Princess Eugenie gets to do things that Meghan And Kate could only dream of

Every girl would wish to be in Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle's shoes. They both lived a real-life fairy tale when they married to princes, and we can't help but feel a bit envious. However, they have to abide by strict rules and regulations that make their lives not so good. But there is another royal that is entirely different: Eugenie. 

Although she is a princess, unlike Kate and Meghan, and an essential member of the royal family, her life is way more relaxed than her cousins, Princes Harry and William, and their wives. Why? It is because she does not execute duties on behalf of the Queen. 

In fact, there are many things the recent bride can do that her close relatives can't, as well as there are many protocols she is not required to keep up with. Do you want to know them? Then, this is your lucky day because we have them all covered in the following article. Let's unveil them! 

1. Having a regular job

Before Kate and Meghan became the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex respectively, the former used to work at her family business while the latter used to be a very famous actress on the boob tube. However, they had to give up on all that once they became royals, and they cannot have a job apart from their royal duties.

On the contrary, Eugenie is allowed to have her regular job and still cover her own royal roles. The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew currently works as the director of the Hauser & Wirth art gallery in London. Among her duties, Eugenie deals with artists, as well as managing and planning events and special projects. 

2. Using colorful nail polish

Perhaps, this fashion flexibility may seem silly, but for a girl, it could be vital. According to Marie Claire UK, royals like Kate, Meghan, and the very Queen wear neutral or transparent nail polish for official engagements because bright and dark colors are strictly forbidden in the royal dress and beauty code

In fact, the monarch's favorite shade is Essie's pale pink Allure, and she has been using it since 1989. Meghan and Kate wore it for their wedding days, and since then, they have stuck to light shades for their manicures. Conversely, the Queen's granddaughter can opt for any color she pleases, and she has been spotted with dark polish and art on her nails.

3. Taking selfies

It is no secret that Queen Elizabeth II loathes selfies, and her closest relatives are discouraged from snapping them with fans and the general public, and that includes her grandson's spouses. However, Princess Eugenie can take selfies and posts them wherever and whenever she wants. 

4. Having social media

Do you remember that Meghan used to have a website called The Tig and an Instagram account? All that disappeared once she became Prince Harry's wife. Again, this is another soft rule, but royal reporter Omid Scobie explained to Cosmopolitan that royal members are advised to keep away from social media.

Therefore, they cannot have accounts. But our beloved Eugenie can keep in touch with our fast-speed world and update her fans with everything that is going on with her. She has an Instagram account and is very active in it. She continually posts pictures, like when she shared some gorgeous images of her recent wedding day. 

5. Not having security

As crucial members for the monarchy, it is not a surprise that Kate and Meghan, as well as their spouses, have to walk around surrounded by bodyguards 24/7. And that is without mentioning that little George also has some extensive protection, even when he is at school. Shockingly, the yearly bill for this aspect allegedly costs more than £120 million. 

Eugenie, on the contrary, does not have a security detail, so she is out and about freely. Their protection was taken away in 2011 because of the high cost, although according to reports, her father, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, wants both of his daughter to have bodyguards. 

6. Not wearing pantyhose

Even before Markle and Kate became an official member of the British royal family, they started to wear nude pantyhose, perhaps to get used to what they would have to abide by after becoming duchesses. Of course, now that the girls are royals, they stick to their tights. However, this aspect was explained by Marle Koenig.

The founder of the blog Royal Musings and royal expert described to Harper's Bazaar, "there are no rules for royal women regarding pantyhose. While most women (royal or commoner) wear pantyhose with suits or gowns for a good slimline, it is not required by any decree from the Queen."

Conversely, royal expert Victoria Arbiter previously told Insider, "you never see a royal without their nude stockings. I would say that's really the only hard, steadfast rule concerning what the Queen requires." Regardless if it is a rule or not, it is hard to see Princess Eugenie wearing nude hosiery, and she is not expected to. 

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7. Wearing short dresses

And keeping on with the royal dress code, another thing that the duchesses are not supposed to don, according to reports, are short dresses. Female royals must dress modestly, and that means wearing frocks and skirts with hemlines that are at or below the knees. But this isn't for the Eugenie; she can wear mini dresses if she pleases.

8. Enjoying a private wedding ceremony

We all know the Princess had a lavish celebration when she tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank back in October, and it was even televised in the United States. But if Eugenie had wanted a private affair, she could have had it as she is under no obligation to have a procession or a televised ceremony. 

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9. Having PDA

Part of the protocol for royal couples is not to display their affection publicly, even if that means something as simple as holding hands. Doing so can be considered a potential breach of etiquette. That is why it is almost impossible to see the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge showing their love when they are outside the house. 

Harry and Meghan are a bit laxer and more daring in this matter and have been spotted holding hands in some opportunities. On the contrary, Beatrice's younger sis doesn't have any limitations on PDA and can display her love for Jack without being accused of breaking the royal etiquette.

10. Removing her coat

Did you know royals are not expected to take off their outer layer of clothing when they're in public? That is the reason why Meghan and Kate always wear their coats regardless of the weather. Part of the freedom Eugenie enjoys also deals with this matter because she is not required to stick to her jackets and coats. 

If you wanted to have Meghan and Kate's lives, maybe this article changed your mind. Prince Andrew's daughter is still a royal but has much more freedom than her well-known relatives. We don't know about you, but it would be better to be in Princess Eugenie's shoes, don't you agree? Speak up your mind in the comment section and until next time! 

Sources used: Insider, Romper, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Reader's Digest

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