Hulk Could Suffer Yet Another Defeat From Thanos In Endgame But This Time It Would Be Different

The Hulk is definitely one of the strongest Avengers, and years ago, it seemed like no one in the MCU could defeat him, but ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ showed a battle between him and Thor, where the God of Thunder almost won. Moreover, in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, Thanos beat him to a pulp, and he was so hurt that Hulk refused to come out for the rest of the story. There’s a massive chance that he might face the Mad Titan again. Here are the details.


In the comic books and the MCU, the Hulk has remained one of the most formidable beings, and not many other characters can fight against him. Back in ‘The Avengers’, he could not even distinguish between his friends and his enemies, so he was a danger to anyone that Loki hoped to exploit, but he learned who his allies were later on.

Unlike some of the other Avengers, Hulk has only one solo movie in the MCU, but that does not mean that he is unimportant. This superhero is going through serious character development in other films like ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Fans saw that Hulk could hold a conversation with someone and have friends without smashing everything in sight.

There is a chance that he might be becoming weaker with time, as Thor could have defeated him if the Grand Master of Sakaar had not shocked him, and that fight with Thanos was brutal. The Mad Titan already had the Power Stone by then, but the point is that this development could mean that Hulk is changing.

Even though he loves fighting and smashing, he flat out refused to come out after that fight for the duration of ‘Infinity War’, and Bruce had to wear a huge Iron Man type of suit to help combat against the Black Order. Is it possible that Hulk could have defeated Thanos if the battle was fair? The comic books have the answers.


No matter how many beatings the Hulk has faced in the MCU, they are nothing compared to what he has encountered in the comic strips. He has battled against some formidable characters like Wolverine, breezed through nuclear attacks, and survived scorching temperatures. Even the Mad Titan admitted that he would rather not fight with the Hulk.

Moreover, based on the printed work, it’s clear that when the Hulk is in top shape, he is stronger than Thanos, as he could inflict more damage and last longer in a fight. However, this epic battle would have to happen under certain conditions. While Bruce Banner says that he is always angry, the MCU has shown that that is not the case anymore.

The Hulk would have to be extremely angry to face Thanos once again and win. Otherwise, the Mad Titan could easily defeat him as ‘Infinity War’ showed, and he also had an unfair advantage. Furthermore, the longer a fight with the Hulk lasts, the madder the character gets, so Thanos had to be quick in defeating him.


Brute force is not the only way to stop your enemies. In ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Helmut Zemo did not fight against the Avengers directly, but instead made them battle from within, exploiting their vulnerabilities and opposing opinions. Zemo might have been just a regular man, but he is one of the only villains who achieved his goals in the MCU before Thanos.

Therefore, the Mad Titan does not actually have to fight against the Hulk to defeat him. An important weak point the character has is the weird link between him and Bruce Banner. While many fans believe that Hulk hid in ‘Infinity War’ because he was afraid of Thanos, the Russo brothers said that he hated being used for his smashing abilities.

This evidences the fact that Hulk’s personality has developed significantly since his first appearance in the MCU, and he is no longer just a tool that people can discard when they don’t need it anymore. People always sympathized with Banner, who has resented turning into the Hulk, but no one thought that the green, big guy could feel the same.

In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, it was revealed that Hulk was kept as a champion for two years in Sakaar, but when he had another mission, fans were able to see his personality and how he could hold a simple conversation instead of “Hulk smash!” Furthermore, from his point of view, it does not seem fair that Bruce doesn’t ever fight although he was the one who signed on to be an Avenger.

Thanos and Hulk might have faced each other several times in the comic books, but the real fight for this character is between his dual personas. The main focus of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ might have been the quest for the Infinity Stones, but they showed how Bruce and Hulk were not in sync anymore, and Hulk had his own will.


If Hulk reappears in the upcoming film, he could be facing the Mad Titan once again, and if he still has the Infinity Gauntlet, then the Hulk might be in trouble once more. Some fans even believe that the Hulk could change forever in the next installment in the MCU, and developed the theory that Marvel might be ready to show Professor Hulk on the big screen.

Most people know that the Hulk appeared after Bruce Banner was hit with gamma rays, but he is actually a combination of Banner’s anger and the accident. Bruce’s temperament comes from the problems with his abusive, alcoholic father who later killed his mother when she tried to escape with her son from that situation.

Later on, during a fight, Bruce killed his father accidentally. Therefore, the Hulk is the representation of Bruce’s rage and how he never managed to deal with his emotions healthily. In the comic books, the conflict between both personalities is too great, so a psychologist steps in to stop their battling by using hypnosis.

The result is an integration of both characters into one called Professor Hulk, who is the best of both beings with the intelligence of Bruce Banner and the strength and fighting skills of the Hulk. Furthermore, the Hulk’s appearance also changes as a result, looking more human than monster. Some promotional material for ‘Endgame’ could be linked to this.

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In a picture featuring several characters, Hulk is wearing a uniform which is different from his shorts in the rest of his appearances. Additionally, there is an essential difference between the Hulk and Professor Hulk that could be interesting to see on the big screen. As mentioned earlier, the Hulk gets more powerful the angrier he becomes, but when Professor Hulk gets angry, he reverts to Bruce Banner.

In the comic books, there is another more intelligent version of the Hulk that came about after Tony Stark gave Bruce the Extremis Serum, and the result is Doc Green who was similar to Professor Hulk, but over time he lost his brilliant mind and returned to his normal Hulk state. Doc Green was smarter than Bruce Banner and did not like being referred to as the Hulk, though.

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Back in ‘Iron Man 3’, the Extremis Serum was introduced and created by scientist Maya Hanson and Aldrich Killian to enhance healing in the human body, but it could be fatal for some. It would be interesting to see a different version of the Hulk in the MCU, and there are many indications that ‘Endgame’ could change the Marvel saga forever.

Do you think a new Hulk will appear in ‘Endgame’? Would you prefer Doc Green or Professor Hulk? There is endless material for the MCU to run for many more years, and we are excited to spend the rest of our lives waiting for their movies. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot get enough of Marvel. See you next time!

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