10 Year Challenge' Brings New Uncomfortable Nature Photos That Put Us All To Shame

The #10YearChallenge was the first viral thing of the year, and you probably participated as well. It was hilarious to see the comparisons, the ‘before and after’ of many people, but a more serious version of this trend also got popular, and it is about how much our planet has changed in 10 years. Let’s see.

1. At least not everything is bad news, just look at what Agua Limpa Project did here.

2. The seas have suffered a lot due to contamination, and these pictures are a clear example of it. We just hope for things to get better.

3. It might sound contradictory, but these pictures show us that the Arctic doesn’t look like a cold place anymore.

4. Deforestation is one of our world’s biggest problems, and we need to do something about it immediately.

5. Even animals suffer due to global warming and contamination. This is not how a polar bear should look like, but it is the reality.

6. Here is another comparison that shows us what the global warming is causing at the poles. It is sad how we are damaging our own planet.

7. Look at what it is happening with Lake Chad. If this doesn’t worry you, nothing will.

8. This is how the Rondonia region of Brazil looks nowadays. Currently, this is one the most deforested places in the Amazon.

9. As we have mentioned, global warming is slowly killing our planet, and the Rhone glacier is an example of it. It doesn’t look like a glacier anymore.

10. This is one of the most shocking comparisons you will see today. The difference between these two pictures is alarming.

11. Believe it or not, both pictures are from the same place but with ten years of difference. Not even animals can live in peace thanks to what humans are causing against nature.

12. Although ten years can seem like a long time, contamination will remain unless we do something about it.

13. Sadly, the Hawaiian tree snail can’t do a ten years challenge because he went extinct a long time ago. It is such a shame.

14. Again, here is another example of how deforestation is destroying our world. The big industries don’t care about animals or their habitats.

15. The Thrift glacier is no longer what it used to be. Now, you barely can see the water running down, and it is pretty scary.

16. The water contamination has killed more animals than we can count, but it seems like not many people care about that issue.

17. These pictures are just a reminder of how much we need to work to get our planet back to what it was ten years ago.

18. Did you know that lakes are evaporating? If you didn’t, just look at this.

19. In some cases, ten years haven’t been necessary to wreck things apart.

20. This picture shows us how much this ice cap has disappeared in that part of the world. We can’t believe how much things have changed since then.

21. The Amazon rainforest is one of the most affected places of the planet. Deforestation and global warming have caused a lot of trouble.

22. It is incredible to realize that there are people who care so little about the world they live in, that they do this kind of things.

23. Even reefs have been affected thanks to all the issues our planet is going through, and this picture proves it.

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24. Such a drastic change in just three years. This could make anyone cry, and we wouldn’t blame them. This situation is way critic.

25. Back in 2015, some workers accidentally breached the containment reservoir from the abandoned Gold King Mine in Colorado, causing several million gallons of toxic water to drain in the Animas River.

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Everyone should know about what it is happening in our world, so we invite you to share this with the people who don't know so they can be conscious of this. Don’t forget that we only have one planet and we must take care of it! Stay tuned for more articles like this.

Source: Bored Panda


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