Regular People Share What Happened When They Suddenly Ran Into Keanu Reeves

We all dream about meeting our favorite heroes from movies even though those encounters can sometimes be kind of disappointing. As you might know, the actors' real-life personas are not always as charismatic as their roles on screen, unless you have the opportunity to meet actor Keanu Reeve. 

He has often been deemed a down-to-earth, generous, and humble movie star who goes around life as if he is not famous at all, and we have some Internet anecdotes to prove what is like to meet him. After you read them all, you might wonder if he is one of the most exceptional people in the world. Check them out! 


Kenny Omega, a professional wrestler, described his contact with the Canadian actor through a video he posted about his conversation in November 2016. Omega happened to be at the same airport lounge where Reeve was, but he didn't want to bother him. It was the star who came near to strike a conversation after seeing Kenny looking his way. 

The wrestler had the opportunity to share with Keanu his enjoyment of 'Man of Tai Chi' before the 'Point Break' star asked him if he wanted to snap a picture of the moment. It is not a surprise that Omega did want the photograph, but he was too timid to ask for it. 


In the 90s, the also director and producer was starting out in the filming industry with his 'Bill and Ted' franchise when he ran into Rob Mailhouse at a local supermarket in LA. Rob was donning a t-shirt of the Red Wings, and the actor struck the conversation by asking him if he played hockey. 

The actor even asked if they could arrange a pick-up match so he could play goalie, and a friendship was born. They also shared a love for music that eventually led them to form a band called 'Dogstar.' According to Noisey, Mailhouse stated that at that time, Reeve was skyrocketing as an actor but wanted to do music parallel as well. 

And they were very successful indeed as the band made a record and got to join Bon Jovi in a tour with his band around Australia and New Zealand. 'Dogstar' also opened for David Bowie, just to mention a few of its breakthroughs. The members stuck together for 12 years, and the Canadian actor never abandoned his music pals, not even at the height of his popularity. 


Jess Witkins, who is a blogger, writer, and storyteller, and her spouse are a couple of huge fans of Keanu that had the serendipitous opportunity to meet their star, and Jess gave the details on her blog. After the pair went hiking in September 2015, they decided to grab some beers at a local bar when they detected the actor and tracked him down into a resto. 

The couple managed to get a table next to the Hollywood star who introduced himself saying, "Hi I'm Keanu." They seize the moment to share their admiration and even told him they hosted a movie marathon in Reeves' honor called #Keanuthon. The wonderful soirée ended up with a perfect picture of the three that Keanu gladly accepted to take. 


Redditor/u/LeCrowing shared the story of her meeting with 'The Matrix' lead on the social news website in 2012 stating, she "was at a coffee shop and no place to sit. A man said, 'Please join me here.' I sat and realized it was him and talked about comic books for about 30 min. Normal as it can be."


You have to be a great man to have the fame Keanu has and still chat with a fan. He doesn't settle for a quick picture or greeting. He actually engages in conversation with people, like the time he met user Edenite who lives in Sydney. In September 2012, he shared his encounter on Mean Stars.

He was having lunch with a lady that was a huge fan of Keanu, and they had the chance of spotting 'John Wick' star at the same restaurant in Sidney where he was also eating. The girl was too shy to approach, so her friend did, and they were welcomed by a friendly, polite, and charming actor. Edenite added: 

"He asked us what we did (students at the time), where and what we studied, etc. It was very nice of him to chat to us for a few minutes and sign an autograph. It turns out he was in Sydney filming 'The Matrix.'"


How would you react if you ran into a couple of intruders in your property? If you are Keanu Reeves, you don't call the police; you point the way out. Through an AMA submission, Redditor/u/gulpeg reminded the actor about their encounter in 1993, describing he was illegally visiting the Hollywood sign with a friend and landed in Keanu's yard by accident. 

'The Devil's Advocate' star was fixing his motorcycle, and the user asked him how to get a cab. He pointed towards the fence, but the trespassers were so starstruck that they just stood there. The actor's response to the AMA submission was priceless: "Sorry I couldn’t give you a ride!" Isn't that being excellent? 


One of the most famous catchphrases of the actor is "whoa," and he seems to enjoy making fun of it. A deleted Redditor detailed his brother's meet-up with the Canadian actor. The pair encountered at a trendy coffee shop where the Redditor's sibling used to work. 

The coffee shop has a particular system to prepare coffee, so when Reeves entered the store to order a drink, he also asked about the operations. After the brother explained everything, the actor paused, looked surprised, and said "whoa." "And it seemed like he was actually interested and impressed by the fancy nature of the coffee shop," stated the post. 

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On October 11, 2017, Tumblr user Reioka told the story of her neighbor with the famous star while camping. They were in the same area, and Keanu approached to compliment her dog. "I guess he likes dogs because he came up and said “I love these dogs!” about her rottweiler)." The celeb was there chilling at a one-person tent with a dodge car and a cooler. 

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When Keanu was in the Australian outback filming The Matrix, Redditor/u/mangocurry ran into him and described the moment, "I knew who he was, but when I asked him what he did for a living he answered, 'I'm a struggling musician.' I thought that was sweet."


If it is marvelous to receive a compliment from anyone, can you imagine getting one from Keanu Reeve? Redditor/u/hisoji had the opportunity when he saw the star at a party in Los Angeles. "He was walking past me, and I said, 'Hi, my name is Steven,' and he said, 'Nice to meet you, Steven, I'm Keanu, I like your jacket.' That was an awesome night."

As we could see from all these anecdotes, actor Keanu Reeves seems to be a really cool guy who hasn't let his fame get the best of him. He likes chatting with regular people and acts just as any other citizen, and this is what makes him so great. If you liked this article, share it with some friends and relatives. Until next time! 

Source: Reddit, Noisey, Reddit, Reddit, Tumblr, Ranker, Jess Witkins, Reddit, Mean Stars


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