25 Photos That Seem Ordinary At First Glance, But Then We Noticed The Background

Sometimes you have to look twice before fully understanding a picture. In the following photos you are about to see, the action is not happening in the foreground but in the background, and you won’t believe it when you see it. Ready for a laugh? You really will enjoy the next minutes.

1. In this picture, we must congratulate the guys jumping in the background. They managed to jump at the right moment.

2. This dog caught a bird and refused to put it down, and as you can see, the dog at the back was really shocked for what he was seeing.

3. For some reason, this woman thought that jumping while the chopper blades were still spinning was a good idea. The pilot’s face says it all.

4. Probably everyone would think this is a romantic photo, but the truth is that it is about the bond between a cat and its owner.

5. Here is a flock of sheep, but what they didn’t notice is that a dog was walking among them.

6. It is common to see how in games, fans try to distract players from the opposite team and as you can see, this guy tried his best.

7. This man’s face is just hilarious, but did you see his body at the back? That mirror didn’t favor him at all.

8. This family took a picture of their first vacation together, and they got photobombed by the best character ever. How many families can say they have a picture like this?

9. This couple tried to take a romantic picture but unfortunately, the boyfriend’s best friend was around, and he ruined all the shots.

10. Father and son took a picture, but they never imagined that they were going to be photobombed by the couple behind them.

11. How many couples can say that their wedding pictures got photobombed by an alpaca? They should feel very lucky.

12. And here is the best-unplanned picture ever. They wanted to take a photo of this cute little girl, but the cat had other plans.

13. The interview was getting too serious, so the man in the back wanted to give the public a reason to laugh. He nailed it.

14. We are sure that Tiger had a lot of fun that day but, what about Piglet? Don’t worry Piglet, we all have been there once in our life.

15. Here is an idea of how to ruin couples pictures. This surely will help all those third wheel friends out there.

16. This girl took a great picture, but she didn’t realize what was happening behind her. In our opinion, the kid in the back made this picture even better.

17. A Reddit user posted this beautiful picture and told us: ‘Got married last week. My favorite picture from the night got photobombed by my buddy.’

18. No, that woman is not wearing a hat. This couple was at the zoo, and when they took this picture, the giraffe was right behind her, creating this funny effect.

19. That cat was really in a hurry because he didn’t mind kicking his friend’s face to get what he wanted. It is so funny to see the cats faces!

20. This photo is the perfect crime evidence which proves that the bird stole the girl’s bread. We are sure the family got surprised after seeing this image.

21. Here we have an animal giving a unique hairstyle to a human. The wing of the bird looks like if it were part of the hair of that man.

22. This is one of the most beautiful things you will see today, or maybe in a while. Among all the modern skyscrapers, far in the distance, you can see the moon.

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23. Someone took a picture of this boy exactly when the lightning struck, giving a spooky effect to the whole photo. Of course, this might be the coolest shot ever.

24. This cat is making the same face as the monster on the TV. We hope his owners can notice the artistic potential this cat has.

25. At first sight, you would think that this boy is wearing a modern haircut, but then you realize that the ponytail belongs to a girl in the background.

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Have you ever take a picture with something funny happening in the background? If you have, please tell us more about it in the comments. If you want to have more fun looking at hilarious pictures, stay tuned to keep reading our other articles. Surely they will interest you!

Source: Bright Side

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