Dog 'The Bounty Hunter' And Beth Chapman Become Great Grandparents Following Big News Of Their Return To TV

Every fan of ‘The Bounty Hunter’ knows that the Chapman family is going through a rough period in their lives, but there is always a bit of joy even in the darkest times. Dog and Beth recently welcomed their first great-grandson and announced their new series on the WGN America. Here are the details of this bright moment for people who deserve good news.


Dog’s grandson, Dakota, recently became a father, and the Chapmans were eager to show off their great-grandbaby on their social media. "Nothing more beautiful or inspiring than the birth of a new baby." Beth Chapman has been dealing with the tough diagnosis of throat cancer that, according to doctors, will end her life. However, she has been a rock for her family.

In the pictures, it does not seem like she is sick at all and the happiness of a new family member has really brightened her life. This past Thanksgiving, Beth underwent surgery after having difficulty breathing. It seemed like she had beaten cancer, but unfortunately, the sickness returned. The family announced this on their social media, but also said that Beth is enjoying life to the fullest.


The family is savoring every moment they have with the matriarch before it is too late, and one of the best times was Leland Chapman’s birthday. He is Dakota’s father, who became a first-time granddad with the birth of the new baby. They also celebrated Christmas with drinks and shopping while maintaining their traditions, and Beth has kept a smile on her face at all times.

Meanwhile, Dog Chapman has refused to leave his wife’s side, despite his recent problems after an alleged fight at an airport; he is supporting his wife all the way. Regarding their new great-grandchild, he was born five weeks early, and Beth believes that it is because he wanted to meet his great-grandmother. She also says that the child will be part of a “new generation” of Chapmans that will appear in TV soon.


Since Beth’s unfortunate news, Leland has also been by their side, and this new baby is another chance the family has to come together to enjoy the most precious moments. They all know that family is everything you need in the worst times. Dakota and his wife also took to social media to share photos of their bundle of joy from the moment she went into labor.

Leland and Dog have a special relationship now, and it seems that the Bounty Hunter has been a really good father, sharing important moments in his sons’ lives, and they work in the same business. Moreover, Dakota and his wife are just happy to have welcomed a healthy baby to the lives of the family, and that this is a bright spot in the midst of darkness.


Many people might not know that Leland and Dog have reconciled since their problems that caused Leland to leave their original show. But, their family seems closer than ever, and it might be because of Beth’s diagnosis. There is a silver lining to everything. Dog’s wife smiles all the time for the sake of her family even when she is not feeling that well.


Dog and Beth Chapman announced their new series called ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ on US Magazine. According to reports, they will start working on the show early this year for WGN America, and it will be the network’s first unscripted production in five years. It is a 10-part series where the couple will search for the most wanted outlaws from the FBI and U.S. Marshal’s lists.

In the announcement, Dog said, “Crime in America is skyrocketing! Criminals are finding it easier to avoid the system. With more and more dangerous criminals running the streets, the time couldn’t be better for the World’s Greatest Network to bring back the World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter. Fugitives beware!”

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It was a surprise to all their fans when they revealed their new show because of Beth’s current state. Her throat cancer was discovered in November 2018 once again, after she had fought it the previous year. In September 2017, she was diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer, but two months later, the family announced that it was gone.

Unfortunately, after her cancer came back a year later, the doctors have told her that it’s incurable and terminal, but Beth is moving on with her life. Dog revealed that she was involved in everything. “Beth is the kind of girl who likes control. She’s trying to still advise me on my work, and I’m like, ‘Honey, I was the Dog the Bounty Hunter before I met you. Stay out of it!’”

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Meanwhile, Beth is back on Twitter where she also talked about their new series, commenting: “We’re back! #DogPound meet @wgnamerica an exceptional network who heard your Plea to bring us back now everyone follow @wgnamerica and use #DogWgna when saying thank you.” According to the president of WGN America, Gavin Harvey, people are excited to see them again in a reality series.

“In this brand-new series, millions of Dog and Beth fans will join them on bigger hunts, pursuing more dangerous criminals, with a supporting cast of tough-as-nails crime fighters.” Since then, fans online have expressed their happiness, and keep up with them through social media, sending messages of encouragement for Beth, and good luck with their new project.

Do you think their new show will just as successful as the first one? It is a bittersweet announcement because of Beth’s situation, but we are glad that the family has been brought together to spend precious moments united. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are die-hard fans of ‘The Bounty Hunter’. See you next time!

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