10+ Most Hilarious Pet Haircuts We Have Gove Very Wrong

Bad haircuts aren’t only for humans, but also for pets. In this list, you will see the most unlucky animals that got groomed by someone who said to be a professional but actually didn’t know what he was doing. The only positive thing about this is that now we can laugh about these pictures.

1. It seems like this dog came straight from Minecraft. We don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to give him the appearance of a box.

2. Even animals have to deal with the ‘expectation vs. reality’. Poor dog.

3. It is pretty clear that this cat is not pleased with his new haircut. Her face is enough to notice how much she hates her new skirt.

4. Probably the owners of this dog didn’t know that dog clothes exist, so they made him this terrible haircut to make him seem like if he is wearing an overall.

5. We can’t help but laugh at this cat. After getting that haircut, he probably got mocked by all the other cats in the neighborhood.

6. Despite this is a weird haircut for a dog, we can’t deny that he looks good. Actually, he has a retro vibe that goes pretty well on him.

7. This is how it looks a Siberian husky without his fur. The groomer who gave him this look clearly didn’t know what he was doing.

8. We can’t imagine why someone would have done this to these alpacas, but we can’t stop laughing at this photo.

9. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs, and the owner of this poodle is one of them. He should go to jail for doing such a thing.

10. Does this dog remind you about something or someone? We think he will.

11. Despite the creativity of the person who made this, probably it was a bit rude to do such a thing to an animal.

12. The face of this cat makes us think that he has gone through a lot and that he needs to live away from humans for a while.

13. What did they do to this dog?... Oh wait, it is just a weird haircut. We don’t know what the purpose of this was, but surely everything is a little twisted for him now.

14. We wouldn’t blame this dog if after this haircut he started mistreating his owner. Look at him, he seems pretty pissed.

15. This cat looks so confused. He just wants to know why did they only cut the half of him. At least he still looks good.

16. If you thought that nothing could surprise more than what you already saw, you were so wrong. Here is the worst haircut ever.

17. No, wait. This is the worst haircut ever. We think that dogs and cats also deserve some respect, so please don’t do this type of things to your pets.

18. This teaches us a lesson: never let others make decisions about your dog’s look.

19. Groomers have the power of turning your dog into another with just one haircut. For better or worse.

20. This dog knew that a haircut wouldn’t make him any good and made everything to escape.

21. Owners should stop trimming their own dogs and let professionals do their work. 

22. And sometimes you can take your dog to the groomer, and get a bobblehead back in return. But trust us, you won't like it.

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23. They supposedly groomed this dog as a lion, but he doesn't look like one... 

24. Again, here we have another reason why owners shouldn't mess with their dog's hair. 

25. At least they made him look like a little lion, and we must say this haircut is way better than the rest from this list. 

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Have you ever done a bad haircut to your pet? Tell us more about your experience in the comments section. The conclusion about this is that animals also deserve looking well. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends so they can laugh as well. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other lists. Surely they will entertain you!

Source: Bright Side, The Things


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