New Guardian of the Galaxy Team Roaster And Arrival of the Dark Guardians: Marvel Does Not Stop Surprising

Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for March 2019’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy #3’, which features a different team that comes as a result of a new Thanos created by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw. They started this story last year, and people wondered who would be the new Guardians. Shaw even released a promotional picture that featured 35 popular characters that could be part of the new team. But the Dark Guardians are coming now too!

A new team

Last September, Marvel gave fans the question “Who Are The Guardians?” after stating that a new story about the team was about to come out from the same people that created ‘Thanos’, Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw. The important thing to note is that the original Guardians of the Galaxy are over at this point in the comic books.

After the ‘Infinity War’ event, Drax is dead and Gamora turned to the bad side, while no one knows where Rocket Raccoon stands. Star-Lord and Groot at the only ones left from the initial group, and when Marvel released a new cover for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy #1’, it had eleven characters from the Marvel cosmic universe, but only six would be part of the team. Anyone can purchase the issue now as it was released in stores several weeks ago.

Get ready for a new ensemble

For those that do not follow the comics, Thanos’ brother Eros, also known as Starfox, gathered several of the most popular characters from the cosmos of Marvel Universe. They were all brought together for the purpose of seeing the Mad Titan’s will and testament. The group learned the disconcerting information that Thanos uploaded his awareness into someone else.

The Mad Titan did this before meeting his end, but he did not reveal who this person was, and the team at the will reading started discussing whether they should hunt for everyone who could have been the chosen one or if it was wrong because that person might be innocent. Unfortunately, they could not keep arguing because the Black Order entered the meeting and stole Thanos’ dead body.

However, Thanos’ followers not only crashed the meeting unexpectedly, but they also created a hole in the fabric of space to disguise their exit, and all the heroes got sucked into that tear due to the force of gravity. They all could have been lost if Star-Lord and Groot had not arrived in their new ship, Ryder, which replaced their old one called Milano.

Also, Beta Ray Bill helped a lot by tying the Asgardian weapon known as Stormbreaker to Cosmic Ghost Rider’s chain that is made from the bones of Cyttorak. It was used as an anchor from the chaotic rip in space, and they were able to hook it onto the Ryder. Once there, Star-Lord and Groot started pulling and four characters were pulled back out.

Then, the Nova Corps wanted to arrest those that came out of the hole, but Star-Lord made them part of his crew by invoking his galactic rights. That’s how a new team of Guardians of the Galaxy was created. The new members are Beta Ray Bill, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Moondragon and Phyla-Vell. Die-hard fans might remember seeing Beta Ray Bill for the last time in the ‘Death of the Inhumans’ miniseries created by Donny Cates as well.

He helped that group of Inhumans to avoid an extermination that the Kree were planning. Another new team member that comes from the mind of Cates is Cosmic Ghost Rider. He appeared for the first time in ‘Thanos #13’, and fans were immediately enamored with this character because of his crazy attitude, amazing style, and his mysterious characteristics.

For a while, it seemed that Deadpool was the former Ghost Rider and Herald of Galactus, but it was revealed that Frank Castle was the one that became the Mad Titan’s right hand. Regarding Moondragon and Phyla-Vell, they were taken from the alternate universe known as Earth-616 and were thrust into the insane ‘Infinity War’ event.

Now that Star-Lord and Groot have new members on their crew, they have to set off to space to search for the Black Order and take back Thanos’ corpse, and they will also have to find out if what the will said was true or if the Mad Titan was lying about possibly finding a way around dying. It’s a whole new twist that some fans might not like. It’s also hard to picture a new team on the MCU.

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Waiting for a new issue

For avid followers, though, the third issue in this story will be released on March 2019, and the group has already proven to be much deadlier than the first one, especially after the arrival of a new Thanos. However, what has most fans excited is the introduction of a new team, the Dark Guardians, who will be the anti-heroes for the main ensemble.

David Marquez designed the cover and Cosmic Ghost Rider is at the center of the team. The rest members are Nebula, Gladiator, Starfox, and Wraith. Cosmic Ghost Rider and Kallark as part of the Dark Guardians comes as a surprise because they were trying to be part of the new lineup. Therefore, it seems that Star-Lord, Darkhawk, Phyla-vell, Beta Ray Bill, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Moondragon, Richard Rider/Nova, and Groot will be working to earn spots in the original squad.

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Furthermore, Starfox-Eros has become a new interesting character after the death of Thanos. Donny Cates talked about him, “Right! Eros has been a wonderful character to write for that very conflicted reason. He's sad that his brother is gone, but on the same hand, his brother was THANOS, so it's not the worst thing to happen to the universe. Still, there's a reason Eros is the one reading his will. No one knew Thanos quite like his brother.”

Do you think this new narrative might make it into the MCU? People would be sad to see the current Guardians gone, but it would definitely be interesting. Of course, they would have to introduce a bunch of new people, but it could happen. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who like comic books more than the films. See you next time!

Source: CBR, CBR, Comic Book


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