Different On-Screen Spider-Men: Who Is The Strongest?

Spider-Man is one of the most famous fictional superheroes in the comics world, characterized by his well-known red-and-blue custom and his arachnid abilities. Since his first appearance back in August 1962, Spidey has had many incarnations throughout the years that have different levels of strength. With that in mind, we will be ranking the TV and big screen versions from worst to best. Let's get started!

11. Nicholas Hammond

The year 1977 was a big one with the release of 'Star Wars' that increased the impact of sci-fi on society. But it was also the same year when the arachnid superhero got a live-action TV show and a film as a backdoor pilot before the premiere of the show. 

Starring Nicholas Hammond, this Spider-Man was pretty basic regarding powers, and the actor portrayed the character as puritanical and pitifully timid, without the cool teasing that is very characteristic in Peter Parker when he is wearing the famous mask. 

10. Spider-Man of Earth 67

When this version of Spidey was in the Daily Bugle, he learned about two more Spider-men who were in New York City but came from different dimensions: Peter Parker from Earth-12041 and Miles Morales from Earth-1610, as Marvel Fandom explained. His powers and strength level are similar to those of Peter Parker from Earth-6799.

9. Spider-ham

There is no spelling mistake in that name because Spider-ham with an "h" was a hilarious yet anthropomorphic animal parody of the well-known hero that Mark Armstrong and Tom DeFalco created. According to Marvel Fandom, Peter Porker was born as a spider that was bitten by a radioactive swine, getting the looks of the pig but with the agility and strength of a spider. 

8. Penny Parker

As explained by Marvel Fandom, Penny is a young girl who lost her father when she was only nine as he passed away while piloting the SP//dr suit. Being the only person who could carry on her late father's project, she took on the responsibility.

In the process, she allowed the radioactive spider that formed half of the suit to bite her and thus became the new pilot of the armor now that she is 14 years old. In the suit, Penny has fighting skills, web shooter, strength, intelligence, and durability but at shallow levels. 

7. Supaidaman/Spider-Man of Earth 51778

If there is a Spiderman who is half-pork, there can surely be an arachnid hero of Japanese descent: Supaidaman. According to CBR, this meme-able hero is a young motorcycle racer called Takuya Yamashiro who got his spider powers from Planet Spider's alien named Garia.

Moreover, we also know that Garia crashed his spaceship called Marveller to Earth. Supaidaman can fly around in Marveller with class 7 abilities, and his custom shoots out of a watch when he wants to transform into Spider-Man and kill his bad guy, Doctor Monster. 

6. Spider-Man Noir of Earth 90214

This hero owes his name to his all-black suit, goggles, and a fedora he usually wears. He has a more careless attitude compared to his counterparts but has organic web shooting from his wrists and arachnid powers such as clinging on and sticking to walls. His abilities came from the bite of a spider that was inside a statue of the eight-legged animal, according to Marvel Fandom. 

5. Tobey Maguire

Perhaps, Tobey is one of the most famous actors that has portrayed the arachnid figure, and his movie was the first successful live-action film about Spider-Man, as CBR reports. Therefore, he will go down in history just because of that. 

However, his Peter Parker is really cool and powerful, with abilities such as superhuman strength, toughened flesh, speed, spider sense, and organic web shooting from his wrists, all of those came after a genetically-modified spider bit him.

4. Andrew Garfield

Although Garfield's movie was pretty mediocre, according to CBR, his performance as a new Peter Parker was pretty good. He also attained several arachnid skills, but something cool to watch was his ability to balance out on any object, from big to small, you name it, even if it means doing so on two fingers. And that is without mentioning his amazing reflexes!

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3. Spider-woman

As Marvel Fandom explained, Gwen Stacy of Earth 65 is the extrovert and fun-loving friend with artistic inclinations of a shy Peter Parker. A radioactive spider also bit Gwen, and this event granted her the same arachnid powers of her pal and neighbor. 

With her new abilities, Stacy resolved to fight against crime as Spider-woman. As part of her powers, she can lift ten tons in weight and shoot web ropes, blobs, and nets through some shooters and a costume that Janet Van Dyne, a retired crimefighter, gave to her. No doubt that with all that combination, Gwen is one of the strongest Spider-versions. 

2. Tom Holland

Being one of the youngest ones from our list, Holland's Peter Parker is yet inexperienced and hasn't discovered his full potential. However, that doesn't prevent him from being a great Spider-Man. In 'The Avengers' we saw him breaking through glass almost unharmed and supporting a bridge that was about to collapse.

But, without a doubt, what makes him stronger than the rest of the Spideys on our list is his iron spider suit with armored web-shooters, enhanced durability, environmental protection and, the best of all, spider legs. Tom Holland is a compelling character, but not as much as the one in the first position.

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1. Miles Morales

Miles is a young kid from Brooklyn who had the fortune of being bitten by an Oz-enhanced spider that gave him extraordinary abilities apart from the normal ones that are related to the superhero such as web-shooting and wall crawling. 

Morales also has bio-electrokinesis, venom blast, energy-thread generation, increased agility, and spider camouflage. The latter gives him the possibility of being invisible to the human eye, but the best of all, which no other Spider-Man has, is the power of immortality he got due to the Oz formula in the spider. 

Did you know all those interesting facts about the TV and movie incarnations of our favorite superhero of all times? If you enjoy this rank, share it with other fellow friends and relatives who love Spider-Man as much as we do, and don't forget to stay tuned for more exciting articles about comics characters. Until next time!  

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