The Avengers Have Been Stuck In A Time Loop Since Age Of Ultron: New Theory Reveals

Since the end of 2018’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, there have been a thousand theories that explore how the remaining heroes will save the universe after the Decimation. Many of them are rather reasonable, and there’s another one that suggests that the Avengers have been in a time loop since 2015’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Here are the details.


When it comes to the MCU, every fan has come up with a theory after watching a particular movie, mainly because most of the post-credits scenes tease about what happens next. However, some notions are too complicated for regular followers of the MCU because they involve complicated subjects like quantum physics and wormholes.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is only a few months away, and there’s no way of knowing how Marvel will resolve this problem on the big screen. They could use something that was seen in the comic books, but those are also filled with complex matters from decades of printed works. Some simple theories could explain what happens next like the one that says that Captain Marvel will be the real savior.

She could simply defeat Thanos in combat, and the Hulk could also get in there to get his revenge against the Mad Titan. However, many theories involve difficult subjects, and out of all of them, this one might be the craziest one. It resulted from the events of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Doctor Strange’, and it has to do with time travel.

Of course, the most popular theories about ‘Endgame’ have to do with time travel, but this one is different. An important scene in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ happened when Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to see into the future and saw more than 14 million outcomes of the fight with Thanos, and in only one would our heroes emerge victoriously.


This novel theory stipulates that most other notions have been utterly miscalculating the scope of Doctor Strange’s vision, and how he could have planned that one winning scenario before he was affected by the Decimation. It states that everything that has happened after ‘Age of Ultron’ is in a time loop.

It’s not a random time loop, though, as it was made by Stephen Strange himself, and it will continue to circle until ‘Endgame’ when the outcome he saw finally happens. In ‘Age of Ultron’, right before Thor brought Vision to life with his thunder, Bruce Banner told Tony Stark that he was “caught in a loop” and “this is exactly where it all went wrong”.

Most fans took that to mean that Tony was creating another A.I. that could go wrong just like Ultron, but when fans analyze this scene more, it seemed too weird that he would blurt that particular phrase because it doesn’t fit with the context of the conversation at the time. It could have been a moment where Bruce became aware of the time loop he was caught in and tried to tell someone before it was too late.

Given what people assume will happen in ‘Endgame’, the time loop theory does not seem so crazy. A year after ‘Age of Ultron’, ‘Doctor Strange’ was released, and there is a scene that clearly shows how the MCU could be caught in a time loop. It was the tactic used by Doctor Strange when he faced Dormammu.

The master of the mystic arts used the Time Stone to get Dormammu into a time loop so that the evil entity would stop trying to invade Earth, and Doctor Strange could close the door to the dark dimension once and for all. Furthermore, the number of futures Stephen saw might have been substantial – 14,000,605 – but statistically, there are infinite possibilities.

That number is limited, and it does not really make sense that there was only one winning outcome, which could mean that Doctor Strange saw a bunch of futures and when he finally found the winning one, he stopped searching. The theory states that when he discovered that moment, he did something that created a time loop in an essential point of the MCU.

The moment will keep repeating itself until they get to the 14,000,605th iteration, the one they win. When Doctor Strange was searching for solutions on Titan, he could have contacted his past self and told him to start the time loop, and even though Stephen died in ‘Infinity War’, the time loop would not be affected because Dormammu killed him during their confrontation; he kept coming back.

Furthermore, the time loop could also explain the title of the film. Nothing about that movie really clarified why they used the word “infinity”. Of course, it could be because the gems are known as the Infinity Stones, but there might another, clearer reason: that it showed only one outcome of the war against Thanos.

The loop will be broken in ‘Endgame’, and it’s expected that Ant-Man will have the most important part in this scenario because he can enter and exit the Quantum Realm. He will use the time vortexes that were talked about in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ to stop the iteration from happening once again. To recap, Doctor Strange created a time loop in the MCU just like he did with Dormammu.

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However, it is much more complex than that tiny moment, and it will end when they finally get to the winning outcome that he saw during that moment on Titan. Another part of this theory also states that Doctor Strange did not turn to dust like the movie showed, but rather, he cast an illusion to try to fix things without interference from others.

Furthermore, he could have let someone know what he was going to do. There are several candidates like Woo and Steve Rogers, but Nick Fury would make more sense. He created the Avengers and had been working all these years to protect the Earth from tricky situations. Moreover, he contacted Captain Marvel before turning to dust.

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It’s a bit strange that he paged Captain Marvel, who has not been part of the MCU although he met her in the 90s. Fury seemed to understand what was happening and rushed to call the female superhero. It could be because Doctor Strange warned him about this moment after traveling back in time.

What do you think of this theory? It seems a bit too complicated to explain in a film, but whatever resolution that our heroes find is going to be just as difficult to understand. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love reading new theories about ‘Endgame’. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/Screen Rant


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