25 Genius Designer Ideas To Make Our Lives Brighter

Some designers have turned the most daily objects in original items that you would want to buy immediately. Also, you will be surprised by how artistic these ordinary things ended being, and you probably will want to remodel your home. Let’s see.

1. Here are a fork and a spoon that look like gardening tools. This would be perfect for every gardening club.

2. This bed offers you privacy for a low cost. This might be very helpful in case you are going to stay in a hostel.

3. The packaging of these headphones is very creative. As you can see, they have the shape of musical notes.

4. Here is a popcorn box illustrated with minimalistic designs of famous movies. How many of them can you identify?

5. The designers of this packaging really did a great job. With this design, surely their product will be impossible to ignore.

6. This bus is encouraging people to vote in the next elections using a hilarious technique. We are sure this bus caused many laughs.

7. This is how it looks the floor from the US Postal Museum. Whoever was the designer of this, they surely deserve an award.

8. If your girlfriend loves photography, this is the ideal engagement ring box to propose her. She won’t expect this, and she would love it!

9. This poster was made to protest against the disposal of nuclear waste, and it clearly shows the danger that the industry represents.

10. Nowadays restaurants are trying hard to differentiate from others, and in this place, they use glasses with lightbulb shape.

11. If you look carefully at this tail light from a Renault Fluence, you will notice that a lot of little Renault symbols forms it.

12. If you are an avid reader, you will love these book lamps. They will look great in your room or your bookshelves.

13. Krispy Kreme had the great idea of making a stall that resembles an open box of doughnuts like the ones they sell.

14. These stairs are very modern and abstract but confusing at the same time. Probably, it must be really fun to walk over them.

15. Thanks to their creative design, probably many people buy these cans just to decorate their homes, and we don’t blame them.

16. The ceiling of this beach bar is something that you will never forget. It looks beautiful when the wind blows.

17. This necklace is ideal for all those who love the work of Vincent Van Gogh. It has his face and his infamous ear.

18. These lamps bloom like flowers and are super romantic for restaurants or museums. Actually, you probably will want one of these in your house.

19. Here is the best beer coaster you will ever see in your life. Someone found it in Australia and took this picture to show everyone how amazing it was.

20. This desk is an amazingly practical design with room for your computer, some books, and other stuff. It's like having your own office at home. 

21. This picture shows pure creativity. A bench in the form of a banana peel that looks inviting with its bright yellow color. We wonder how comfortable it is, though. 

22. No need to worry about hooks or a coat closet with this design. You can have as many hooks as you want or as needed. It's absolutely perfect and stunning. 

23. This picture shows a bed that is also a closet. It's another perfect example of practical design, proving that we don't need more room, we need more creativity. 

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24. This chair is another practical design. It's perfect for when you have people over, and when they leave you can just put all the chairs together into one. 

25. This drying rack is ten times better than others because the design gives more room to dry your clothes. It's also ten times more beautiful than a normal drying table. 

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Which of these innovative items did you like the most? You probably will want many of them to decorate your home. If you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends so they can check these objects too. Don’t forget to keep reading our other articles and stay tuned for more.  

Source: Bright Side


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