Inside Chip and Joanna Gaines Own House: A Big Project They Designed For Themselves

Two of America's sweethearts are, without doubt, Joanna and Chip Gaines. They are successful parents, entrepreneurs, spouses, and the reality stars of hit HGTV series Fixer Upper. Joanna, on her side, looks like a superwoman managing a lot of tasks by herself. 

They have managed to make a fortune by giving houses a makeover in the blink of an eye. But have you ever wondered how their own is? Well, the answer is: pretty impressive indeed! And we have visual evidence for you. Take a look at Joanna and Chip's residence and get to know all its details. 


Back in 2012, the famous family bought an old farmhouse with two bedrooms and an unfinished attic. Although they were already a family of six members, they did not care about the size. They fell in love with the land, the oak trees, and the fact that it seemed to have a story as it apparently was from 1895.

Moreover, we are talking about Chip and Joanna, who certainly known how to fix a house up. To fix the problem with the house's size for the large family, they made only one extension to the structure for the master bedroom as they wanted to keep the character of the old building.

What was unknown for the couple was the significant amount of time they would need to finish the house. At the same time of their home's project, they were working on other renovations, so it took them 18 months to have it done, way longer than expected. In late October 2013, the residence was ready for the family to move in.


For the decor of her new property, Joanna wanted to stick to neutral colors and whites. The outside of the construction is traditional and classic with wooden beams that match the light shades and the greens of the land. On the inside, the same tones are maintained, giving the space a sense of tranquility and relaxation. 


Before we enter the house, let's peek at the outside of this marvelous house in Waco, Texas. The first thing that one can see is the land surrounded by huge oak trees with a fire pit, a pool, and a lot of space to relax and fall in love with nature. 

And talking about leafy areas, a nice feature of the home is a lovely greenhouse to grow any plant they want, right from the ground to the kitchen. There was also room for a garden to sow more vegetables, and perhaps, even teach the kids how to do it. 

With 40 acres of land, the family has plenty of space to enjoy not only plants but also animals, making the residence an actual farmhouse. Around the property, one can spot cattle, pigs, and farm birds that are kept in a chicken coop. We cannot forget, of course, the silo. 


To complement the outer space of the estate, we get to the porch where the family can lie and relax on cool evenings and hot days. In one picture, Joanna is sitting on a rocking chair while she holds her sleeping baby, Crew. It is very likely that she spends a couple of hours there with the kids. 


Once you enter the house, you realize that the charming double doors take you to a bright entrance hall beautifully decorated in whites and grays like the rest of the interior, along with some decoration items such as mirrors, plants and, of course, some farm boots. 


As in any house, one of the most important rooms is the kitchen. It has a white-painted wooden ceiling with black fittings and fixtures and also a beautiful wooden table to grab meals. We love the sign they included that reads "supermarket" hanging over the sink and counter space.


It is so nice to see that, all around the property, there are several sayings and words on the walls that give personality to the residence. One of those is this one by the entrance that partly reads that "a house is built through knowledge."


Texas is not known for having freezing weather during winter time, but it can still get chilly, so a fireplace with elegant moldings is very functional to keep the family nice and cozy, adding a rocking chair and a couple of shelves to complement the space. 


The family did not forget about nooks for them to sit, read, and relax surrounded by blankets and cushion. In fact, from the photograph, we can see that the kids like spending time in the comfortable space, and in other pictures, they are spotted reading which is great. 


We are not sure if a member of the Gaines family plays the piano, but even if it is just a decorating element, it is just lovely. The green color of the outside matches perfectly with the rest of the shades of the house, and even with the stockings during Christmas time. 


Joanna and Chip have two daughters: Ella Rose, age 13, and Emmie Kay, age 8, and we bet they love their girly place perfect for living like princesses. The neutral whites and grays with touches of pink make the space bright and feminine. There is also a pretty doll's house for the girls to play. 


As for the boys, Chip and Joanna have two eldest sons; Drake, age 14, and Duke, age 10, plus a baby that was welcomed in June 2018, Crew Gaines. The gang now sleeps on a bunk bed and also has a space for having adventures and playtime. 


To finish with the bedrooms, we get to Chip and Joanna's, a beautiful chamber that could fit the whole family there. It has a classic style and original flooring to make sure the room did not lose its charm. The centerpiece, of course, is a stunning bed. 


The family must love the drink because they have a coffee bar right in their house. It is easy to spot a couple of coffee machines, some stools to sip the delicious liquid, and tons of cups of different colors that give the space a Parisian style. 

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To be as creative as Joanna is for her business ventures, she certainly needs a space to let those ideas flow, and this room is where all comes together. Located in the attic, it is a tranquil area with the tables and necessary tools to create many more things. 

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When your job requires so much time at home, you have to make sure you have an adequate area for that, and Joanna and Chip's one looks very comfortable and practical with that desk and chair, without forgetting to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

As we could see, the Gaines growing family have given honor to their business with a gorgeous, classic, and fixed-up residence. It is hard not to fall in love with its style, decoration, and furniture that take the farmhouse to a whole new level of charm. If you liked this compilation, share it with friends and relatives. Until next time.  

Source: Kiwi Report


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