Vikings' Major Characters Ranked By Strength. Now We Know The Unbeatable One

Apart from 'Game of Thrones,' there isn't another TV show capable of showing us brutal warriors like 'Vikings.' Now that the fifth season is coming to an end, let's take a look back at the now-famous battle sequences and determine how strong our favorite fighters are. 

Although having power and being skilled with weapons are critical for a Viking, a cunning mind can also alter the course of a battle. So, without further ado, here you have a ranking of the major characters in the TV series by strength, from the worst to the best. Take a look! 

20. Sigurd

In general, Vikings' sons take a lot from their parents and build their own legacy through impressive feats. But then we have Sigurd, Ragnar's son who doesn't honor everything his dad has achieved. No wonder why Ivar killed him by throwing an ax to his chest.  

19. Hvitserk

Although he is not Sigurd, Ragnar and Aslaug's second son has a short of list of impressive feats and battle acumen. Moreover, we have the fact that he is very unwise and a bit hot-headed, taking the worst parts of his father. Plus, nobody with a name as his can be a good warrior, right? 

18. Earl Haraldson

In his beginnings, Haraldson was a fearsome Viking with a background in combat that was getting him to an illustrious position. However, when we met him, he was far past his prime, so it came as no surprise that Ragnar was able to finish him off in close combat. 

17. King Horik 

Just like Haraldson, it is very likely that Horik was an astounding warrior in his first years with a very strategic mind; however, when we met him as a king, he was not at a high point, although he managed to survive many battles. But that was until he ended up being overthrown by Ragnar.

16. Porunn

With a show that made a name for itself thanks to its amazing female warriors, Porunn had great potential when she arrived on the show and wanted to be like Lagertha. And although she had some fighting chops, a Mercian soldier beat her, and she ended up totally broken and depressed.  

15. Astrid

Continuing with the shieldmaidens, we get to another one who proved to have more abilities as a warrior than Porunn. She even flirted with the idea of competing with Lagertha's level of impressiveness. However, her energetic spirit nearly vanished after being kidnapped and raped, also encouraging Lagertha to kill her in battle. 

14. Ivar The Boneless

Without a doubt, Ivar is cruel, heartless, and with ridiculous combat skills, what could make him a great contender and the best one of all his brothers. However, his congenital disability has had an adverse effect on his battle courage and his abilities, and let's be honest; he has no chance of competing with the greatest Vikings.  

13. Bishop Heahmund 

From early in the series, Heahmund showed off his ingenious tactical mind and serious battle skills, but he did not take advantage of his full potential at the end, going from an excellent antagonist prospect to a supporting player. It is very likely that King Henry VII would be very disappointed.  

12. Kalf

Kalf is among the most amazing and interesting people that have competed against Lagertha; he seems to be smart and even performed a mass execution. Sadly, his blind spot made him look like a fool, thinking that he could control Lagertha who drove a knife into him during their fake wedding. 

11. Erik

Erik was depicted as loyal, ruthless, and strong in battle, a close adviser Ragnar could trust in. Unfortunately, he became one of the significant endings on the show and the trigger for Ragnar to eliminate Haraldson, as he was the one who killed Erik.

10. Ubbe

Seeing the adult versions of Ragnar's sons, Ubbe seemed to be the heir apparent with his handsome appearance and his father's skills set. He started his career as a fighter leading a mighty army. Sadly, Heahmund humiliated him in battle, and Ubbe lost the leadership to his brother, Ivar. Despite this, he is still a skilled Viking. 

9. Jarl Borg

Jarl is a great villain, a strong warrior, and a guy with a cleverly depraved mind. Although he did not win one battle against Ragnar at first, he led the army and lived to fight on. He managed to outfox Ragnar as few adversaries have, but Ragnar ultimately annihilated him with his legendary Blood Eagle. However, he unquestionably earned the right to enter Valhalla.

8. Floki

With a wonderful personality and an ingenious mind, Floki is a fan favorite of the show. And that is without mentioning his skill with small axes that he uses to pound away at enemies or his ability to build boats for a naval force. Among the characters, he has been the handiest one, well, but that's when he is not playing Judas. 

7. Halfdan

After his first introduction to the show, he seemed to be one of those Vikings with a short journey, but he proved he was more than that. Halfdan's friendship with Bjorn showed his worth, and even though he passed away, he will always be remembered as a memorable supporting character. 

6. King Harald

This intriguing character seemed like evil enemies such as King Horik or Jarl Borg. He doesn't have their cunning minds, but his Viking spirit is real; he even eliminated his own brother on the battlefield and went for more. Undoubtedly, Harald has earned his position as a formidable Viking on the show. 

5. Aethelwulf

We can observe Aethelwulf in one of the most hectically unmerciful fight scenes of the whole series with a lot of kicking, biting, and grappling, the one in 'Kill The Queen.' This character also lived to tell about the time he went against the great heathen army. Sadly, he perished in a rather pathetic way, by asphyxiation after a bee sting.

4. Lagertha

Ragnar is one of the most famous Viking kings in the series, but his first wife also has her own amount of celebrity as a legendary shieldmaiden. She even became Viking Queen instead of the heirs apparent, Ragnar's sons. Though she lost it all in a battle against Ivar, her legacy as a true Viking will always remain. 

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3. Ragnar

It takes a lot to be considered the most legendary Viking, and that's Ragnar; he is brilliant, ruthless, fast, a great fighter and tactician. He led most of the battle sequences and raids, and despite being injured several times, he kept on going throughout the show. Nevertheless, his warrior's spirit and his legacy started to diminish at some point until he ultimately lost his life. 

2. Bjorn Ironside

It is no easy feat to live up to Ragnar's legacy, and in fact, many Vikings' sons have fallen short of their father's distinguished legacies. However, Bjorn showed everyone he was worthy of his father's name. While he tried to cope with Ragnar's celebrity, Bjorn created his own legacy, and he even proved himself a man when he went out to the wilderness and fought with a bear. That's an impressive deed! 

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1. Rollo

He has to be in the first position as a fighter that stands above the rest; Rollo is the greatest warrior on the series with an enormous power on the battlefield, strength, skills, and his brutal character. Many unfortunate hordes of warriors have had the bad luck of crossing his path and dying in his hands. If someone is looking for a definitive Viking on the show, that's unquestionably Rollo. 

What do you think about this ranking of 'Vikings' characters? We would love to hear your opinion, so please drop a message in the comment section down below, and keep up-to-date with more articles about one of the best TV shows of all times. Share it with your friends and see you next time! 

Source: Screen Rant


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