Who Knew These Hidden 'Avengers' Toys Could Tell Us So Much About 'Endgame'

Every new Marvel release adds to the hype of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the highly anticipated film of 2019. Some new images of Marvel toys have been leaked online, and they always reveal important information about the upcoming story like the new Avengers’ uniforms and possible cameos for the movie. Here are the details!

All the new information we have discovered!

Someone in Vietnam walked into a store and took pictures of the new toys, which give away details that Marvel might not have been ready to reveal just yet. We love when this happens because we get more material to keep up our theories and all the buildup. It might also be a Marvel strategy that they do not want to admit to, but either way, it’s fantastic.

We see a toy of Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor, and Valkyrie from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is allegedly coming back for ‘Endgame’. The Chituari are also making an appearance, and these toys show pictures of all the Avengers who will be rocking the new white and black suits that everyone has been talking about lately.

Most of the uniform looks the same on all the characters, except for Thor and the Hulk, who have more massive shoulder pieces which should protect them in case of a fight. Another important detail is that all the characters have the hand gadget that we noticed some time ago when the first few pictures of an alleged recreation of the Battle of New York were leaked.

The toys found in Vietnam seem to be worth the same price of VID 399,000, which is around $17, and we are bound to see these in other countries soon enough. Another detailed noticed is that the picture of Black Widow features her with long, red hair, and some leaked images of Scarlet Johansson have shown her like this, though some people speculated that it was for another movie.

This means that there will be some time jump in ‘Endgame’ after all. Kevin Feige alluded that they will not be showing anything beyond the 20-minute mark of the film during the marketing for the movie. “Being able to create excitement without giving away one of the many, many, many secrets.” Although it’s likely that we might get a tiny glimpse of something beyond there, or at least, we hope.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that filming for the Black Widow would begin around May this year, and it’s expected for May 2020. There’s another Marvel movie scheduled for November 2020, and it’s likely that it will be about The Eternals. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ was supposed to come out on July 2020, but it was delayed due to the firing of James Gunn.

Kevin Feige also said that they are still planning on releasing it, but they will not discuss more about it at this time. In other Phase Four news, Marvel has confirmed the sequel for Doctor Strange, but it’s not expected before 2021, so we will have to wait for more details regarding that film. Back to the toys, Thanos has a new sword which was seen in all the concept art.

Thor, however, does not come with Stormbreaker, but that’s probably to sell the toy for a smaller price. One of the essential figurines, though, is Ronin, as they do not label him Hawkeye. Captain America is back to his uniform as well as Spider-Man, who is back in the Iron suit. Meanwhile, Black Panther and Star-Lord seem to be the same toys from the ‘Infinity War’ era.

It could indicate that they are not going to be featured that much in the film as they suffered from the Decimation. This was confirmed by the Russo brothers, who said that those that turned to dust would not have prominent roles in ‘Endgame’, except for Gamora and Doctor Strange. The focus is on the original Avengers and those left after the snap.

One of the reasons Captain America was not the main part of ‘Infinity War’ is that he is going to be big in the upcoming movie as there’s a new mission he has to handle. The focus might be on Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, not only because the actors’ contracts with Marvel expire, but also because their conflicted relationship has been the central issue of several other films.

Another detail that surfaced is the fact that Katherine Langford, known for her role in the Netflix teen drama ’13 Reasons Why’, dyed her hair red, and while she could be using it for a new project like Netflix’s ‘Cursed’, some fans speculated that she might be playing Morgan Stark, Pepper and Tony’s daughter. It cannot be a coincidence that they were talking about a kid at the beginning of ‘Infinity War’.

There are only a couple of ways that that future could happen. Time travel could be involved, Tony could use some of his advanced technology to see how their daughter would look, or maybe, she is part of an alternate reality. But, it’s a little complicated even then because Pepper Potts in the MCU is 46 years old.

There is also a rumor that they might have cast an older Cassie Lang, but not much information has been revealed about her yet. Regarding the Chitauri, we expect that they will be back in the reshot scenes of the Battle of New York which sparked the rumors about time travel. Meanwhile, Valkyrie is one of the only Asgardians still alive, although she did not appear in ‘Infinity War’.

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It would be great for Thor to have her by his side now that he has lost so much. The Russo brothers explained that Valkyrie and Korg were able to escape from the ship before the arrival of Thanos’ spaceship, and they ended up saving several Asgardians citizens. Regarding Pepper’s Rescue armor, it’s blue in the pictures, even though it’s red in the comic books.

That might be to differentiate between them in the films because it originally looked too much like Iron Man’s suit. Now, everyone is wondering what the main plot device of the film will be. Are they really going to time travel? Also, the reason why fans are calling the new uniform seen in the toys “the Quantum suit” is because Thor and the Hulk do not need space suits.

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We saw the God of Thunder floating in space and then, reigniting the dead star in Nidavellir without a proper suit. The wrist gadgets could indicate something regarding the Quantum Realm as we have been speculating about it for months, or it might be a way to harness the energy from that world. We hope more details are revealed soon.

Do you think there really might be time travel in ‘Endgame’? Could they be using those devices for something else? If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing theories about the MCU. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/Emergency Awesome


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