14 Situations Tall People Would Definitely Get

People come in different shapes and sizes, and each one face different battles day after day. But today is tall people’s turn because there are a few awkward situations that only they can understand. If you want to know more about their world, or if you are a tall person, you will love to read this list, so sit and enjoy.

1. If you ever see a tall person with dirty hair, now you will understand why. Luckily for them, hardly other people will realize if they washed their hair or not.

2. Most of the time, these people won’t know what they are cooking because of the distance between their eyes and the stuff they are making.

3. When they take selfies, their heads often get cut because they are too tall for the conventional mirrors.

4. But being tall has a lot of benefits. For example, they can drive using their knees instead of their hands. If that sounds weird, just look at this picture.

5. However, there are some basic things that become more difficult to do when you are above the average size. Poor guy.

6. And every tall person knows this: they always have to bend down to get through every door, and a lot of accidents can happen if they don’t do it.

7. Also, kneepads are very useful for them because many times things like ATMs are lower than they should and they have to kneel to use them.

8. And if you are considered a tall person, you must get used to the fact that your head will always be very close to every roof.

9. But getting back to the benefits of being a tall person, you are able to give advice on how a new outfit looks without leaving the fitting room.

10. Everyone knows that if you are tall, your hands and feet will be big as well. And many times, objects like mouses or remote controls will be too tiny for your hands.

11. Yes. Most of the time all the items around you will be too tiny for you, and you will look like a giant who is trying to use standard objects.

12. At some moment you just get used to seeing everyone from above, because most of the population is too small for you.

13. Also, you get used to everyone asking you to reach things for them. You have the superpower of getting where the rest can’t.

14. And hugging other people can be a bit complicated. You have to bend too much while the other person is probably in an uncomfortable position.

15. Being tall means having long legs, so sitting in cars, buses or planes can be more complicated for you than for the rest of the world.

16. And basically, everything about airplanes is just too uncomfortable for you. Actually, the bathrooms are so tiny that they turn into a complete nightmare.

17. Here is another shower we will complain of. Why are they so low? We need a tall person to explain to us how they can shower with this.

18. There is nothing more awkward than getting into a cubicle and still be able to see out there. In these cases, tall people need to pretend being shorter.

19. Even drinking from a water fountain can be a hard task for the tall population. There is nothing enjoyable about bending so much just to drink water.

20. Old houses tend to be smaller and lower than the modern ones, so when a tall person visits one of those, there is a big probability of hitting some wall.

21. This is how every tall woman feels when they go to the club wearing heels. Although, it can be useful to be able to see over everyone's head at the club.

22. Tall people often face a lot of stereotypes. Usually, people think it’s cute when a tall man dates a short woman, but when the opposite happens, everyone think is inappropriate.

23. Tall women also know how annoying it is trying to buy new clothes because everything looks shorter on them than it should.

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24. And something that tall people really hates is the small talk about their height and the usual jokes that they have heard a thousand times. ‘Is it cold up there?’

25. But it is fun meeting new people while you are sitting because they don’t expect you to be so tall and when you stand up they get really shocked.

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There is nothing wrong with being taller than everyone else. Have you ever experienced one of the awkward situations we mentioned? If you have, please tell us more about it in the comments. Don’t forget to share this list with some friend who might feel identified with it, and stay tuned to keep reading our next articles.

Source: Bright Side, Buzzfeed


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