25 Photos That Show Nothing Can Stand Against Time

Time flies, but sometimes we don’t even notice it until there is something that shocks us. For example, the high school graduation of your little cousin, the one you used to take care of. This list is full of pictures that show us the impact that time has all over us, and it teaches us that no one can escape from its control. Let’s see.

1. It is very clear that this piano has been used a lot through the years. If you look at the keys, you will notice how the fingers have sunken the surface.

2. A Reddit user posted this and told: ‘My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn through the top of the center console.

3. In these pictures, you can see the difference between Berlin from 1890 and the current one. Although there is a difference, some buildings remain the same.

4. This beautiful couple remade the pictures they took decades ago when they were a couple of teenagers. Their love keeps getting stronger.

5. Believe it or not, this cat is 20 years old, and the picture on the right was taken when he was only a few months old.

6. Here you can see 25 years of mobile phone evolution. It is interesting to notice how they were so big at the beginning and how currently they are big again.

7. Do you remember the actor that played Michael Myers in the original Halloween from 1978? This is how he looks today, 40 years later.

8. An Imgur user posted this and shared his story: ‘5 years ago my wife gave me slippers. I would wear them at home and would even take them with me when visiting someone else’s place. Eventually, they wore out, and my wife brought me a new pair.’

9. This picture of a high school’s hallway shows how wore out it looks the spot where people pivot on the stairs.

10. In this photo, you can appreciate the difference between a new trike and one from 1989. Same toy, different style.

11. The incredible story of this Imgur user: ‘17 years later, I finally made it. I’m now a 4th generation firefighter for the same department that my dad served on.’

12. This brother and sister remade a picture they took years ago, and they still look as cool as they once were.

13. This year, Disney will release a remake of 'The Lion King', and it looks pretty great. However, it is incredible the difference between the original version and the new one.

14. This girl has lived 17 years alongside her cat. In the first picture, you can see how they looked when they first met and the second one shows how they look nowadays.

15. This pair of friends have the tradition of taking all their special photos in front of this hydrant, and they have done it along several years.

16. The first picture shows how the Selma mansion looked in 2016, and the second one shows how the mansion currently looks, after many remodelings.

17. In this photo, you can appreciate the look of three epochs and how different they look from each other.

18. These sisters posted the next anecdote on Imgur: ‘15 years later my sister and I recreated our pic from the day our father was deployed in the first wave of the Iraq invasion in 2003.’

19. Not even animals can escape from the consequences of time. Here you can see how this dog looked when he was only one year old, and how he looks 17 years after.

20. You know that time is relentless when you see how much Jay & Silent Bob have aged since 1994. The second picture shows how they look today.

21. There are 15 years of difference among these two pictures. The pet and this guy’s hobby remain the same.

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22. This before and after picture is of the Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia. As you can see, they had an almost perfect V-shaped landscape, and after a storm, the shape completely changed. 

23. Here is a picture of a girl on her trip with her boyfriend back in 2013. In 2018, you can see that she came back to the same spot where the love of her life proposed.

24. This pair of friends met in 1997, and now 21 years later, they are still happily together. It's amazing how close some relationships become and stand the test of time.

25. This father and daughter have a few beautiful memories together. Now, she's 18 years old, and they are still a wonderful family who shares those precious moments. 

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Isn’t incredible to see how much things can change from time to time? Tell us which one of these photos surprised you the most, and don’t forget to share this list with your friends. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other articles, surely they will interest you!

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