The Way Prince Charles Has Been Treating His Siblings

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had their first child, Prince Charles, in 1948, and then, the couple had Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. As it’s expected, there was a bit of rivalry between them over the years, but royal families endure more because their lives take place in front of public scrutiny. Prince Charles’ relationship with his siblings has always been complicated. Here are the details.

His relationship with Princess Anne

Anne was born only two years after Charles, so they should be the closest siblings in their family. However, that is not the case, and their arguments have even been discussed in public reports. According to Prince Charles’ biography, the Prince of Wales said that Queen Elizabeth II was not the most thoughtful mother, and Princess Anne was upset about those comments.

“I simply don’t believe there is any evidence whatsoever to suggest that she wasn’t caring.” Furthermore, some insiders believe that Prince Charles was jealous of his little sister because of how much attention she received from her father. It’s alleged that she was Prince Philip’s favorite child and that Prince Charles felt that he was never enough in his dad’s eyes.

His relationship with Prince Andrew

These two have never gotten along, and their discussions have also been cataloged in public. In 2015, a scandal broke out about Prince Andrew allegedly owning a “sex-slave”, and while the Duke of York denied all those derogatory comments, Prince Charles was apparently concerned with maintaining the monarchy’s image, instead of caring for his younger brother.

Their disagreement went further in 2016 when the Prince of Wales talked about “slimming down the monarchy”. Prince Andrew worried about his daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, so he wrote a letter to his mother, asking her to give the girls royal tasks like Princes William and Harry had, but the Queen did not allow this. It has also been reported that Andrew has told his mother several times that Charles should not be king.

His relationship with Prince Edward

Fortunately, there are no reports about a possible feud between Charles and the youngest sibling, Edward. He is 15 years younger than the heir to the throne, and not much is known because the Earl of Wessex keeps to himself, choosing to stay away from the limelight, unlike the other Royals. However, things could change if the reports about Prince Charles wanting to trim down the family are true.

Sibling rivalry

It seems that one of the reasons why Prince Charles never got along with his brothers is because of the age difference. Prince Andrew is 11 years younger than him, while Prince Edward is 15 years his junior. Furthermore, it has been said that Charles was shier as a child and sensitive, unlike his loud, outgoing siblings, and that must have driven a wedge between them.

Some people also question whether the feuds started because of their parents’ treatment, and that might be the case. As mentioned earlier, Prince Charles did not think his mother was involved enough in his childhood. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II took more time off after the births of Princes Andrew and Edward to be there for her boys.

It has also been said that Prince Andrew is her favorite child, and Princess Anne is Prince Philip’s favorite because of her strong will and similar wit. Unfortunately, sibling rivalry in the royal family can become a nasty and juicy subject for people, and when it comes to a crown, many fans want royals to fight like epic dramas and old series show.

Prince Charles is first in line to the throne, but as mentioned previously, Prince Andrew does not believe his big brother should be king, but Princess Anne and Prince Andrew stay away from that matter. The main reason for Andrew’s dislike of Charles remains in his comment about excluding his siblings from the immediate royal family.

That means that his children and their families will be the central royal family. This is cause for concern to the rest of the members because of money, and their public image could be affected. Sadly, this feud has led to problems with the next generation as it has been said that Prince William and Princess Beatrice had argued in the past, and allegedly, she does not like Kate Middleton at all.

Furthermore, none of Prince Charles’ siblings attended Prince George’ baptism. Despite all this fighting, it seems that they do not really communicate with each other face-to-face, but rather, using their staff. According to The Telegraph, “Communication used to be dealt with by households – private secretaries. They were very un-close, leading independent lives. They didn’t pick up the phone and chat to each other as some brothers and sisters do. It was all very distant.”

Is it their parents’ fault?

The truth is that there is no manual on how to be a good parent, and it cannot have been easy to raise children while also serving a country. The Duke of Edinburgh was also busy supporting his wife, and with a ready crew of nannies at hand, they left most of the burden on them. Furthermore, the first child almost always has a different experience because the parents are first-timers.

While Prince Charles was born before Elizabeth II was named queen, she had a myriad of engagements to attend to and so did Prince Philip. They traveled all the time, not able to care for their young son. She was crowned in 1953, and her life became even more hectic after that with a six-month Commonwealth trip, so they had to leave Charles and Anne at the palace.

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The Royal historian and consultant for Netflix’s ‘The Crown’, Robert Lacey, said that Elizabeth probably did not see anything wrong with leaving her kids with the nannies because that is how she was raised. He told Town & Country, “She had been brought up in that style herself, after all, with her parents leaving her at home and entrusting her entire schooling to a governess and home tutors.”

In a 2002 interview, Princess Anne revealed, “We as children may not have been too demanding in the sense that we understand what the limitations were in time and the responsibilities placed on her as monarch in the things she had to do and the travels she had to make. But I don’t believe any of us for a second thought she didn’t care for us in exactly the same way as any other mother did.”

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By the time Andrew and Edward came along, Queen Elizabeth II knew how much time to allocate to her children and her motherly duties. According to Lacey, she would often dismiss the nannies for the day and play with her kids around Buckingham Palace. “Princess Anne and the Princes Andrew and Edward have all made public their disagreement with Charles in his criticism of the parenting they received.”

Do you think Prince Charles’ relationship with his siblings is normal or it’s due to the differences in their upbringing? It’s a tricky subject, and no one will ever know if things could have been different. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while debating who should be the next King. See you next time!

Source: Cheat Sheet, Cheat Sheet, Cheat Sheet


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