"GoT" Star Makes an Alarming Announcement: “We’re All Going To Die”

April 2019 is going to be a fantastic month as we will finale get to see ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’. It will be bittersweet to say goodbye to this series, but everyone wants to know who will sit on the Iron Throne. Moreover, Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos, recently revealed a detail that might not surprise people who follow the phrase “Valar Morghulis”. Let’s get into the details.

All men must die

Over the past seven seasons, ‘Game of Thrones’ has been one of the most epic stories of all time, where no character was safe, so anyone could die at any point of the narrative. This is different from any other franchise, and we are all just dying to know what’s going to happen in the eighth season which is finally coming out in April 2019.

There are many theories about what will happen, and any of them could be right because the story is so vast and so magical that nothing is off the table. Well, maybe a happy ending is too much to expect. Naturally, it's expected that many of our favorite people will die because it wouldn’t be ‘GoT’ if they didn’t, and there’s an alleged list out there that indicates who.

One of the most important characters on the show at the moment is Jon Snow, who is currently the King in the North, but actually, the final episode of season six revealed much more. Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which gives him a lot of claim over the Iron Throne than anyone else. Moreover, it means that he is the son of fire and ice.

However, unlike everyone else in this story, he is not vying for the throne, but rather more concerned on defeating the Night King, played by Vladimir Furdik, who is bound for the South now that The Wall has been broken. If someone, like Cersei, discovers his parentage, he could be in even greater danger than he is in right now. Therefore, many believe that he will surely die.

Another essential character is Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, who rose to great power in Essos and came to Westeros to conquer the throne that she believes is her birthright. However, she discovered the threat of the White Walkers and even lost one of her dragons trying to save a brave team that wanted to capture a wight.

People are very invested in her story because she had nothing, and now her army is almost unstoppable. She could also die because she has become part of Jon Snow’s destiny. The prophecy of the Azor Ahai, The Prince That Was Promised, says that he will end up killing his lover in order to obtain the Lightbringer, which is a blade necessary to stop the White Walkers.

Regarding the Lannisters, Jaime has had a character development that no one expected. From being hated for throwing Bran out of a window to keep his affair with Cersei a secret to saving Brienne of Tarth from getting raped. He was loathed at the beginning but loved now. That puts him on the list of those most likely to die, as George R.R. Martin is sometimes cruel to the best characters.

We might not know exactly how or who will kill him, but there is a big chance that his own sister, and lover, Cersei will do it herself. After all, they were once joined at the hip, but Jaime has seen the errors of his life, and it seems that he has come to fear his sister and rebuke her actions. He has also double-crossed her at times, and if she finds out, he will be dead.

When it comes to Cersei, no one will be sad to see her go. While she might not be as hated as her son Joffrey, she is still a horrible being that needs to be stopped. Many fans hope that one of the Stark girls will do it herself as they both had to watch their father, Ned, get beheaded, and Sansa was horribly abused.

Furthermore, it does not seem that she will stop her evil schemes against the others to get rid of the White Walkers. She is not the most reliable person, and if she ends up killing one of the other major players, who are beloved by fans, then that would be more reason for her end.

Regarding the Night King, he seems pretty unstoppable. After all, he raises beings from the dead. It’s going to take a lot to stop him, and he has an undead dragon now. It does not seem likely that evil will triumph over good in this saga. In terms of the other characters left, it seems that Melisandre, Jorah Mormont, the Hound, Grey Worm, and Theon Greyjoy are highly likely to be killed in the upcoming season.

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While their deaths will have an important impact, something else that could happen is that everyone will die. “Valar Morghulis” means “All Men Must Die”, therefore, there’s a considerable chance that the entire continent of Westeros will perish at the hands of the White Walkers. Even actor Liam Cunningham a.k.a. Ser Davos Seaworth alluded to this in a recent interview.

While Ser Davos might not seem like a tremendous character in this saga, he has been the right hand of many crucial players in the game, and he is now on Jon Snow’s side. Cunningham recently appeared on Ireland’s ‘Late Late Show’ to talk about his chances of survival in the final season because his fans are dying to know.

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The actor first talked about a story regarding some fans at a pub, but then he said that Ser Davos has only endured “so far”. “So far, so far. That doesn’t mean anything. We’re all going to die. Don’t forget ‘Valar Morghulis,’ which is one of the phrases on the show which means ‘all men must die.’” If everyone dies, then HBO could probably come up with a follow-up story because people would beg to know what happens next.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming season? Could everyone really die fighting the White Walkers? If they lived, though, who will sit on the Iron Throne? There are so many questions that need answers and April cannot come soon enough. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who have followed this series since the beginning. See you next time!

Source: Uproxx, Express


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