ‘Sabotage’ since then. He has signed on to play Sully for all movies and was the first to reveal when they started working on the sequels in November 2013. "I'll be grateful if it finishes. I think Jim is building the ship to Pandora, to be honest."


Zoe Saldana has also signed on to keep interpreting Jake’s love interest. The actress talked about starting production and how she and Cameron got choked up about where the story goes, but she did not give away details. Meanwhile, Saldana has become the queen of sci-fi since the release of ‘Avatar’ in 2009. She starred in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, and as Gamora in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Dr. Grace Augustine

Sigourney Weaver returned to the world of aliens with ‘Avatar’, and it was epic to see her as part of this movie. Sadly, her character, or at least, her Avatar died in the film, but her participation in the sequel has been confirmed. In October 2010, Cameron said, "Nobody dies in a science fiction movie.” We cannot wait to see her again.

The actress actually revealed that her role in the film has developed over time, and it’s going to be different in each sequel. Later on, Weaver said that she is not playing the same part as she did in ‘Avatar’, so maybe Grace did die, but they thought of a smart way to bring her back. Anything can happen, just like James Cameron said.

Colonel Miles Quaritch

Stephen Lang is apparently another character that did not indeed perish. Neytiri shot him with two arrows, so we assumed that he was gone, but the actor will be the main villain in all the sequels, allegedly. James Cameron said that he has an interesting story development in all films, so that’s going to be exciting.

Are they going to use new tech?

The world is expecting all kinds of new technology from James Cameron this time around, as he is renowned for it. 3D was not that popular until he used it for ‘Avatar’, but that was ten years ago. Producer Jon Landau has partnered up with Douglas Trumbull to discover a new film style that mixes 4K resolution, 3D and high frame rates all at the same time.

This might be the new frontier for someone who has already used and loved 3D and HFR. Unfortunately, while that advanced technology exists, it’s still too expensive, and the way they would implement it in regular theaters is difficult. However, they might have figured out something after working on it for such a long time.

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Is there a release date?

The film was planned for a December 2018 release, but it became clear early on that it was a little too ambitious because of many production delays, and they had already postponed it a couple of times. They later decided to shoot all sequels at the same time, and that caused even more delays regarding the premiere. Luckily, ‘Avatar 2’ is official set for December 18, 2020, and ‘Avatar 3’ for December 17, 2021.

In May 2017, James Cameron confirmed that they had been working in the sequels, so fans can mark their calendars. It’s not surprising that the sequel has taken so long to make because the director first came up with the idea for ‘Avatar’ in 1994, and it took ten years to create. No one can persevere and be patient until the final product is perfect like Cameron.

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“The thing is, my focus isn’t on Avatar 2. It’s on Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 equally. That’s exactly how I’m approaching it.” Meanwhile, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that they are waiting to see how 2 and 3 do at the theaters before moving forward to finish 4 and 5 as it’s estimated that both films could cost up to $1 billion. Cameron is still working on the movies simultaneously, though.

Are you excited to finally see the sequel for ‘Avatar’? Do you think it will do as well as the first one in theaters? James Cameron is going to bring fantastic visuals, so at least, it will be beautiful. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who were kids when the first one came out. See you next time!

Source: Cinema Blend, Daily Mail

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