Infinity War Used A Lot More CGI Than It May Seem: Amazing Before & After Photos

Nowadays, movies have a lot of effects that we ignore. This amazing work is called VFX and basically is when thanks to computer graphics they manage to create fictional elements and situations. Today we will show you the amazing before and after VFX of The Avengers: Infinity War, and trust us, this really will surprise you!

1. Here we have Proxima Midnight. You probably thought it was an actress wearing a costume, but her character was created on a computer.

2. It happens the same with Corvus Glaive. Usually, the postproduction of these pictures takes more time than the shooting itself. That's because they need a lot of VFX.

3. When we watch a movie that is so well made as this one, we almost forget the fact that many of the things we are seeing really don't exist.

4. A big group of experts is always working to make the digital characters as realistic as they can. It is not an easy job, but it is definitely worth it. 

5. Using VFX, technicians can edit scenarios, just like they made in this scene. Not even those spaces are real! But that is very common in movies. 

6. Also, in scenes like this, they edited everything using different layers to get the final product. Of course, it took a lot of hard work to do it. 

7. With these comparisons, you immediately notice how different it looks in real life and how realistic the VFX are. This is a very meticulous job. 

8. Here you can see how they managed to create this scene with Doctor Strange. As you can see, they used a blue background to make everything look more spacious.

9. They may as well have shot the entire film running around on treadmills, in front of a green screen and you still wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

10. Here you can see how Paul Bettany, the actor who portrays Vision, was acting alone and then using VFX they added Corvus Glaive.

11. It is inevitable to not feel sort of betrayed when you see how they really shot these scenes. That is why many people say that movies are the biggest and perfect lie. 

12. Here they did the same as they did in the scene with Paul Bettany. Despite you can't see it completely, there is a man with a special suit so that they can transform it into Corvus Glaive.

13. The public is so innocent that probably you thought they actually recorded this while they were actually driving. Here, you can see how they made this scene. 

14. In these pictures, you can notice how they used blue screens again. This helps to create fake landscapes or scenarios. 

15. If you ever asked yourself how did they do to make those incredible explosions, here is the answer. You will never see movies in the same way. 

16. Can you believe that Wakanda is not real? Here you can notice how they managed to create the landscapes. It is so realistic that you probably never thought this. 

17. And Bucky's arm is not real either. The White Wolf's prosthetic arm is made with CGI (despite T'Challa said it was made out of vibranium).

18. One of the most shocking things about this movie is when half of the population start to fade away. How did created that effect? Here is a glimpse. 

19. Again, here we have another picture that proves that Wakanda is not real. It is incredible to think that those natural landscapes were created using computers. 

20. This one is really hard to believe! And you must be asking yourself: 'Why creating things with computers when you can go to an actual natural scenario and film there?' Well, believe it or not, is cheaper to do it using CGI and VFX. 

21. After seeing all these before and after pictures, we could say that the real superhero of this movie is the editor. Just look at what they did with Nick Fury.

22. So many people are saying they don't need actors, but what about motion capture and character design? Even video game characters are modeled after real people.

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23. They even used CGI for this simple scene. No wonder why many people are hoping for this movie to be nominated on some awards for best visual effects.

24. All this editing make us wonder if actors are losing their jobs, and leave us thinking about how it is going to be the film industry in 10 years.

25. Of course, Iron Man had to appear on this list. This is one of the characters with most CGI effects, and the result of all the work is just amazing. 

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It is incredible all that we can achieve using technology. Thanks to all those editors, now we can enjoy this great movie. If you liked this article, share it with another Marvel fan so they can see how this film was made. Stay tuned to keep reading our next articles!

Source: Fame FocusILMVisualFXFramestore 

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