The Way Hulk Will Return In ‘Endgame’ Might Come As A Blow To Many

The Hulk has always been one of the favorite characters in the Marvel universe, and The Avengers have used him when they needed the strongest being to face threats that machines couldn’t handle. Unfortunately, we did not see him in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ after the opening scene, during his fight with Thanos. He is set to come back for ‘Endgame’, but his return might be surprising to many. Here are the details.

A different kind of hero

While we all love the Hulk for his formidable strength, it’s precisely that characteristic that makes him dangerous as he doesn’t always know who his friends are. Bruce Banner has a brilliant mind, but having him turn into a green, volatile monster is a bit difficult to take. However, that was at the beginning of the MCU.

As time went by, even the Hulk’s character has developed to the point where he understands who he must fight and that he is part of the Avengers. This happened particularly because of Bruce’s attraction to Natasha Romanoff, and they learned to turn him back into a human with just a few calming words.

Furthermore, in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, we saw him thinking clearly and speaking full sentences, while not just smashing everything in sight without a thought. He was able to understand that Thor was his friend and not his foe. This change is not just happening to the Hulk, but to Bruce Banner himself, who has hated the presence of his alter-ego since he was hit with gamma rays.

In the comics, Banner had a lot of rage towards his abusive father, and that’s why, when he suffered that accident, he developed another form that was triggered by anger. While Bruce is awkward and unsure of himself sometimes, Hulk has always been fierce, possibly because he does not have to worry about much except smashing bad guys.

However, it was weird that he somehow decided not to appear during one of the biggest battles faced by the Avengers, and Bruce was forced to use a big version of the Iron Man suit to help the rest fight against the Black Order. The Russo brothers explained that the Hulk became tired of always being used as a last resort and for his brute strength only.

Once the danger is gone, he is immediately turned back to Banner, and everyone forgot about him, but during his stay at Sakaar, Hulk showed that he could think for himself, learned to differentiate people and loved being adored as a champion. Therefore, fans can now understand that things are just as hard on the Hulk as they are on Bruce Banner.

What can we infer from the character in ‘Infinity War’ that might affect ‘Endgame’?

Unlike some of the other Avengers, the Hulk was only given one movie, and aside from the problems with Edward Norton and the production team, it’s also because of the issues regarding a complicated character. There’s Bruce on one side and, on the other, a huge monster that was more dangerous back then than an actual asset.

However, in the comic books, both personalities come to an agreement, and that leads to the creation of Professor Hulk, who might be appearing sooner than most expect. Aside from the incredible character growth of both beings in the MCU, there is new promotional art that seems to have the Hulk in a more civilized manner than we are used to seeing.

The personalities are finally able to speak to each other, and things don’t go well at first, but then, they go to therapy and end up melding their minds. Professor Hulk has the smarts of Bruce with the strength of the Hulk, and undoubtedly he would be a fantastic addition to the Avengers. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that Hulk and Bruce should mix together.

One of the crucial aspects of this character is how both minds interconnect with each other, and some believe that if one were to disappear, it could be fascinating. These people think that ‘Endgame’ could explore this possibility. There are some who actually believe that the Hulk disappeared after the Decimation, proving that they are both separate beings.

This could bring new meaning to the scene where Bruce is looking at the faces of all the people presumed missing after Thanos’ snap. It could be an interesting point to see Banner dealing with his greatest dream since the gamma-ray accident. He might come to regret the loss of the Hulk and might wish him back.

Different Hulks

The comic books have featured all kinds of versions of the character in their pages for years, and some Marvel fans believe that it’s time to see some of those in the MCU. While we have seen him doing amazing things in the films, those are tiny matters compared to what he has done in the printed works like punching Superman into space, breaking Wolverine in half, and ripping the fabric of time and space.

While the time vortexes in the Quantum Realm are used in theories about possible time travel during ‘Endgame’, the Hulk could just use his strength to turn back time. Of course, this might sound a little silly to people who have not read the comics, so we do not believe that Marvel will include that aspect in the movie, but there’s a considerable chance that a better Hulk could finally be seen.

What will the heroes do once they get the Infinity Stones?

After seeing the trailer for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, it was confirmed that the Avengers reverse the effects of the Decimation. Of course, we knew this would happen all along, but the question is how. The popular theory is that the remaining superheroes will travel back in time to retrieve the gems from several points in the MCU timeline.

However, they might get them from Thanos himself. Either way, there’s another problem. What will they do with them? If they want them to undo what the Mad Titan did or destroy him, it’s not going to be easy even with the stones. He is one of the fiercest characters in Marvel, but even he could not use the jewels without the Infinity Gauntlet, which was destroyed after the snap.

While some say that the golden glove can still be used, this might not be the case. They need something to wield them and even hide them. During ‘Infinity War’, Doctor Strange said that he would sacrifice Tony and Peter’s life to protect the Time Stone but later changed his mind after looking at the possible outcomes of the battle with Thanos.

He saved Tony’s life, which suggests that Iron Man is an essential piece of ‘Endgame’. Tony created his own armor back in the day, and he might just be able to build something to wield the Infinity Stones, but someone fierce needs to step up to actually use them because it has been suggested that normal humans cannot even handle them.

Hulk could be the only choice in this matter, and he needs to be in top shape for this task. He could be World-Breaker Hulk to handle those gems. In that series, he became even more amazing after being in Sakaar, so it’s not a coincidence that he spent years there in the MCU. This version of Hulk takes on the hero teams like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the Avengers.

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A leak from Marvel

While some fans debate if we’ll be seeing a stronger Hulk or a calmer one like Banner, a new leak from Marvel might have just given us the first look of Professor Hulk. One crucial detail to remember is that Marvel toys are always the best indication of possible spoilers. We have recently gotten new looks of some toys that give away some exciting details.

One of them is the fact that Black Widow and Thor are wearing what seems to be Quantum Realm suits like the ones used by Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne in ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’. Previously released toys have some characters in these suits, like Avengers Assemble which takes place inside the realm. The Hulk figurine also features him in that attire.

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Aside from noticing his clothes, there’s also a weird weapon included in the package, but it might not be anything, considering that Thanos toys sometimes included a sword which we never saw him wielding. But, this weapon is rather odd. It’s like a piece of concrete with a copper handle and something similar to a pipe as if it’s a piece of pavement ripped off the street.

There’s a rumor that a big fight in ‘Endgame’ will happen inside the Quantum Realm. Aside from that, the costume on the Hulk toy is a bit different from the one in the pictures, but it might be similar to what they will wear in the movie. In regards to Thanos’ figurine, he is rocking his gold armor which is the same one we saw in ‘Infinity War’, and he has a sword which some fans call the Infinity Blade.

Do you think Professor Hulk might appear in ‘Endgame’? Could the Avengers be using a new uniform and not a Quantum Realm suit as the toys indicate? A battle in that plane of existence could be awesome, but tricky. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who dissect every little detail Marvel releases. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/CBR, Youtube/Everything Always

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